Chapter 92

Chapter 92

Her upper body collapsed onto the floor, and soon her tingling nipples began to rub against the cold floor.

“Ah, ahng! It’s, it’s, it’s hard… Hu-uht, ah, ung!”


Hert put his arms between Tessa’s legs and lifted her up onto his lap. Ah, nnh! With that, Tessa’s legs splayed open, revealing their intersecting area. He could see his huge, swollen manhood moving in and out of the wide opening, scraping away the whitish liquid.

Tessa couldn’t see it because her vision was obscured, but she felt even more lewd because she couldn’t see. It’s such a revealing attitude… She squirmed and struggled weakly, feeling the s*men dripping down her with the obscene sound of their movements. No, no… Her face was redder than before and she finally burst into tears.

“P-Please… Her…”

“Ha, I want to show it to people. You are mine… I’m the one this here is devouring.”

Hert lowered his hand and rolled it around her cl*toris. Then Tessa shuddered and shook her head incessantly. It was as if warning bells were sounding off in her mind.

Her, nngh, st, stop… She felt her insides slowly tightening and her toes curling up, sobbing and begging him to let go.

“Hgh, strange… it’s strange… Ahng! I’m, I’m c…”

“You can c*m. It’s not strange, I told you… Haa, the other day.”

“I, uht… Don’t want it… h-here, nnngh!”

“Even if I do this?”

His hand, which had been rolling over the cl*toris, now pinched the swollen nub and began rubbing it quickly. Tessa unknowingly opened her mouth and took a deep breath. D-Don’t… The words didn’t even come out properly. Even her pronunciation slurred, and only a beastly cry came out of her mouth.

Slam, slam. Tessa’s body twitched and moved from top to bottom as the flesh pierced her endlessly. The little, delicate woman’s body was overcome by the outpouring of pleasure, and she threw her head back and swung her arms around. Stop… Please… It was really dangerous now. Unbearable sensations were rushing around her most sensitive place.

“Ah, uh… Ah, hck, no… Aahngg!”

Her inner walls contracted and the thin liquid burst out. Streams splashed in all directions.

Tessa wept bitterly. A wave of shame washed over her. Even when she did this in the bathroom, she was embarrassed, but outdoors…

Hert patted Tessa and said.

“Good job. Don’t cry.”

But what can she do? Tessa, barely lifting her tear-drenched eyelashes at Hert’s low whisper, trembled. The object, which inflated inside her even more, continued to pound into her.

“Ah, hgh… Ah, w-wait…”

“I haven’t though.”

Tessa felt her body rocking up and down again as she slowly let go of her mind.

Unlike the outside, where the tree branches sway dangerously in the harsh wind, the warm air lingered in the room as the heaps of firewood burned.

Hert stood aside by the window, staring at the sleeping Tessa and the doctor examining her. The way he stood with his arms folded seemed to reveal that he was trying to hide his nervousness.

“…How is she?”

As soon as Kennis put down the stethoscope, Hert immediately asked, like he had been waiting. Kennis hesitated at the lord’s persistent gaze, then gave the answer he wanted in moderation.

“Nothing wrong, Your Excellency. She has just accumulated fatigue, so if she rests for a while, eats on time, and takes her medicines, she will be able to get out of bed in no time.”

“…Good work. You can go.”

Hert waved his hand, and Kennis got up, grabbing the stethoscope and his medical bag.

Soon, with the sound of the door closing, Hert walked over to Tessa, who was lying on the bed. The pale complexion, white like a ghost, caught his eye at once. The sound of her breath was so small that he could barely hear it unless she focused and listened closely. Just how thin was her body…

‘I should’ve waited a bit.’

Hert reprimanded himself and regretted it at the same time. He obviously pushed her to her limits with his own meanness, knowing how fragile her little body was. Of course Tessa couldn’t have survived without collapsing.

He pulled a chair nearby and sat down, running his fingers through her messy hair. Light, curly, ginger-colored hair flowed softly between his fingers.

“…You brought it all on yourself.”

Suddenly, he spit out words that he didn’t even mean in his heart. Hert writhed like a child whose candy had been taken away from him, and touched her head.

“If you… didn’t make me this way, I wouldn’t have gone that far either. If you had accepted me from the beginning…”

He would have kissed her with joy.

His true intentions burst out without his knowledge, and Hert frowned for an instant. Damn, what was he talking about alone in front of a sick person? Hert hastily removed his hand from Tessa and swept it over his face.

Even when he thought about it, he was still full of ugly parts. At this point, he was fortunate to have Tessa to accept his eccentric temper.

‘Wait, so… Did you try to run away?’

Because she couldn’t handle him anymore? Hert let out a deep sigh as his mind was complicated by thoughts and doubts biting into him. It was a foolish and stupid act. What was he doing?


At that moment. Tessa’s dry lips parted a little, and she let out a small sound. Hert looked at Tessa to see if she was awake, but her eyelids were still firmly shut.

And, again, her mouth opened, and this time a small word came out.



Hert called Tessa. But instead of a reply, only words of sorry flowed out of her.

“Her, I’m sorry… really…”

Was she talking in her sleep? Realizing that this had happened before, Hert looked down at Tessa in silence. Was she dreaming? Her eyelashes flutter and a faint voice continues to flow from the corner of her mouth. What was in her mind.

“Sorry, sorry…”


“I also wanted to… Sorry…”

Hert listened to her for a moment. She continued to say sorry. What was Tessa so sorry for?

Then and now nothing came out of Tessa’s mouth except an apology. She apologized profusely, and occasionally distorted her face.


“…… What are you so sorry about?”

Hert murmured with a low voice, holding Tessa’s hand. He was a little annoyed at Tessa’s constant apology. If she was going to apologize, wake up and look him in the eyes and do it. Why does she always wish for forgiveness in that dream that he does not know about? On the one hand, he wondered what he would look like in that dream.

“No… Are you saying sorry because you don’t want to marry me?”

Hert grumbled, complaining to the sleeping Tessa. It could be that in her dreams, he may have proposed to her, and Tessa is rejecting it. Was that why she kept saying sorry all the time?

When he thought about this, his mood plummeted. And if it was really her feelings, what should he do?


“Stop apologizing. I guess that’s right…”

Hert looked up at Tessa’s fluttering lips and ran through her hair roughly. Oddly enough, he couldn’t shake the feelings of surprise as to why he seemed to follow her every time and let her take the initiative when he should have the initiative between him and her. Damn it. He couldn’t figure out where it went wrong.

Hert glared at Tessa, then stood up when he heard a knock. Mogen was waiting outside the room. Hert quietly left the bedroom and headed for the parlor.

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