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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Just in case he changed his mind, Chryselua slipped the precious Inserat diamond ring into her pocket.

“And it’s possible that you certainly weren’t the one who made the child.”

Her face flushed as she remembered what had happened that day. After all, she slept alternately with three men or at the same time that day.

“Don’t Chryselua, too, know who influenced it?”

“Then, how can I know that now? It has to be born to know.”

Axen Arc, who had been expressionless the whole time, his face brightened up at that answer. For her, it was an expression she didn’t like.

“Are you going to give birth?”

“Hey! I never said a word about giving birth!”

“Then, what about First Light…”

“Are you going to keep calling it that?”

He shamelessly opened his mouth again.

“If I hadn’t broken down the door that day, none of that would have happened. I have to take responsibility.”

Chryselua narrowed her eyes.

That was true. However, strangely, he didn’t come because he had to take responsibility, but she seemed crazy because he wanted to take responsibility, as it was obvious that it would be a troublesome problem.

Even though Axen Arc was expressionless the whole time, she had a strange feeling that it would be like that.

“…I won’t anyway.”

More than that, she felt that she would have to slowly teach this ignorant devilkin, so she sighed.

“What came out of the bead is just a possibility. You should check it closely.”

“Then, can you check it closely?”

“I don’t really want to do that.”

She was busy, as she didn’t want to be upset with things that had little chance.

“You, do you know how much magic power is required to create a dragon? A twilight like me doesn’t have that kind of magic.”

Dragons lived alone for tens of thousands of years. If such a dragon could easily procreate, one day, this world would be filled with dragons and lose its balance.

Even creating a fetus required a miracle, and even if that miracle did happen, it had to be the ability to condense enormous magical energy within a short period of time.

Nonetheless, that was for mediocre magical power.

Chryselua, the twilight dragon, had less magical power than any other dragon in the world. Even she only knew for the first time that a fetus could enter her body. Blessed in this world, things were adjusted in this way.

Dragons were so precious by their own hands, and the parent tree divides the fairies into ranks and prunes them on its own.

The devilkins… how were the devilkins?

Chryselua glanced at Axen Arc and turned her head.

“Of course, it would be nice if it could be born from my body, but I said it earlier. Impossible.”

“…It’s not like you didn’t want it at all.”

She shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t worth answering.

“Well. Don’t go around talking unnecessarily because it won’t be born anyway.”


“I don’t even want to bother with that.”

Besides, the fruit that the Lord gave her was the biggest headache these days.

“I’ve been busy with work for a while.”

“…I’m hurt. Chryselua.”

‘What nonsense…?’

Aside from what Axen Arc was saying, she couldn’t feel the sincerity when he said it with a smile on his face.

“Chryselua seduced me that day. You devoured me once and threw me away? Are you tired of me that one time?”

“Wh-when did I seduce you?”

“You asked me to hug you.”

“You can’t just speak some nonsense, do you?”

Axen Arc heard those words and was silent for a while.

All the while, Chryselua gazed him up and down. It occurred to her that if a child were to be born, it would look great on the outside.

Compared to how he spoke to Chrys in a respectful tone the whole time, he had a dry, decadent impression with his dark skin and slightly drooping eyes.

Like the dragons, the devilkins were also able to freely adjust the size of their pupils, and the pupils that were much larger than usual added depth to his eyes. She thought that it was likely to be sucked into those pupils.

“It’s not some nonsense words.”

This devilkin, whose face alone was decadent, scratched his vocal chords slowly and let out a seductive voice. He then raised both hands and touched the collar of his white sleeve. A thick yet delicate finger unbuttoned a button on the sleeve.

Chryselua unknowingly gulped.

The veins on the back of the hand, the convex protruding wrist bone and the line leading to the arm captured her attention. His outstretched fingers fiddled with his collar, then passed his collarbone and swept down his upper chest once.


One button just below the neck was undone. Naturally, her gaze went to the thick neckline and neck.

Tak. Tak.

When the second and third buttons were undone, his chest was revealed.

It looked like chocolate, perhaps because of the dark skin and the dim lighting in the lab. Chryselua, who had been watching him blankly, came to her senses belatedly when Axen Arc undid all the buttons up to the pit of his stomach.

“Hey, hey! Are you crazy?”

“Chryselua seduced me like this.”

“When did I take off my clothes so openly?”

Axen Arc fiddled with the button under his chest and then stopped. That fox looked really disappointed this time, and even Chryselua started to get confused.

“Hmm… All right.”

‘Did I really do that?’

He may have stopped, but she also had to recheck her memory that day. While she remembered even asking him to hold her lost because of the smoke, Chryselua couldn’t remember exactly when the clothes came off or when she started kissing them.

‘Could that be true? Really? I’m crazy!’

She only erased other people’s memories, but in fact, she didn’t know if her memory was unstable because she inhaled the smoke first.


“What? What is it again?”

She was very nervous because she seemed to be getting caught up in the words of this b*stard. As he took a few steps in small strides, Axen Arc quickly closed the distance with his long legs.

“If the dragons only need a high amount of magic to condense magic into their womb, can’t they fill it with someone else’s magic?”

“That… I don’t know.”

Receiving magic from someone else? She had never thought about it. Usually, dragons make their own child alone.

A child would be the successor, but it was ambiguous to say that it was the fruit of a couple.

However, it seemed that she had heard it at first glance. The saying that the dragon female body met many people regardless of the race as long as they have magical powers… was that all for that purpose?

“Then, Chryselua.”

Axen approached slowly as if chasing prey. Walking slowly towards her, he put his hand on his chest. His clothes, which had already come loose, exposed his chest.

Chryselua reflexively backed away.

“With me…….”

Even though it couldn’t be, the action made it look like he was about to pull a weapon out of his body and wield it. In an instant, she remembered the proverb that ‘temptation’ was one of the weapons of the warlike devilkins.

And they said they were incredibly, incredibly persistent.

“…I would like you to try it once.”

“Try… what?”

Feeling strangely wary, Chryselua stepped back from him, and Axen Arc approached again to close the distance. Before she knew it, she was clinging to the wall of the lab, and there was no place to retreat any further.

Axen didn’t care and clung to Chrys.

“It seems clear that the fetus affects health. If I can help you, won’t your headache go away without taking medicine?”

“Axen Arc. What are you saying right now?”

His name came straight out of her mouth, who had been calling him ‘you’ the whole time. It was embarrassing.

“What are you talking about… I don’t know…”

“No, I think you know it well. You fox. Ugh!”

He was using every possible means to seduce her.

Axen was putting his thigh between Chryselua’s legs. Between her legs, she could feel his pillar, already hard and swollen.

She could feel the hot breath from a close distance.

At that moment, the memory of that day came back to her because their bodies were so close together. Come to think of it, it was the first time that she had directly touched bare skin with a devilkin with high body temperature.

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