Chapter 3421

"You fart..."

The clan leader of the Lei Falcon clan is very angry. The clan leader of the blue eyed and colorful scale clan is malicious. This is to cause the contradiction between the Lei Falcon clan and the temple of Saint Dan.

"This matter has nothing to do with the Lei Falcon clan. It's just that the Lei Falcon clan was cheated by that dragon dust.

It's no wonder that the Lei Falcon clan, even we have been cheated. I can only blame the carelessness of the saint Dan Hall. " What's surprising is that the Lord of the temple of Saint Dan actually spoke, and he was still protecting the thunder falcons.

All the forces in the Tiandu star domain are under the control of the temple of Saint Dan. They are especially familiar with the movements of the Lei Falcon clan, the water duck clan and the mammoth god elephant clan. They will not deliberately lead the Dragon dust to deal with the temple of Saint Dan.

Let's not say that it's not good for the Lei Falcon clan. It's a big joke to use the brain of the monster clan to plot in front of the saint Dan temple. Therefore, the Lord of the saint Dan Temple directly denies the evil of the head of the blue eye and color scale clan.

"The Lord of the temple is wise. This matter really has nothing to do with my Lei Falcon family. Yun'er is still young and has been bewitched by long Chen. Please don't blame her." Leifalcon clan leader.

Now, this third master long has been confirmed to be the dean of the seventh branch of Lingxiao Academy. That is to say, long Chen is the mortal enemy of the temple. He doesn't want to offend the temple, because without the support of the elixir of the temple, they may be oppressed by other races.

"Don't worry, sir. The sky trapping array has been opened. He's just a turtle in a jar. Although we can't help him in the realm of God, we can't help him, but once out of the fairyland, he can't escape.

Besides, don't look at him too high. The reason why he was able to defeat the pride of the blue eyed and colorful scale clan was that he succeeded by surprise, only by calculation but not by heart.

There are so many Tianjiao waiting for him in the territory of shenjunxian. Hum, I'd like to see what the LingXiao academy is up to. Choose a disciple of sijijing to be the dean. " A smile of disapproval appeared on the Lord's face. He didn't think that young people like long Chen were qualified to be the dean.

Although LingXiao academy is in decline, it is the oldest Academy in nine days and ten places. The position of a branch Dean is very noble. It's a joke to let a young man be the dean.

Even he was a little excited. If he caught long Chen, it would be a wonderful achievement for him. It was a gift from God.

"That's right. Unless this dragon dust doesn't meet the eighth Prince of our family, he will surely die." The mammoth has a strong spirit.

"I hope they don't meet each other, because I want a living dragon dust. Unfortunately, everything in Shenjun fairyland is independent. We can't contact the people inside. It depends on the fate of this boy." The Lord of the temple sighed.

If it was in the past, they could change the rules of Shenjun fairyland, but now they can't. now Shenjun fairyland is connected with the core of Tiandu star domain, and they can't interfere in the operation of the rules.

For a moment, the eyes of the strong people of all ethnic groups were looking at the desolate world in the light curtain, where Lei Yuner was flying all the way to the core with dragon dust.



In front of the endless thunder, there are strong people in the ferry robbery, thunderstorms pouring between heaven and earth, filled the sky.

"These are weak people. They dare not rush into the core area for fear of being run over by other people's plunder, so they choose to rob here." Lei yun'er's wings spread out and went through other people's plundering area, explaining to long Chen by the way.

Long Chen nods. He understands Lei yun'er's meaning. As he moves forward, the fluctuation of the way of heaven will become stronger. The more powerful the thunder will be when he crosses the robbery here. If he doesn't have strong strength, he will seek death here.

With the two of them moving forward, there are more and more people in front of us. Lei Yuner's voice is dignified:

"Oh, no one has stopped us for such a long time. They may go to the core first."

"What? If others go in, can't we? " Long Chen asked.

"I don't know, but I know the dead duck of Jiying. She has a bad heart. They didn't send someone to stop us. There should be other arrangements." Lei Yuner said.

Lei Yuner's speed is extremely fast. The more he moves forward, the stronger the fluctuation of the laws of heaven. The Runes of heaven can even capture their tracks with the naked eye.

This place is full of aura and the way of heaven is complete. It's a holy land for looting. It's of great benefit to loot here.

After half a incense burning time, a huge group of light appeared in front of him. When he saw that group of light, Lei Yuner said: "these guys have really gone first."

While talking, Lei yun'er had already flew to the light group. It was a huge border with tens of thousands of miles around. In the border, long Chen saw some familiar figures, such as Jiying, the eighth Prince of mammoth.

It seems that there are sixteen people sitting in the circle of God, and they are all receiving blessings.

"Boom"In Lei yun'er's eyes, a divine light cuts on the border and makes a bang. The border doesn't move, but Lei yun'er is shocked to fly out.

It's a unique magic power of the leifalcon family. It has extremely powerful penetrating power and can break all kinds of barriers. However, this strike on the barrier is like a Mayer shaking a tree.


Lei Yuner is very angry, and the crowd in jiejie looks at long Chen and Lei Yuner, with the smile of the winner on their faces.

"Idiot, don't you know? The border can hold up to 16 people. Once the number is enough, the border will automatically launch defense. Even the king of the border can't get in. Ha ha ha, you don't have a chance. " Jiying looks at the angry Lei Yuner and laughs arrogantly.

"It's a pity that we wanted to wait for you. Unfortunately, the border is starting and we have to come in.

In this way, it's a pity. When I'm in the advanced divine realm, I get the blessing of heaven. Killing you is like killing a chicken. That's too boring. " The eighth Prince of mammoth family looks at longchen and shakes his head.

It seems that he really has some regrets, and it seems to be a kind of show off and ridicule. His expression makes long Chen angry. He will never forget the scene of killing the nine star descendant.

In longchen's eyes, there is an opportunity to kill. At this moment, Lei Yuner's thunder ball appears. She wants to use the exterminating thunder light and try again, but she is stopped by longchen. Longchen knows that this border, with the power of him and Lei Yuner, can't be broken.

As long Chen's big hand opened, he was just about to take out his dagger when a gentle voice came into his mind:

"do you want to go in?"

"Who are you?" Long Chen was surprised. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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