Chapter 171 - Exposing The Truth

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Lucas smiled as he pulled his shirt up. “See, I told you it was just a minor wound. Actually, it only looked really severe just now. But that was just a visual illusion, just like how they manipulate camera angles to make stab wounds seem more severe than they really are in TV shows.”

Charlotte suddenly assented in a moment of realization and heaved a huge sigh of relief. “That’s great! You really scared us just now!”

After hearing Lucas’s explanation, Cheyenne felt that it made sense too. But on second thought, she felt that it didn’t seem right. Even if it was a visual illusion, he had indeed lost a staggering amount of blood, and it even stained a large area of his shirt, which shouldn’t happen in the case of a minor wound.

But she did just see that the wound was just like a small abrasion.

At the thought of this, Cheyenne became confused, as she felt that Lucas wasn’t telling the truth.

Soon, they arrived back home.

The large excavator and ten-odd people from the engineering company responsible for demolishing the house had already scampered away when Lucas knocked Bryce out and was subsequently brought to the hospital by the beautiful sisters.

Actually, when Lucas had kicked the tall and strong bodyguard a dozen meters away, those people secretly swallowed their saliva and began to think of chickening out. They wanted to flee long ago, fearing that Lucas would kick them hard and make them faint too.

If they had known that the house they came to demolish today was inhabited by a terrifying person like Lucas, they would never have taken on the job!

Bryce and the tall and burly bodyguard he hired were still unconscious and lying motionlessly on the ground far away from them, in the same position they had landed in before. No one dared to bother about them.


Karen had long fled, and she was nowhere in sight.

The old building in front of them had already been wrecked by the hydraulic hammer of the excavator, and one of the walls of the second floor had also been knocked down. Cracks also covered the ceiling and the ground around it. It was obviously too dangerous to be occupied anymore.

Lucas looked at the two people on the ground and then said to Cheyenne, “I’ll be making a trip to the Carters’ in a moment. You guys pack up a little, then go to work. Don’t stay in this house for the time being.”

Cheyenne knew that Lucas was going to take Bryce back to the Carters and confront them. After hesitating for a while, she nevertheless asked, “Lucas, can you… let the Carters off once more?”


Bryce had indeed gone overboard today, and everything the Carters had done previously had also broken Cheyenne’s heart completely. But if Lucas really settled scores with them, they would all be in trouble.

Deep down, Cheyenne still couldn’t bear for that to happen to them. After all, they were once her family members and relatives whom she truly wanted to get along with.

Before Lucas spoke, Charlotte protested in exasperation, “Cheyenne, things have already gotten to this point, yet you’re still thinking about pleading for them. You want Lucas to let them off again? Think carefully about what they’ve done today!”

Cheyenne said bitterly, “It’s not that I don’t know. But after all, they were once our family…”

“What family? You’re the only one who’s foolish enough to treat them as our family. Do they see us as family?!”

Charlotte was overwhelmed with fury, and her face flushed red as she continued to chide, “Today, they came to demolish our house without saying a word and almost crushed us to death. Bryce even almost stabbed Lucas to death. Yesterday, they also sent someone to abduct Amelia. If not for Lucas, we wouldn’t have made it back! You’re still considering them as family. How can there be such a despicable and horrible family who wants to harm their family all the time?”

Charlotte finally vented the anger toward the Carters that she had suppressed for a long time, not even realizing that she said something she shouldn’t have.

“What did you say? Amelia got abducted yesterday, and you guys almost didn’t make it back? What does that mean?” Indeed, Cheyenne immediately noticed that something was wrong after hearing what Charlotte said, and her expression turned sullen while she probed anxiously.

Only then did Charlotte realize that she had let her tongue slip and spilled the beans about what had happened to Amelia. She quickly covered her mouth and denied with a chagrined expression and shifty eyes, “Uh, it’s nothing much. I misspoke. Cheyenne, just pretend you didn’t hear it.”

But since Cheyenne had already heard it, how could she pretend that she hadn’t?

“Charlotte, tell me honestly. What exactly did you encounter yesterday? Yesterday… Lucas came home late with Amelia, and she mentioned an Aunt Grace. Does that have something to do with this? Hurry up and tell me!” Cheyenne insisted and grabbed Charlotte’s hands with a worried gaze.

Charlotte was full of frustration and regret that she had accidentally let it slip. Just as she was about to try and cover it up, Lucas sighed and said, “Forget it. Since you’ve already mentioned it, we can’t hide it from Cheyenne any longer. Charlotte, just tell your sister everything that happened yesterday.”

With Lucas’s permission, Charlotte nodded and recounted everything that had happened yesterday with righteous indignation. She told her everything, from when Lucas found out that someone had picked up Amelia from the kindergarten to when a stranger called her and threatened her with Amelia’s safety to force her to go to Logan Hale’s bar, where she ran into Scarlet Wright. She then found out that it was Scarlet who abducted Amelia, followed by the fact that they ganged up to make Charlotte strip before Lucas arrived in time to save her.

After hearing Charlotte’s frightening recount, Cheyenne was so astonished and furious that she felt an urge to kill someone!


In particular, when she heard that Charlotte was forced to undress, she was so enraged that she began shivering, feeling extremely guilty about the fact that she was totally clueless about the crisis that her sister and daughter had faced yesterday. She felt that she had been too negligent!

She took Charlotte into her arms while feeling she owed her too much even though she knew that nothing had happened to Charlotte afterward because Lucas had saved her in time.

“Where did you guys find Amelia in the end? She… she didn’t get frightened, did she?” Cheyenne asked through gritted teeth.

Charlotte didn’t know what happened later either, because at that time, she had already been escorted back home by Wade, and Lucas was the one who did everything to save Amelia afterward.

Lucas had given her a brief description of what happened later and explained that Grace Keller had been held in purgatory by Logan Hale in the secret villa he owned. He also said that Grace was nice and took care of Amelia, which was why Amelia didn’t get too frightened. Of course, he didn’t reveal what happened to Scarlet in the end.

Cheyenne only realized now that what Amelia had said yesterday about playing at Aunt Grace’s home and that Aunt Grace was very nice to her was what happened when she was abducted.

She lamented the fact that she had completely no idea what kind of danger her daughter had gone through yesterday nor the tremendous effort that Lucas had put in to save Charlotte and Amelia!

She had even misunderstood last night that Lucas was involved in an illicit relationship with another woman and got mad at him for a long time because of it. She totally regretted it!

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