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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

With a grunt, she carried Sol Noctis to the break room and carefully examined him for any other trauma.

She even healed all the wounds where the glass fragments had been stuck and made his clothes neat enough. Chryselua, who brushed off her hand, felt proud for nothing and even stroked the back of Sol Noctis’ head.

He stopped by this building yesterday, so it wouldn’t be too strange if he slept here.’

She was worried because the amount of medicine Sol Noctis had absorbed was rather large. Still, since he has no visible trauma, he should be fine.

Before leaving the break room, she looked back a couple of times. Early in the morning, Sol Noctis lies on his stomach in an empty place as if he had studied all night as the warm sunlight danced across his blond hair.

It was like a painting.

‘He’s handsome… whenever I see it.’

Soon, Chryselua returned to the laboratory after watching the situation blankly. Perhaps the medicine had not worn off.

‘Next is Naskan.’

She sighed when she saw Naskan, whose eyes were still closed.

‘Come to think of it, I promised to drink with him… Should I just say we drank?’

As she thought so, she raised Naskan and carried him on her back. Although he was big and quite heavy, it wasn’t that difficult though she didn’t care about the strength that lifted him up and carried him.

Her own body was too small. On the other hand, Naskan was too big. His long legs were too much of a nuisance to drag him along like this.

“Oh, how annoying!”

She punched Naskan’s forehead, who had his eyes closed for no reason. Even though she didn’t like being smaller than other dragons, she didn’t even materialize in her true form, but no matter how extraordinarily large she was, Naskan was about fifteen times bigger.

She obviously didn’t like taking out his wings either. However, if she dragged or carried him like this, it would be a great spectacle.

In the end, Chryselua let out a deep sigh and roughly cut off the top covering her back with simple magic.

Crack, craaack.

The sound of bones reconstructing and joints loosening echoed through the empty lab.

Eventually, the dragon’s wings stretched out behind her back, spilling sunset-colored powder. The sun-colored wings were praised by all kinds of dragons for being beautiful and noble. Just like the name the Lord gave her so, no one would not treat her carelessly.

It was a beautiful twilight color.

Still, what was the point? Twilight had no power. This was the gloomy color when the sun went down and was going to rise. Even if it was praised to be beautiful, she couldn’t like the fact that she had to live under the protection of others.

Chryselua, who warmed up by moving her wings wide a couple of times, lifted Naskan on her back and soared through the sky of Sedition.

Heading to her lair on the outskirts of Sedition, she glanced around the ground and remembered Axen Arc, who had fled earlier. She looked everywhere, just in case, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Why would he run away?

None of this would have happened if he hadn’t broken the door.

‘Besides, why is he covering his body? What is that attitude?’

He dragged his clothes and covered his body, and his face was blushing. Doesn’t it look like Chryselua assaulted him?

‘It’s ridiculous.’

When she thought about it, she laughed out loud. Thinking more than that made her head hurt, so she focused on just flying.

Chryselua’s lair was further away from the outskirts of Sedition.

Because she only lived in the lab and left the lair unattended, the surroundings were overgrown with trees like a forest. She then sprung her foot as she landed roughly in the front yard, where the floor was not properly tidy, and kicked a rolling stone.

She dragged Naskan, who was still unconscious, on her back and dragged him in, roughly pushing him into the bed. Without even covering him with a blanket, she wandered around.

‘What should I do with that?’

The fruit was completely ruined because of what happened last night.

It was something that the Lord had personally entrusted to her. She couldn’t deliver it properly to Naskan, yet she broke it. Even if it was a momentary mistake or an accident, it was not something to be taken into account.

Aside from the terribly crushed appearance, the fruit seemed to have completely changed its nature and rotted because of the magical energy emitted by four people in the heat yesterday. The original shape could not be recognized.

Even though she brought the scraps just in case, she couldn’t see any hope.

Chryselua, who had been contacted by the Lord, put her hand on her magic tool and then removed and repeated it. If she used this precious magic tool twice, it was over though it was important enough to use it.

‘…Should I contact Rod?’

Usually, all the dragons in the heavenly realm, including the Lord, just adored Chryselua and told her she didn’t have to do anything. Twilight was a body that was practically unhelpful to rifts, and she had a lot of petty diseases when she was young, and she often had her life threatened, so it wasn’t unreasonable treatment.

Nonetheless, she wanted to be recognized for the achievements she had made herself, rather than being so unconditionally loved. Her stubbornness was also the reason she came into Sedition.

‘I’m so useless…’

She didn’t know that just to simply deliver things would be ruined in this way as a result of a moment of carelessness.

Of course, there was also a way to honestly say that she had failed.

— I gave it to you, so it’s yours. Do what you want.

The Lord said that when she gave the thing.

That was what she said, of course, to not burden her because the dragons of the divine realm always tend to protect Chryselua.

Even if she confessed to this incident, the Lord might end up worrying if she was okay and if she was not hurt. And she would hear things that she didn’t have to do anything, or they loved her and to move on.

Naskan, who was also the successor to Lord, the Dawn Dragon, who was also the pride of the divine realm, would somehow manage the failed mission this time.

‘It will be like that again…’

Chryselua covered her face with both hands. Her feelings of inferiority and melancholy, which she had already thought she had cast off in her old days, took over her emotions.

To her, Twilight, the divine realm was a place that kept reminding her of her scarred childhood. The same was true of the Lord and her successor, Naskan, the Dawn Dragon. Even though she dared to leave the divine realm far away and live outside Sedition, she still hasn’t overcome it.

Even though she pretended to be happy to see Naskan’s face and pretended to be calm, her festering inside was still there.

Still, she didn’t stay in those negative feelings for long.


Dawn moaned as if he was about to wake. Chryselua hurriedly approached the bed where Naskan was lying.

Even when he came to his senses, Naskan was looking at the ceiling with cloudy eyes. The reddish-golden eye slowly found its focus, then jumped up and down when it saw her right next to her.


Chryselua, who was about to bring water, was more startled by the scream.

“Have you seen a ghost or something? Why are you so surprised?”

“Ah, gasp, n, no. Twilight, here… is it your lair?”


“It’s a really cool lair.”

“What. Don’t talk nonsense.”

While normal dragons decorate their lair with splendor, Chryselua’s lair looks quite stark. It was so empty that only a corner of a cave was filled with nothing but necessities. It was just a bed and a table. Even that had not been used for a long time, so it was dusty.

Chryselua handed over the water cup and looked at Naskan.

It was unknown how effective the medicine, which was given only half the amount, was working. She probably couldn’t erase his memory completely, and the memory would remain like a dream.

Naskan, who was anxiously looking around at the shape of the lair, asked hesitantly.

“But, why am I… sleeping here?”

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