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Chapter 19

Chapter 19

“…Would you like to try it?”

Her heart skipped a beat at the tension.

Axen stroked Chryselua’s cheek with the hand he had placed on his heart as he approached. She felt a warm hand through his white glove.

“For once. It’s okay.”

Purple eyes with pupils widened to the limit were looking down at her, and a red tongue licked his lower lip once slowly.

In fact, the headache that had been bothering her for several days had already disappeared. However, she kept staring at him as she remembered what had happened that day. When she remembered the heat of the time, the same desire was already welling up in her body.

And those purple eyes…

Her gaze was taken away by those eyes that seemed to be sucking her in, and Chryselua inadvertently responded to his temptation.

Despite the hasty start, Axen Arc’s caress was very cautious. Behind her ears, the nape of her neck, the shallow skin above her chest.

There was no place his lips did not touch.

However, even though he always gave pleasure by sucking and biting, there was no trace of the kisses left on her skin.

Only the heat left after he passed on the skin burned her. When that tickling feeling passed down her stomach and down to her thighs, Chryselua let out a deep sigh, letting out the breath she had been holding her breath all this time.

“Chryselua, it smells good.”

“Hu… haa…”

The devilkin’s hot breath reached between her legs, which were already wet.

As she reflexively drew her legs together, Axen, who held them gently and spread them apart, buried his face in Chryselua’s deepest place before the tongue licked the inside without hesitation.

Impatiently, she put a hand on his head.


The only place to do this was in the corner of the lab, the bed that she sometimes set up for her to nap on. It wasn’t a place for the two of them to lie down, so Chrys was sitting on it on her own. The kiss started from above and gradually descended, and Axen naturally fell to his knees.

The heat exhaled by the devilkin seems to be contagious. Everywhere Axen’s lips touched was hot, especially between her legs, where he was engrossed, like boiling water.

It was probably all the liquid she shed.

Perhaps because of the location, she felt more immoral than shame.

“Ung, ah…! Hot.”

Chryselua tightened his fingers through Axen’s hair. His black hair, neatly cut short, was quite stiff.


“Do as you please. You can hold tighter.”

She tilted her head and groaned, then looked down at Axen, who smiled at her.

Seeing her reaction, he deliberately kissed the sensitive nub with a more wet sound. His words were polite, but his narrowed eyes were seething with shady desire.

“Ha-uht! Ung!”

Before long, Chryselua closed her eyes tightly. As the hand that gripped his hair loosened, Axen grabbed her hand as she was trying to get away, clamped it and sucked hard into her nub without looking at the reaction.


Her shoulders jumped wildly.

“You are sensitive. It’s soft.”

Axen ran the back of her hand with his wet lips. His obsessive gaze at her looked the same.

“Be quiet…”

“Can I lick you some more? I can serve you all night.”

The low voice was soft.

Bewitched by that, she almost nodded though Chryselua shook his head. When he said it, it really seemed like it was going to last all night.

“I told you I was busy.”

“Then, can I do a little more?”

“Well, ung… ahh…”

When she nodded, he smiled and kissed the nub he had been attacking.

The service provided by Axen Arc was really good. While he wrapped his lips around the nub and sucked it hard, he also moved his tongue and rolled it.

A lot of love liquid flowed out from the soft yet sometimes strong stimulation.

After licking up all the spilled liquid like a thirsty person, Axen Arc made eye contact with Chryselua and swallowed the bodily fluids he had collected in his mouth with a gulp, showing her to deliberately listen. He was a man who wanted every little gesture.

A hot tongue licked the inside of her opening. While pressing the nub with his thumb, his long tongue licked the inner wall and her toes closed again.

“Huht, huuuhngg…!”

“You are really sensitive.”

It was the second climax from his fingers and tongue. Chryselua sighed and relaxed her entire body.

“You, you’re really good at finding it.”

Axen’s arm wrapped around her waist before her body completely slumped into the bed. Then, he laid her body down and gently helped her lie down on the bed. Of course, her legs were spread apart and lifted in the air.

In that state, Axen Arc only then began to take off his bottoms.

From the time he openly unbuttoned his wrist, he was here acting with the purpose of throwing off all his clothes. After blankly watching him do it, Chryselua widened her eyes at a foreign object revealed through his neat attire and she hurriedly raised her body.

“Wa, wait…!”

“Yes… Chryselua?”

Axen scratched her vocal chords slowly and answered in a muddy voice.

“You, you that…”

Chrys glanced back and forth between it and Axen’s face, then gulped down.

“It looks so weird!”

“…That’s a discriminatory remark.”

“What kind of discrimination is that?!”

If Chrys was surprised by Naskan’s size in the previous accident, the flesh that this devilkin took out after unbuttoning his bottoms was unmatched in its ferocious appearance.

No, she knew it, but it was on a different level from seeing it in person. It was the first time she saw the bumps on the devilkin’s pillar from the front. The surface of the pillar was bumpy as if it was studded with marbles.

Axen held it in his hand and slowly rubbed it, and Chryselua swallowed again.

It was even getting bigger and bigger—!

“You… you want to put that in? Really?”


Axen, who had come this far and had no intention of stepping back, curved his eyes gently.

“You liked it quite a bit last time.”

“No, aht!”

Without even listening to her, he pulled her leg towards him. Swayed by the tremendous force, Chryselua slipped back onto the bed. It was only when Axen bent his back and pressed his lips to her forehead did she came to her senses with that sound.

Before that, she was startled by the familiar and naked sensation between her legs.


She remembered the sensation that stimulated the sensitive inner walls was being scratched by him.

Did she like it last time? It didn’t look like it!

While Chryselua was stunned, Axen was quite quick in his hands.

He laid her back on, pressed their lower body closely, and rubbed the vile thing against her once. Then, the bumpy protrusions on his pillar passed over the sensitive nub. The hot marbles rubbed several times, and the stimulation was doubled.

“Huht, hiick!”

What came out of her mouth was more like a scream than a moan. She wouldn’t know if she hadn’t lost her mind because of the smoke that day, but when she first encountered him with a sober mind, a slight sense of rejection rose up.

“A-Axen, Arc.”

“Yes. Chryselua.”

Even though she tried to raise her upper body, Axen pushed her back and her whole body gave out. As Chrys looked up at him and sighed, he groaned.

As he dragged and seduced her with a dizzying atmosphere, he had the same expression when he asked if she’d give it a try. At this time, the corners of his eyes drooped slightly, giving a strangely pitiful impression.

“…Don’t you like it?”


As he said that, Axen rubbed himself promiscuously on top of Chryselua, showing he was impatient. Even though he didn’t let out a single rough breath, the act looked so lewd.

However, perhaps because of its heinous shape, pleasure easily surged just by rubbing it from above. The lower part, which was already slippery, wanted the devilkin’s hot body temperature and wanted a little stronger stimulation.

Chryselua just closed her eyes and nodded her head. She was surprised at first, but it really didn’t feel bad.

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