Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Even when the angelic Elisa passed away due to complications during childbirth, Claire did not feel the slightest desire to blame or despise the baby.

She didn’t have a nephew in her previous life, and she had been dumbfounded when she saw her friend forcing her to look at a hundred pictures of their small baby. But now, that feeling was understandable. He wasn’t her child, but he was really so pretty.

It wasn’t just because Claire was prejudiced and thought he was the prettiest baby of them all, but Elliot was actually a pretty baby with fair blonde hair and jewel-like blue eyes. Well, his mom had also been very pretty.

Claire had no intention of marrying anyway, so she intended to make Elliot her successor. To do so, he had to be registered on the family line, so she came to the capital.

However, the procedure for adopting was quite complicated. This was especially true for an heir to a noble title.

It was not only because it was necessary to protect the lineage of the nobility and to protect the rights of the spouse, but also because it would affect the family line of the spouse’s family.

It was impossible at all to register a child out of wedlock. Even if they were adopted from a relative, they had to pass various difficult conditions.

So, she had no choice but to come to the capital to deal with the matter.

‘Elliot will have to attend the academy someday anyway, so I can’t avoid this forever.’

All nobles of the Rommel-Arren Empire are obliged to enter the academy in Rothenburg, the capital, when they turn sixteen years old.

To do so, they had to be listed on the capital’s registry of noble households before the child would turn ten years old.

It’s going to be fine.

It’s been five years. The aftermath of the Crown Prince’s assassination must have already subsided.

At that time, Claire heard the news only after leaving the capital in a hurry. Elisa didn’t say anything at all, and Claire didn’t say what she had already guessed.

There was no follow-up in those five years. Theculprits knew there was an eyewitness, but they didn’t seem to know who it was.

‘The Empress and the Second Prince must have forgotten now.’

Five years was not a short period of time. They wouldn’t be endlessly searching for the loose ends after they had already defeated their political opponent.

Besides, she was told that the assassin was already found dead at the time. With that, the case was closed, and there was no link whatsoever to Delford.

“Martha! Look at that, they’re selling clouds!”

Seeing Elliot’s plump little backside swinging in the air, Claire smiled.

Rothenburg was the largest city in the world. It will be a good experience for the child.

It wasn’t long before the carriage stopped in front of the Innenhof Hotel. It was a ten-story, high class hotel with a state-of-the-art elevator powered by steam engines.

The hotel manager, who had been waiting at the door, opened the carriage door.


“Young Master!”

Elliot bumped into the manager as he was about to run out. Martha panicked and quickly grabbed Elliot.

Claire said in a calm voice.

“Elliot, what should you say if you bump into someone?”

“Oh! Ah, um… I’m sorry.”

Elliot gave an apology by placing his hand on his belly and bending over.

The manager was flustered and bowed his head to Elliott.

“No, Young Master. If the precious young master bows your head over something like this…”

“Do accept his apology. He has to learn to be humble even at a young age.”

“Please forgive me. You can treat me comfortably, Baron.”

Hearing Claire’s words, the manager didn’t know what to do and lowered his head. Said Claire.

“I am comfortable with this. The manager isn’t even from my family.”

The manager bowed his head even more as if he apologized more.

Elliott looked so puzzled that he did not know whether he had been forgiven or not.

The Weaving Guild’s head, Roger Carson, who was waiting at the entrance with the manager, said in a voice mixed with laughter.

“She only speaks politely, but she’s not really polite either. If you think of her lightly, you will be in big trouble.”

“How dare I.”

The manager bowed his head.

“I put the luggage you sent first on the top floor. You must have been tired from your long travels, so I’ve had a bath prepared for you.”

“Thank you.”

Claire answered calmly and told Martha to go upstairs with Elliot. It was time for Elliot’s snack and nap.

His eyes were shining with excitement now, but he would have fallen asleep the moment he was put in bed.

Then she turned to Roger. Roger kissed the back of Claire’s hand as he put the most charming smile he could.

“It’s been a while, Baron.”

“Don’t you have any urgent business?”

“If I don’t have any business, can’t I come over to say hello?”

“It’s annoying.”

The seductive smile on Roger’s lips turned into a smirk.

Well, if she was such an easy to match opponent, he wouldn’t have bothered for the past four years. Instead, he said with a smile in his twinkling green eyes.

“If I don’t come to say hello to my partner noble who owns 51% of the company’s stake and the biggest customer, I don’t qualify as a merchant.”

“That’s true.”

Claire smiled. Roger escorted her as she took his hand.

“Because the baron is a nobleman of our guild.”

The Weaving Guild, which handled fabrics, underwent a dramatic change four years ago.

Until then, most of the patterned textiles handled by the Weaving Guild were made in handicraft factories. Power-driven weaving machines have been developed, but it was still mainly an artisan’s job to weave each pattern by hand. Naturally, there were differences and deviations.

However, out of the blue, Claire’s agent brought manufactured patterned fabrics that maintained the same quality as handmade ones without any stark differences.

It was not as good as being made by a skilled artisan, but better than being made by an inexperienced person. Above all, there were only a few defects.

Roger had dropped everything and ran to Delford.

And there he saw a weaving machine, much of which was automated, so that a single weaver could weave the fabric in delicate patterns.

He couldn’t miss this. However, Claire refused the contract that Roger had handed to her.

[ I have no intention of selling this fabric wholesale to your guild. ]

[ Then how do you wish to proceed? ]

[ With an investment. Give me shares in return. ]

Claire wanted to be involved in the final distribution. And the price she offered was only about half of what Roger had first thought.

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