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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Aside from Naskan looking pathetic, it became clear why the Lord had entrusted the fruit to her.

‘…He really only listens to me.’

This was why the fruit had to be delivered through Chryselua. Naskan must have come to Sedition because he had something to do, but as a grateful friend, he readily agreed. Ceremonies were not ordinary things.

“It’s because something urgent happened suddenly. Let me ask you a favor.”

As he said he would, he opened his mouth before closing it and swallowed his words several times. He would, of course, have a lot to say since he must have many questions. Naskan knew that she had always been obsessed with achievements and recognition.

Seeing that, she had to do anything to ease his burden.

“But Dawn, didn’t you say you had a favor for me as well?”

“Ah… Yes, it was.”

This friend was a little more dazed than usual. It must have been because she had been using medicine to manipulate his memories. Chryselua blatantly examined his expression and carefully checked for any other side effects.

The deep golden eye met her gaze, but for some reason, he averted his eyes first.

“…Oh, no. It was nothing.”

“You must have got the precious Duskfell to ask for something.”

“I must have forgotten.”

Every time he smiled innocently, the future of the divine realm seemed bleak.

‘As expected, I should have conveyed it to him properly.’

However, what happened to the fruit that Lord personally asked for?

Chryselua scratched the back of her head shyly and concluded that it would be better to get out of the way for now.

It was also quite burdensome for her to keep seeing Naskan. Perhaps because the effect hadn’t gone away yet, saliva flowed whenever she saw the uvula moving between his collars. The heat of the love affair still seemed to linger in her body.

Naskan was quick-witted even though he looked like that, so it was better to give him a job quickly before he got any more strange impressions.

“Then, I’ll get up first. The date of the ceremony is in a few days, so take good care of it.”

“I know that.”

After telling him to clean up the lair, Chryselua got up as Naskan followed her all the way to the lair’s front, saying he would walk her.

Just before heading to Sedition’s lab, he called as if holding on to her.

“But… Twilight.”

“Huh? Why?”

“That request, you really…”

He stopped his words before brushing his forehead. Perhaps this situation and his memory getting cut off must be very strange. Still, Dawn Dragon was usually not the type to worry about something for a long time.

Naskan, who soon dispelled his doubts, patted his chest and smiled trustingly.

“Haha, please leave it to me.”

“It’s a relief that you are my friend.”

It was a relief. He just skipped over it.


Naskan closed his mouth that had been wide open the whole time. If he had always had such a serious and calm expression, he would have monopolized the popularity of all the dragons of the divine realm, regardless of age or gender.

As she headed towards Sedition, Chryselua glanced back at Naskan. She felt a certain déjà vu as she looked at Naskan, who was only looking this way until she left completely.

She didn’t know that his gaze, which seemed to be sinking, would ever go away.

‘…When did I see you like that?’

Tracing her memory, it was similar to the strange figure she had seen in the absurd dream she had not long ago. As the area around her heart felt slightly cold, Chryselua walked only looking in front of her.

The back of her head was tingling, but she couldn’t look back because her heart was being stabbed. While she was grateful that Naskan accepted her request, she also had a little bit of belated resentment.

‘If only that bastard hadn’t come to the lab in the first place and made such a fuss!’

…And the matter was too serious for her to complain.

For several days after that, Chrys wasted his time thinking only about one thing.

She didn’t even go back to the lair and stayed in her laboratory, thinking about what to do with the failed request. She didn’t even think about tidying up the messy lab properly, she just thought about it the whole time without being productive.

‘The fruit… What should I do?’

Surprisingly, however, the answer to this question could easily be derived from anyone. All she had to do was go to the spirit realm, where all plants grow and get one of the same fruits. All earthly plants grew in the spirit realm.

Among them, there were plants with extraordinary effects for even the dragons and demons, so she should be able to get a new fruit, like the one that the Lord sent her as well.

However, she could not enter the spirit realm carelessly.

While they had an alliance through Sedition, originally, the divine realm, the spirit realm, and the underworld did not get along.

It was not that there was no quarrel at all after the alliance. It was absurd that a dragon visits the spirit realm alone for personal reasons. It wouldn’t matter if there were a fairy who was a companion, and even better if it was a high-ranking fairy.

‘But, who do I go there with…’

Especially recently, it had become more difficult to enter because of the devilkin. Few fairies were favored enough to pass that.

Among those Chryselua knew, they were few.

Moreover, as Naskan predicted, it rained for three days from that day on. Dawn’s prophecy was never wrong, so it may rain in the next few days. It was rather difficult weather to meet a fairy that was even a little friendly while wandering around Sedition and make such a request without hesitation.

Besides, fairies… all of them were people who were reluctant to get close to each other. Still, Chryselua, who was wandering around Sedition just in case, soon found someone.

‘Hmm? Who is it…?’

It was a chair in Sedition Central Park. Someone was sitting in the rain.

Even though she couldn’t see his face because he had his head down, it was rare to see a fairy with such a large physique and gorgeous platinum hair. She could tell who it was without even getting close.

‘…Sol Noctis?’

He was soaking wet and had his head down. It was not an atmosphere to approach and talk to.

‘Why is he doing that…’

Actually, she was just going to pass him by. He wouldn’t even be happy if she said hello anyway.

Still, Chryselua approached him as if she was being led. Clearly, with keen ears, he would have noticed his approach, but Sol Noctis did not raise his head.

‘I spilled so much medicine, are there any side effects…?’

The incident that day got buried, and she has no regrets about that judgment. However, she was also a little sorry that the medicine poured into him was excessive. Chryselua tried talking to Sol Noctis while checking for side effects from the drug.

“Sol Noctis? What are you doing?”


When she called him out, he barely raised his head.

“Aren’t you preparing for the ceremony?”


“Hey? Can you hear me?”

“Don’t bother me.”

Sol Noctis looked up, checked Chryselua’s face, frowned and bowed again. It was an extremely repugnant reaction.

In other words, it meant that he was perfectly normal.

“No matter how unpleasant I am, what if you keep ignoring me?”

Chryselua moved only a few steps and glanced at the unresponsive Sol Noctis here and there.

‘Hmm. There doesn’t seem to be any problem.’

She just gazed down at the wet Sol Noctis, seeing how much rain he had been getting. As a humanitarian measure, Chryselua handed over the umbrella she was using. She didn’t think he would receive it calmly, so she just put it on top of him.

As she left, he looked back and saw Sol Noctis still bowing his head under the umbrella.

‘Sol Noctis… absolutely not.’

Sol Noctis was a high-ranking fairy who could accompany her to the spirit realm. Still, she wouldn’t. Even if it was not good, it was just too bad.

At least she gave him an umbrella because she remembered the old days.

‘That’ll ruin the ceremony.’

Didn’t that look just remind her of the poor guy of the past?

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