Chapter 10

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Teacher Iris was stunned when she saw this scene.

When she saw Su Xing, she immediately stopped and revealed a gratified expression.

“Teacher, this country bumpkin in our class wants to sneak into our fire element class. You must severely punish him!” Zhang Dekai hurriedly said.

“That’s right! Teacher, quickly chase him away! Don’t let him affect our cultivation!”

The other lackeys echoed.

Su Xing frowned.

“Teacher Iris, didn’t you say that there’s no such inferior trash in the fire element class? I think this group of trash is not suitable for the fire element class at all!” Zhang Dekai mocked coldly.

“Shut up!” Teacher Iris berated them as embarrassment flashed across her face.

“What? Teacher actually berated me?”

Zhang De was stunned and could not believe it.

“Teacher Iris, you’re too biased towards him. A person like him is not worthy to stay here at all. He’s not qualified to join the fire element class.”

“That’s right! Teacher Iris, this is against the academy’s rules. I suggest expelling this kid.” Wu Ming also said.

They were unwilling to accept this. They were high and mighty, so why could they not even compare to a country bumpkin?

Teacher Iris seemed to be amused and chuckled as she looked at everyone.

It was fine if she did not laugh, but when she did, they were immediately so frightened that Zhang Dekai and the others fell silent.

This aura was too strong!

“You’re saying that I’m biased towards him?” Teacher Iris asked.

“That’s right! He’s not qualified to join the fire element class at all!” Zhang Dekai and the others hurriedly nodded.

“Then let me ask you, who is qualified to join the fire element class?” Teacher Iris asked again.

“Of course it’s us,” Wu Ming replied without any hesitation.

“In that case, what about this new classmate who also participated in the awakening?” Teacher Iris said coldly.

Zhang Dekai was speechless as he could not rebuke her words.

“Teacher Iris, I was wrong!” Wu Ming lowered his head and said in fear.

The others also lowered their heads and admitted their mistakes.

“Alright, everyone is here. Find a random seat and sit down. Welcome to the fire element class.”

Teacher Iris smiled. She liked Su Xing very much because he vaguely smelled differently from ordinary people.

All of this was seen by Zhang Dekai, who was standing in the distance. He gritted his teeth in hatred.

He felt that Teacher Iris was completely biased towards that country bumpkin, so she ignored him. This filled his heart with hatred and he secretly gritted his teeth.

However, he did not dare to show it, let alone act rashly in front of Teacher Iris.

Teacher Iris ignored them and said, “I’ll give everyone the first lesson today. I believe everyone is curious about spells, right? The lowest level is the Tier 0 spell. However, a classmate of ours is extremely talented and has already learned the Tier 1 spell. This means that he has also entered the ranks of the Tier 1 Mages.”

“Wow! This is too awesome!”

“We haven’t even started cultivating Tier 0 spells, but someone in our class has already cultivated a Tier 1 spell? How talented is he?!”

The students said enviously.

“That’s right, but do you know how strong a Tier 1 Mage is?” Teacher Iris continued to ask.

“He’s definitely stronger than me!” a young man said weakly.

“I believe everyone has seen the battle between a few students just now. The force released by Student Su Xing is the Tier 1 spell, the Fire Ring Technique.”

Teacher Iris continued and looked at Su Xing.

Hearing Teacher Iris mention him, Su Xing raised his hand slightly.

After knowing that it was Su Xing, the expressions of all the lackeys immediately changed and they cast envious and jealous gazes.

However, soon, anger appeared on their faces.

“Teacher, so what? No matter how talented that guy is, he’s still a country bumpkin!”

Zhang Dekai mocked sarcastically.

“Oh?” Teacher Iris turned around and smiled, “Tell me, why do bumpkins exist in our fire element class?”

Teacher Iris was not angry. She was even interested to hear what Zhang Dekai could say.

“Teacher, these bumpkins have to rely on their connections to sneak into our fire element class every year!”

“For example, that guy called Su Xing, right? Although he’s not bad-looking, he’s simply an orphan!”

“He doesn’t have any background at all. With his good-looking appearance, he sneaked into our fire element class!”

“Teacher, don’t be deceived!”

Zhang Dekai said passionately as if he had really seen through something.

After he finished speaking, Wu Ming and the others nodded in agreement.

“Teacher, I think Brother Kai makes sense. That guy called Su Xing must have used some despicable method to deceive you.”

“Yes! He must have relied on his face! He bewitched Teacher Iris and deceived her!”

The other lackeys spoke one after another. As they spoke, they even secretly glanced at Su Xing with a trace of jealousy.

These fire elemental students had noble bloodlines from birth. No matter how weak their strength was, they were still nobler than ordinary students.

Therefore, deep in their hearts, they always felt a sense of superiority.

The sudden appearance of Su Xing completely angered them.

Especially Zhang Dekai. He was originally jealous that Su Xing was more handsome than him. Now that he saw that Teacher Iris actually treated Su Xing differently, he was filled with jealousy and hatred and wished he could kill him.

“Everyone knows about the Strategic-level student who awakened yesterday, right?” Teacher Iris said indifferently.

“Of course! It’s said that he’s an extremely amiable classmate. He’s very powerful.”

“Yes, yes. I’ve even seen the fire elemental power he released.”

“He’s also a superhuman with the fire attribute who’s born with the ability to control magma.”

Everyone said.

When they spoke of classmates who had awakened a Strategic-level, their tone could not help but reveal reverence and worship.

Clearly, these students had blind fanaticism for such a genius.

“That genius is Su Xing!” Teacher Iris pointed at Su Xing.

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

All of them stared at Su Xing in disbelief.

“How can that be? Isn’t he a country bumpkin? How did he become a Strategic-level mage?”

Zhang Dekai could not believe this. He widened his eyes and stared at Su Xing.

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