Chapter 3426

See the eye of the cloud, aimed at the Dragon dust, this vision is the cloud of heaven.

"How is that possible? Even we can't summon such a range of visions when we go through the robbery? " A world king strong person trembles a voice way.

The scope of such a terrible calamity has surpassed that of the king of the world, which has subverted their imagination.

"It's said that the more powerful the robbery is, the stronger the man is. Is this dragon dust really so terrible?"

No one answered him, because no one could answer him, even though they were all the king of the world. They had lived for countless years, but they had never seen such a phenomenon.

In addition, there are few historical books and records of the monster family. They basically never learn history. Most of their memories are inherited, and most of the inherited things are related to their own family.

Therefore, the knowledge of the demons is usually limited, so no matter how proud they are, they must admit that their learning ability is far from that of the human race.

They looked at the temple master and others, trying to find the answer in their face, but the temple master was also shocked, which was no different from them, because he had never seen such a terrible disaster.

After the eyes of the black cloud aimed at the Dragon dust, the scope began to narrow. With the narrowing of the scope of the black cloud, the terrible pressure even penetrated through the border. The breath, even the king of the world, also felt afraid.

There is endless power of destruction in the disaster. This is the will of heaven. No one can fight against it. This is the power of heaven. We can only submit to it.

As the black clouds shrank, the clouds began to thicken. In the thickened clouds, colorful lights appeared. They were colorful lightning. They were like thunder dragons swimming back and forth.

In the territory of shenjunxian, all the creatures who had gone through the robbery looked at the clouds in the sky in horror. Countless people were shivering. The threat contained in the robbery made them smell the breath of death.


the void trembles, and the eighth Prince of mammoth family reappears. He was just hit by longchen and crashed into the earth. By the time he came out, the sky had changed.

The eighth Prince of the mammoth family was very angry. When he saw the clouds all over the sky, he was also frightened. He was holding a spear and wanted to fight against longchen. When he saw the clouds, he was shocked and forgot what he was going to do.

Because he was shocked to find that the cloud that belonged to him was being swallowed by the black cloud, and there was less and less thunder falling on him. Finally, there was no thunder falling.

Jiying and others were all shocked. They looked at the dark clouds all over the sky and the indifferent dragon dust. They didn't know what happened.

"Boy, what the hell are you doing?" Jiying looks at longchen, surprised, angry and uneasy.

"What the hell? What the hell do you think I'm doing? Haven't you ever seen a robbery? A group of frogs at the bottom of the well dare to despise the Terran? "

Long Chen stood with his hands down, looked at the eighth Prince of the mammoth family and said with a sneer:

"you idiots, I came to Tiandu Xingyu to find trouble in Shengdan hall.

And a group of you who don't know how to live or die are going to provoke me, constantly provoking me and provoking me. Since you are so willing to die, I will help you. "


with the sound of dragon dust falling, black clouds tremble and colorful swords fall from the sky. Swords are like rain, covering the whole world.


Some of the strong evade the colorful sword, and the sword pierces into the earth, forming deep holes. Some of them can't dodge. When they are stabbed by the colorful sword, their bodies are suddenly broken, and there are only Yuanshen in the scream.

Without his body, Yuan Shen could not avoid it for several times, so he was hit by the colorful sword and disappeared.

Sword like rain, pouring down, endless, the whole God King fairyland, a moment into the human purgatory.



"I don't want to die..."

For a time, countless strong people cried and wanted to escape, but there was no way to escape?

Although the cloud has not completely covered the whole fairyland, it still covers most of the fairyland.

And the closer Shenjun fairyland is to the core area, the more Aura there will be. So people move closer to the core area. As a result, everyone is covered by the Dragon dust disaster.

It's raining with swords. I don't know how many strong people have been killed in the panic. However, some strong people, after a little flustered, react quickly and begin to fight against the disaster. After breaking the thunder sword, there will be colorful thunder runes all over the sky.

When they absorbed the colorful thunder rune, they were surprised to find that the thunder Rune contained endless power of heaven, which was many times stronger than the thunder Rune they had absorbed before.

After absorbing the thunder, their bodies are strengthened faster, and even their soul power is growing. Some powerful people begin to fight back and absorb more thunder power."So it is. Because you have absorbed too many runes of the way of heaven, you have attracted such a disaster. The disaster contains endless power of the way of heaven, which can nourish the body and soul. It is ten times stronger than ordinary disaster.

Unfortunately, how much can you absorb by yourself? Well, I won't kill you for the time being, and I'll take your life when it's almost over. "

The eighth Prince of the mammoth family, standing in the void, let the thunder sword hit him. The thunder sword burst into pieces and was absorbed by him. He couldn't help laughing and said that he seemed to see through everything.

Although they are all powerful beasts, they don't have the same power.

After resisting the power of destruction above the thunder, the pure power of thunder brought them great surprise.

At this time, the powerful people outside shenjunxian heard the explanation of the eight princes of the mammoth family. They also thought that this kind of natural disaster should be related to the core of the boundary, so they were not so shocked.

However, the Lord of the temple of Saint Dan's face was uncertain. He felt that things might not be so simple. Moreover, he had a bad premonition.

However, Shenjun fairyland is connected with the core of the star domain. Even if it is their holy Dan temple, they can't intervene in the affairs of Shenjun fairyland at this time. Otherwise, if the power of the core of the star domain leaks out, Ruixia state may be destroyed in an instant, and all the creatures will disappear. Now he can only watch it quietly.

"I didn't expect to get such benefits. Let him live for a while."

In the territory of shenjunxian, she felt the pleasure of thunder nourishing her body, and a smile appeared on Jiying's face. Obviously, this is a very rare opportunity.

If they kill longchen, the natural disaster may disappear, so they don't rush to do it first.

A touch of irony appeared on long Chen's face. On his arm, a thunder symbol slowly disappeared and quietly merged into the endless disaster.

At this time, Lei yun'er quietly withdrew from the core area and slowly approached the periphery. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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