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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chryselua pondered over a solution for several more days.

She even thought of a fairy who would be happy to accompany her to the spirit realm, but there couldn’t have been someone like that. Usually, the fairies were people with bad personalities and were busy taking care of their own interests.

In fact, she spoke up a few times and was rejected.

‘What should I do… I don’t know, really.’

The weather wasn’t good, and she was feeling dizzy and upset after being locked up in the lab for a few days.

‘…I need to rest for a bit. That’s how it should be.’

With a gloomy face, she came out to the break room after a few days of being cooped up. Perhaps because the ceremony was close, the break room was spacious. She saw only a group of twenty or so fairies taking a break.

As she leaned down on the table and looked towards it, Chryselua was looking to see if any of them would do her a favor if she asked them to go to the spirit realm with her.

“…It’s unbelievable that such a guy is in charge!”

“That dry branch, what do you expect? Wait and see… he’ll just get messed up.”

At first glance, it seemed that they were gossiping about someone and didn’t even notice Chryselua, who was lying face down. Normally, the fairies’ personalities would have made them look around, but this time, there was something that bothered them.

It was because of the word ‘dry branch.’

Fairies were ranked according to magical power from birth. The dry branch meant the lowest class, and most fairies didn’t look too kindly at dry branches. Furthermore, since their Lord, the Parent Tree, distributed magic power according to rank, the rank, once set, couldn’t be changed in any way.

So as far as she knew, there was only one fairy who escaped the dry branch with effort…

“Looks like he didn’t prepare properly. Did you see that bastard’s blue face today?”

“It’s wrong to act without knowing one’s place.”

They laughed loudly and exhilaratingly. While the circumstances of the divine realm and the spirit realm are vastly different, if the twilight of the divine realm had been born in the spirit realm, wouldn’t she have become a dry branch as well?

Although the fairies of the spirit realm were not rude to the dragon of the divine realm, and even though they didn’t know that Chryselua was nearby, the word they kept speaking bothered her.

‘Uh… Why is my head so dizzy?’

Chryselua stood up to drink at least some water. She had severe dizziness.


Even nausea… It seemed that she was under a lot of physical and mental pressure for a few days, and her physical condition was not good.

Even as she stumbled, she listened clearly to what the fairies were saying.

“Yes, you have to live up to who you are. That kind of person doesn’t fit in Sedition… naturally lacking.”


As she was about to fall off the chair, Chryselua barely held on to the table, but it made a rather loud noise.

The fairies who had been buzzing so far became quiet. In an instant, the entire break room was enveloped in silent silence. The break room was empty, and I could hear the sound of the wind passing by.

“Ah, Twi-Twilight. Were you there?”

“What we just said…”

Spattering their words, the fairies touched each other with their elbows. Since her complexion was pale and unsightly, it seemed that they mistakenly thought that she was responding to their last words.

It could be heard as if they were looking down on Twilight, the daughter of the Divine Realm’s Lord.

“Twi, Twilight… I mean—”

“Th-that, those devilkins didn’t suit Sedition.”

‘What kind of nonsense is this all of a sudden? I’ve heard all the cursing about dry branches.’

Chryselua, who didn’t care and was about to return to the lab, looked to where one of them pointed with their finger. In the corner of the break room next to the pillar, there was indeed a devilkin, barely visible. He was wearing a white study gown and was quite well hidden by the white pillars in the break room.

She was more surprised for another reason.

‘…Is that him?’

The day she made a huge mistake and ruined everything, he was the first one to run away. Even while using the same laboratory building, he didn’t even show his face. His dark skin and jet-black hair… and the decadent eyes and devilkin-like purple eyes staring.

Axen Arc…

As soon as she saw that face, something was tight inside her.


Chryselua hurriedly shut her mouth. Aside from feeling unwell, this nausea came really suddenly. At the same time, seeing that, the fairies who wanted to seize the opportunity stepped forward like her private knights.

“There’s Twilight, why is this devilkin creep crawling in?”

“Looking at your face, even Twilight retches!”

Soon, they pointed their finger at the flustered devilkin and behaved as if they were chasing a trespasser.

‘You guys… even if you want to cover up the gossip, you don’t have to go this far?’’

Axen Arc, who had not even thought of moving next to the pillar, took a step closer. A look of embarrassment flashed across his face. It was only this much because it was Sedition, but in fact, the devilkins were in a bad position among the dragons and fairies.

The devilkins were the first to break the long agreement and start a war.

The reason why she had an escort equivalent to Naskan, the Dawn Dragon, was all because of the devilkin. Chryselua’s life was threatened by the devilkin from time to time.

Although discrimination was mechanically prohibited only in Sedition, the devilkin, who had already been completely defeated, lost their place and were treated with contempt everywhere. The rule only existed though it was not a properly followed rule.

As the position of devilkins were not good, Axen Arc was one of the few devilkin in this place.

Rather than incurring the wrath of the Lord of the divine realm, it seemed that their position was to discriminate against racial discrimination even if they were formally punished once in Sedition. In addition, they lightly ignored Chryselua’s position and opinion.

“What are you saying now? You guys, stop it, uugghh!”

“I don’t understand why the devilkin is in Sedition in the first place.”

“Honestly, if you think about what happened, then erasing the underworld isn’t enough.”

Gradually, sincere words began to come out, and Chryselua touched her forehead.

‘Guys, you are going to get punished…’

Right. It was nonsense, but in life, there were times when they had to push themselves even when they knew it was nonsense. And they seemed to have decided on this time, a rare occasion in their lives.

A mixture of ruined and liberated expressions emerged from the lofty fairies. In fact, some were a little embarrassed.

The atmosphere was not good, but her headache worsened.

“No. I just, ugh…!”

The more she tried to say something, the more dizzy her head was.

The devilkin, which had been quiet until now, glanced around the faces of the fairies and slowly opened his mouth.

“…You people, are you racist?”

Axen Arc curled his eyes and smiled like a fox as he raised both hands and applauded exaggeratedly. Thanks to the white gloves, instead of clap clap, only a dull sound was heard.

“What an excellent choice, burning the forest to pull out a weed.”

“You devilkin!”

As expected, this devilkin dared to make a plant metaphor in front of the fairies who served the parent tree. Even though they had terrible personalities, the fairies had lofty pride.

“Ha… Enough. Give me your ID.”

As things turned out like this, Chryselua couldn’t just let this happen. The fairies held out their ID cards as they were told to do, even though they were sad, and she received the identity card of a blonde fairy as a representative.

Then, she identified them before their names. White tree pattern with roots and trunks twisted like knots…

⎡ Second Skylte Special Guards Trainee. ⎦


The devilkin who secretly looked at the ID card over her shoulder admired it first.

Skylte. Nekinskylte was another name for the spirit world Lord, the parent tree. It meant that these immature guys had a higher status than she thought.

“You guys await punishment separately.”

Each of the fairies, whose achievements were significant, sighed in small sighs.

“And devilkin, follow me.”

She had a word to tell this devilkin.

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