Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – Sinensis Rewan (3)

The country was ruined.

Rewan didn’t realize it.

It was only when he was stuck in a space where a ray of light barely entered that he realized it. It all happened so quickly that he thought it was a dream for a while. As he slammed the wall, screamed and laughed, his hand, which had hit the wall, was crushed and bleeding.

The blood-soaked walls soon soaked the floor as he gazed down at his tattered hands.

Did it hurt?

No… it didn’t hurt.

Rewan left the bed and lay down on the cold floor. Tears that he thought had cooled off came out of his eyes. After crying for a long time, he sat blankly and stared at a ray of light… even in this situation, he had selfish thoughts.

Oh, he’d rather die than be like this. He’d die and do his duty as a knight.

The thoughts that didn’t fit… belated regret for being late.

Endless selfishness.

He was suffering. He was tormented by his selfishness, he was tormented by his incompetence, and he was also tormented by his filthy jealousy toward her for accepting his faults.

…As expected, these were his wicked thoughts.

It was a pity that he couldn’t apologize properly at the last minute. He didn’t know if they’d ever see each other again.

He was pessimistic about the situation and blamed himself. Even so, how could he abandon his master and die? Oh, then he wouldn’t be a knight. He made a living by selling out his master. Rewan was gradually losing his mind. He couldn’t keep his sane mind.

Where did all these tragedies come from…?

Having no strength, he was helplessly dragged by the reaper.

All the while riding the carriage to the Karwen Empire, he couldn’t trust Arne and couldn’t run away with her. He thought it was all his fault. Even after that, Arne’s flesh floated before his eyes, and he shuddered with a sense of immortality. He shuddered at the selfishness of someone like him.

He must die…

His life itself was a sin. He thought so.

He hadn’t eaten for days and days. He didn’t eat or drink anything, and he spent the day lying on the cold floor like dead.

Rewan constantly blamed himself.

Ruthless, conscienceless, incompetent…

It took some time for Rewan to get himself together. He ate all the meals and water that were given out occasionally, and steadily trained his body. Although he shouldn’t have been doing this, he was still the only person Arne could trust and wait for here.

The place where he was tied up was less monitored than he thought.

Perhaps he didn’t even need to be watched. They didn’t even lock the door. When the jailer came to give his meal, Rewan waited for the jailer to disappear before leaving the room.

During the day, he avoided people’s eyes and went looking for Arne because his face was not known, so the attendants did not know who he was. So, he walked around the Imperial Palace comfortably. He had to hide when he met other high-ranking nobles though he was relatively free to act.

At night, he picked up a wooden stick and swung it.

The day was bitter and cold. He swung the wooden stick until his hands were swollen.

Rewan was sometimes afraid and distressed. His personal thoughts gnawed at his mind. He thought that there was an insurmountable wall in Acacia, who fought with him. Still, he was always able to shrug it off.

However, uneasy feelings and uncertainty for no reason always swirled in his mind.

That day was one of those days.

He had to meet Arne and say something.

I’ll save you soon, so trust me and wait…

He wanted to say one thing. He didn’t want to do something that hurt Arne by rushing out again.

It was such a heart.

It was a day like usual… that day he was looking for her.

Seeing the scene was sheer coincidence. The first time he saw the shiny golden hair rustling, he remembered something. Then, he immediately denied it. It sounds soggy, lewd, and obscene, but it should not be.

It was not what he was thinking of. Rewan was in denial and tried to move. Rewan’s footsteps stopped at a lewd sound. Just to check.


At first, he doubted his eyes.

…Yes, since he sold Arne’s purity to the Emperor. The country was ruined, and the treatment she deserved was obvious. He knew this was the existence of the unknown side of his heart. Even though he knew her treatment, he pretended not to know for a moment.

“Right now, here…”

The lips that spewed out words.

He should have stepped out, pretending not to know, but his feet just couldn’t move.

Rewan habitually looked for his sword. He was stunned that there was no sword at his waist. As he clenched his fist, Raphael started moving his back, which had stopped for a while, before pulling it out completely and putting it back in.

“It is the result of the price of your life. Look closely. Loosen your expression and follow the actions… Huut!”

It felt like bugs were crawling in his stomach as the squelching sound defiled his ears. Raphael tore Arne’s clothes and took out her white breasts, and massaged them.

Rewan could feel his blood rushing.

Crazy, he thought so. His hands were shaking, and he was angry… still, but he couldn’t do anything.

That was what power was like.

He didn’t know how great it was when he had it but only realized its value when he lost it. He dismissed the position of the King’s fiancé and the glory of his family as an ordinary thing,,,

“Heup… Go away. I don’t want to show you, heuk!”

