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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

She thought she would at least refresh herself in the break room, but it just made her headaches worse.

‘…But what kind of dizziness is this? I need to make some medicine.’

As Chryselua staggered toward her lab, the sound of neat footsteps followed. Despite hiding all this time, Axen Arc was quietly following behind her.

Short black hair, and a coat that was sized exactly for the well-shaped body. As their eyes met, he spoke rather dryly. It seemed that his attitude of sneering and being sarcastic earlier were long gone, and he was very polite now.

“How should I decide the punishment?”

“Why would you punish something like that?”

“Racial discrimination is prohibited in Sedition.”

“…Do they do that on purpose? They didn’t know I was there, so they got taken aback and made a mistake. They’re not bad kids either.”

“If they’re not bad, why did they discriminate against dry branches like that?”

‘It sounds like he thought about as many fights as he wanted to.’

Chryselua sighed.

What a great devilkin. How could she go against this hot temper?

“Fairies have no choice but to do that. If you want to curse, shouldn’t you curse the environment that made them so big?”

Around that time, she glared at the devilkin.

It was to notice that the recent deep conflict between the races was due to the devilkin who caused the war.

“Anyway, Axen Arc.”

“Yes. Chryselua.”

In fact, when Chris lay face down in the break room, she didn’t even feel the presence of this devilkin. He probably would have gone unnoticed the whole time had he not been forcibly discovered by the special guard trainees. Perhaps this guy has been hanging around for quite a while.

A gaze that was somehow tight.

His eyes, slowly scanning her with languid eyes, looked like a beast searching for prey. She would have driven him away, but there was a weaker, strange tension in his gaze.

Anyway, there was a lot to say to Axen Arc, who had been hiding without a shadow.

“We have something to say, don’t we? Come in.”


Chrys let him in first, and then she followed before she closed the door so that the conversation wouldn’t leak out.


Tang, rollroll~

But, of course, the door didn’t close properly. Rather, the hinges of the door fell off again and tumbled to the floor. She hadn’t had time to fix it since he had broken it before.

“This junk door! This is not helping.”

Let’s just leave the door open. At this time of year, who will be using this laboratory building anyway? There was no one walking around.

Anyway, she got nervous when others were watching. The headache was getting worse, so it seemed like she was getting annoyed all the time. Chryselua left him and started making headache medicine. She and Axen Arc were silent, so for a while in the lab, only the rattling could be heard.

“Chryselua. You seemed unwell.”

“…I am.”

After a while, Axen Arc spoke again.

“By any chance…”

He hesitated, then spoke as if he had made up his mind.

“Could I have made a child?”

The hand that was preparing the medicine stopped, and there was a rattling sound. She hadn’t even thought of that. It was an idea that the devilkin had.

“Whew… you don’t know anything. Twilight cannot conceive.”

“Are you infertile?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then, why don’t you check it out?”

“Because it is very unlikely?”

“It may not be.”

That was something he could say because he really didn’t know anything.

“You’re annoying… I think you are giving me a headache.”

Chryselua poured the freshly made headache medicine into her mouth. However, the attempt failed miserably as Axen Arc seized her wrist.

“What? Let go of me.”


He took away the medicine she had made. It was because if she was pregnant, she was not allowed to take any medicine.

“I’m sorry. Just check it out once, for my sake.”

“Hey, are you really shameless?”

Axen Arc closed his eyes and smiled like a fox. Even though he was really annoying, he had a good appearance that could be overlooked once.

After getting defeated by him, Chryselua rummaged through her shelf to find a pregnancy test kit exclusively for dragons. Since dragons rarely choose pregnancy, the test she finally found was dusty.

The next moment, she squeezed a small amount of magic into a small bead and put it in, and a rim of magic subtly encircled the bead. Then, as it spun around on the surface, a ray of golden magic formed a perfect circle.

“Look. Nothing happened.”

However, it didn’t stop there, and another relatively darker color of magic appeared faintly. The magic power of the new color was bent unsteadily, but nevertheless, it made one more line on the marble.

Two lines.

It meant that there were two magical powers resonating inside her body, so there was a high possibility that she was pregnant.


“I guessed that’s it.”

Anyway, what did that mean? Chryselua put the test down on the lab table.

“Well, regardless, I already had something to tell you.”

“Yes. Please speak.”

Axen Arc picked up the marble that was rolling on the table and put it in his pocket. And as if he was expecting something, his purple eyes twinkled.

Chryselua touched her forehead and spoke the words she had promised to say if she met him.

“You fix that door.”


For a moment, he widened his eyes and looked surprised. He was speechless for a moment, perhaps realizing the original sin of the day, but soon regained his senses.

“Ah, ah, yes… I will compensate you.”

“As it should be.”

“I don’t have the right currency right now. I only have jewels now, is that okay?”


Axen Arc moved closer to Chrys and reached into his arms before taking out a rather expensive-looking jewel.

At that moment, Chryselua’s eyes widened.

Inserat Diamond.

The diamond, which looked both pink and scarlet, caught her gaze. A two-layered ring held it in place, and the empty space between it was a fairly sophisticated loop filled with other small jewels.

In the divine realm, where a dark blue color like dawn is regarded as the highest value, it was customary to send a blue jewel as a good gift. However, Chrys, on the other hand, liked red-colored gems. The Inserat diamond was the most expensive of the red family.

‘And… how did you come up with a jewel that suits my taste?’

The angry feelings were instantly relieved.

“Hand it to me.”

The door wouldn’t be worth that much. Even while thinking so, her eyes were sold by the brilliant light of the jewel, and Chryselua held out her hand and could not take her eyes off the jewel. Axen Arc flipped Chris’ outstretched hand and tickled the back of her hand once.

He tried to put the ring directly on her finger…

…On the fourth finger.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

In an instant, she quickly withdrew her hand. As she shot back at Axen Arc, he licked his lips in regret.

“I’m trying to give you the jewel.”

“No. You can just give it to me!”

Without waiting for his words, Chryselua snatched the ring from him.


Chryselua looked at him, who spoke cautiously in a heavy voice.

“I heard that when a dragon has a child, they will make a great name.”

“I have nothing like that.”

“I see.”

The tenacious devilkin nodded in agreement, though he did not back down in silence.

“What about First Light…”

“Hey! Did you not hear me?!”

Even though Lord told her not to get involved with the devilkin, she could see why the Lord said that. This devilkin was talking like that without blinking an eye.

What a crazy-looking guy.

“It’s none of your business?”

“I think it is my responsibility.”

“This is enough. I only wanted to have the door compensated in the first place.”

Chryselua grabbed the ring she had just received from him and waved it in the air. Despite the bright lighting in the laboratory, the transparent jewel shone brilliantly.

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