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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

“Ack, ah! Heuk…”


Axen, who had obtained her permission, gently rubbed the tip of his pillar against her entrance and called to her in a low voice.

Unsurprisingly, Chryselua looked up at him with only one eye open.

“…Because others call you that.”

At the same time, Axen Arc slightly avoided her gaze. The man, whose face color had never changed while openly seducing her, blushed only this time.

He was such a weird man.

“Are you going to keep crossing the line?”

“Chryselua, are my services still not enough?”

Perhaps it was because he was holding back from wanting to come in right away, except for the slight wrinkle between his eyebrows, this devilkin had a neat expression, as she often saw when they ran into each other.

Somehow, Chryselua thought that she could understand the inside of this devilkin for now.

A slight blush appeared on his dark skin. This was a little different from being aroused during an affair. Yes, he was actually shy. Even though he didn’t say it outright, Axen Arc seemed to want to be allowed to call her that way now.

‘That’s something only Lord and Naskan calls me with.’’

However, Chrys not only fell for his temptations but also fell for his influence this time.

“Call me whatever you want.”



Axen looked visibly disappointed.

“Yes… Chrys.”

At the end of his words, a sigh escaped. Even the breath the devilkin was exhaling was extremely hot. When his breath touched her skin before it was exposed to the cold air, even that became a stimulus. A tickling, hot wind swept through her feet.

While holding Chryselua’s leg, Axen kissed her instep.


Soon, the thing that was only slightly hanging over the entrance began to sneak in.

Chrys’ hole seemed too narrow for the ferocious pillar. It wasn’t worse than Naskan’s, but the bumps that sprouted over were vicious, and if she took it roughly, she didn’t know if her walls would be in tatters.

However, contrary to her uneasy mind, the hole moved. As if foretelling the entry into the wet walls, Axen rubbed his vicious flesh.

“Uht, ung! Ah…!”

As expected, it didn’t come in smoothly. Every time the bumps on the rough surface were caught at the entrance, a sense of pleasure came in stages.

“Heuk! Ugh!”

It scratched every inch of the inner wall just by coming in. It seemed that a devastating club was coming in, not a pillar of flesh. As Chrys was so nervous and tightened upon the foreign body, Axen seemed to find it too much.

“Haa… Please realx a little, Chrys.”

“Uh, ah! Slowly…”


“Hu-uht, uht! Aht!”

Unlike Chrys, who shuddered and groaned every time the protrusion came in one by one, he had never made a sound until then. He asked softly.

“Is it better than you thought?”


“Chrys is soft too… haa… uht, don’t move.”

For the first time, Axen’s face, which had been expressionless or smiling, was disturbed. The wrinkles between his eyebrows showed that he was holding back his desire while intoxicated with pleasure.

‘Are devilkins born to seduce?’

Every word he said and every gesture he made, even his facial expression, were suggestive. Axen Arc inserted himself deeply and kissed Chryselua’s forehead or cheek carefully. When she seemed to have gotten used to the shape, he pulled out rather roughly.

“Hu, hu-uht!”

Chrys let out a shallow moan through her teeth as her inner walls were being scratched. Before she could finish her moan, he drove the vicious pillar all the way back.



She flung her arms in the air. Unbelievable heat rushed through the gap, and anxiety bloomed as Axen held her legs.

“Ax, Axen…”


Needing something to cling to, he responded to her outstretched hand right away.

“Hah! Uuht!”

He moved back, then lowered his posture, inserting it a little deeper. Before he could embrace her, Chryselua clung to him hastily. She could feel the muscles on his back, tightly tucked under the white shirt.

Axen, who seemed to like the move, let out a thick breath over her forehead.

“You can stay still. I will move, Chrys.”

“Aht, aaht! Ung!”

As he began to move his hips, it seemed that her inside was completely open to the shape of his pillar. Unable to endure the thrill of her insides getting scratched mercilessly, Chryselua drove her nails into Axen’s back.

“Ah, wait, aht—aht!”

“, , , !”

It was hot and slippery.

She was out of breath even though he was moving slowly. The unsightly swollen and heated flesh stabbed her persistently, scooping out the liquid accumulated inside.

“Uung, Ax, Axen, ah…!”

With their body connected, she only had to accept his service, but Chryselua couldn’t let his body go. Her inner wall moved at will and clamped down on the weapon that had invaded her body and spurred on by its rugged shape. She trembled on her own even without Axen moving.

“Ah, you, that shape, ah—!”


“Hu-uht! Ung!”

The mixed bodily fluids flowed and made a lewd sound without rest. It seemed that the sound just became more explicit.

However, there was no more to be embarrassed about it.

“Haa-uh! Aht…!”

Not only was she stimulated by the deep insertion, but pleasure bloomed wherever the protrusion touched her walls. When Axen Arc swayed slowly, she could vividly feel the solid pillars and protrusions filling her inside.

As he started to move more and more violently, her senses focused only on that side, like there was nothing in the world except his vicious flesh and the hole to receive him.

“Hu, hu-aht!”

The climax came quickly.

Chryselua held her breath and recklessly squeezed Axen’s clothes that came into her hand. Her whole body seemed to be consumed by the heat and melted away. Her inner wall contracted on its own, tightening.

Axen Arc, who served her while holding back his pleasure to the limit, lowered his posture further and bit her earlobe.

She sobbed dizzily as his body pressed closer.


“Magic. Now take it inside.”


The thing that had stirred the inside uncontrollably convulsed once. It started in the stomach and spread a dense pleasure throughout the body.

Axen shot not only pleasure but also his magic mixed with his seed.



At that moment, it was like something big had swelled up inside and burst. It was hot, heavy, and sticky even though she hadn’t touched it. It felt like if he pulled himself out right away, something more viscous than his seeds would drip.

After he had finished, Chryselua took a deep breath and pressed her forehead to Axen’s chest.

“Hah, hu-ugh…”

She breathed heavily and recalled the pleasure that had wrapped around her body. It was true that his magic power had entered her. If his magic was transmitted in this way, if she gathered enough magic in this way, the method he said might really be possible.

“How is it? Is this possible?”

“Uh, ung… That’s enough. Now.”

Chryselua pushed his shoulder. That meant the test was over. She felt moderate pleasure and enjoyed it, so she wasn’t in a bad mood. But his hard shoulders didn’t back down a bit.


Chrys’s voice sounded tired from the screaming.

Instead of backing down, Axen kissed her on the cheek. His thing was still inside Chrys even started to inflate again. The inner wall, which had become sensitive due to the successive climaxes, flinched again.

“Ack, Axen Arc! Uht…”

As Chrys put her hand on his chest in surprise, Axen wrapped his arm around her waist and hugged Chrys. The flesh wriggling from the inside pressed on the place where she reacted exceptionally.

Her body shook.


“Chryselua, didn’t you say you needed a lot of magic?”

Chryselua narrowed her eyes as she breathed heavily. It was because this devilkin was using what she said earlier that she was at a loss of what to say.

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