Arne wept.

Rewan closed his eyes to the situation, not knowing what or how to do, and eventually stepped back. He didn’t see anything today… he brainwashed himself. The disheveled figure of the King stood out even in the dark background.

Was this supposed to be called love?

…To lust for her even in this situation.


He stopped at the sound of the sharp friction.

“Open your eyes. Where are you going? I told you not to move. Look.”

Rewan did not know what kind of intention he had in mind as he watched the action. He longed for a quick end. He was just dazed.

Raphael, who had finished before he knew it, approached him, dressed roughly in his clothes. He came close to him and whispered.

“Your king’s p*ssy was delicious. Would you like to try it, too?”

It was insulting and humiliating. As he felt a loss of power, he realized that what he had in the past was special.

His heart beat loudly.

“Ah, I heard you offered your king to the Emperor? Try it.”

His vision flashed white. Raphael laughed.

“Hey, you go and lick it clean.”

His body trembled.

It was an order that he could not refuse or could not do anything about. He just had to do it. He was their dog as long as they held the King’s death on a leash. Ah, he was frustrated and desperate. Even if he built up his strength and challenged them, would Arne be able to hold on until then?

Even in this short meeting, he felt an unbearable insult, shame and his mind wore out. Rewan’s steps towards Arne were heavy.


When did his palms bleed so much? He stroked Arne’s face gently.

Sorry. Sorry for the lack of power…

The words were too heavy to spit out, so Rewan chewed and swallowed them. He grabbed her legs, spread them apart, and stuck his tongue out. The smell of pungent s*men wafted from underneath, which was already messy as Arne grabbed his head in defiance.

At the same time, disgust welled up. A certain revulsion arose at his tight member.

Even in this situation, it was amazing that his thing could stand. He was dumbfounded and tears came out. Rewan licked off the bloody thighs and raised his head.

A little bit of surprise and apologist.

Arne’s expression rather dried him up.

Don’t be sorry.

As he swallowed the words he couldn’t spit out, Raphael came up to him as if he had enjoyed watching.

“I’ll go to my room and check back to see if it’s licked clean.”

He felt resentful for not being able to do anything even after hearing these words. His steps staggered.

So, he locked himself in the room again.

The door did not open after that, probably because of Raphael’s influence, and sometimes, he was led out by the jailer’s hand. He didn’t know where he was going and was dragged outside with his eyes covered.

After he was washed clean, put on decent clothes, and took some unknown medicine, he soon became a s*x partner for a noble lady of such a high rank or a widow. He had s*x with them with his hands tied, blindfolded, on a leash, and drugged.

…No, he was thoroughly used.

Sometimes, when he was lying on the floor after all the actions, Raphael would visit Rewan.

Not wanting to listen to Raphael, he turned his body to lie on his side. The chains tied around his wrists clattered, showing off his presence. The medicine still didn’t go away, so his body, which hadn’t cooled down, spewed out heat.

“I think you’ll build up your sexual desire, too. I made this special place for you. Aren’t you happy as well?”

Rewan wanted to tear apart his mouth as he spat out those heinous words. Raphael’s long fingers touched Rewan’s member. It was cold. He shook his body. He wanted to die instantly. Even though he was drunk with the medicine, he felt it in Raphael’s hand.

Raphael gently touched Rewan’s pillar with his hand. Raphael laughed.

“Oh, do you want Arne?”

“… shut up.”

Raphael laughed. He seemed to be happy with the situation. He even hummed.

“I lit a scented candle and had s*x with Arne. Your King, who went crazy, was so pretty.”

Raphael ran his hand over Rewan’s pillar-like tapping a desk. Rewan’s breathing became rough. The chain that was tied behind the back made a sound.

“She cried very beautifully.”

“…I said shut up.”

“Would you cry like that, too, if I put it in? Shall I f*ck you up your an*l?”

At those words, he rocked his body from side to side. It was an expression of fierce denial. The next moment, Raphael grabbed his chin before removing the red cloth from his eyes. Rewan looked disgusted at Raphael, who came close to him and spat in his face.

Raphael frowned. Wiping the spit with his thumb, he licked it with his tongue.

“Or, you can go have s*x with Arne.”


His violent movements stopped in an instant.

“Open it yourself… or I will leave.”

He then pulled on Rewan’s leash.

Rewan spread his legs without speaking. He seemed to be going out of his mind.

He wanted to die.

Even while his mind was crumbling, he was worried about Arne, who was going through this humiliation.


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