Chapter 281 - Cuckold

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Facing these people who had injured his father-in-law, Lucas lifted his leg to kick them viciously without any emotion.

“Ah!” The bodyguard shrieked as his body suddenly flew backward and slammed hard against the wall behind him with a loud thud. He then fell to the ground and passed out without saying a single word.

The remaining three bodyguards widened their eyes, clearly shocked to see this.

The fact that Lucas could kick such a strong and burly man away and knock him unconscious was a remarkable feat that no ordinary people could do!

They finally understood now that the slim young man in front of them was actually a tough nut to crack.

They stopped being contemptuous and instead exchanged glances with each other before rushing at Lucas!

One of the bodyguards reached his arms out toward Lucas’s arm to clamp down on it. Another one focused on attacking Lucas’s lower body, half-crouching and trying to sweep Lucas to make him fall to the ground. And the last one wanted to go past Lucas to attack his vital points from behind.

These bodyguards usually trained hard and could coordinate very well with each other. Within a short period of time, they managed to execute three different moves in a bid to take down Lucas.

An ordinary person would definitely be flustered and end up being defeated when facing three professional bodyguards who had been through rigorous training and could coordinate very well with each other.

But Lucas was not an ordinary person. In his eyes, their coordination was just like child’s play. Besides, their strength and skills were so insignificant to him that they posed no threat at all.

Lucas stood still and watched them coldly. The moment these three bodyguards were about to surround him, he shifted his weight onto his left leg and threw a high kick into the air, sending all three of them flying away!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With three thuds, the massive impact of Lucas’s power kick instantly swept the three tall and strong bodyguards away, as though a fierce gust of wind swept away fallen leaves. Their bodies slammed against the wall behind them one after another!

The moment they collided with the wall, their heads tilted, and their eyes rolled into the backs of their heads, passing out immediately.

“This…” Zach and the redhead, who hurried upstairs after Lucas, stared at the four unconscious brawny bodyguards lying motionlessly on the ground. Their jaws dropped in shock, and their mouths were wide enough to fit an egg. They were utterly dumbfounded.

Within the brief ten seconds t they took to go upstairs, Lucas had already dealt with the four professional bodyguards. This wasn’t something that ordinary people could do.

Even though they were already somewhat mentally prepared for Lucas’s powerful and domineering strength, his actions were continually changing the definition of ‘formidable’ to them.

Zach gulped as he looked at Lucas with great respect and awe in his eyes.

Now, he finally genuinely understood why Joe looked at Lucas with such a reverent gaze when he had arranged for him to tag along with Lucas earlier.

Joe is such a good boss. He has given me a godsend opportunity!

Lucas didn’t have the time to bother about what Zach and the redhead were thinking. He looked at the corridor and saw that only the room facing south was locked.

Sharon Hart and Chris Douglas were most likely in that room.

Lucas walked over and kicked the heavy walnut door, causing it to fall off its hinges and crash onto the ground.

Bang! The door collapsed, and Lucas was greeted with the scene inside the room.

There was a man and a woman lying stark naked on the large bed in the center of the room, engaged in an unsightly position while staring at the door in utter astonishment.

Lucas sneered in derision.

This adulterous pair, who was quite an eyesore, were Chris and Sharon.

After a fleeting moment of silence, Sharon immediately let out an ear-piercing scream. “Ah! Who are you? Quickly get lost!”

Sharon shrieked and frantically pulled the sheet on the bed over her fair body and wrapped herself tightly in it.

Chris’s face turned gloomy, and he bellowed furiously at the strangers who suddenly appeared at the door, “Get lost!”

Anyone who was suddenly interrupted by someone kicking the door off its hinges while they were performing an intimate act with their partner would definitely be displeased.

However, Chris couldn’t recognize Lucas, who was standing at the door.

Even though he had met Lucas previously, he had brought his younger brother, Gordon Douglas, along to apologize to Lucas to put the blame of causing trouble to the family on Gordon.

He actually didn’t give a hoot about whether the crisis that struck the Douglases at that time was because of Lucas or not. He didn’t care if Lucas was a bigwig or not either.

At that time, Chris was bent on clinching the position of the head of the Douglas family from Hugo’s son, Gordon. So he had painstakingly planned and created a series of premeditated accidents that caused Brad Douglas to die in the hospital. Subsequently, Chris had even fatally struck Hugo with an ashtray and claimed that the latter died from an accident. Eventually, he took firm control of the entire Douglas family.

Now that he had become the helmsman of the Douglas family and held great power and authority, he lived a happy, carefree life. So he naturally forgot about Lucas, a trivial pawn that he had once ‘used’.

Staring at the chaotic scene and the clothes messily strewn on the floor, Lucas mocked, “The helmsman of the Douglas family really has such unique taste, eh? I wonder if James Wilson knows that you’ve cuckolded him.”

Lucas was not trying to be mean. In fact, regardless of what kind of woman Chris wanted to sleep with, it had nothing to do with him at all. But it turned out that Chris had slept with the wife of James Wilson, who belonged to a top family of Orange County too. This just made things even more interesting and intriguing.

It seemed that he no longer needed to take action himself because Chris and Sharon had already done themselves a disservice.

After hearing Lucas mention James Wilson, Chris narrowed his eyes and glared at Lucas with a threatening gaze.

His personal bodyguards were the only ones who were aware of his adulterous affair with Sharon, and yet a young brat who popped out of nowhere had walked in on them. If word about this got out, the consequences would definitely be terrible, especially if James caught wind of it.

No man would allow himself to be made a cuckold, especially a man like James, who was extremely powerful and was the most promising candidate for the next successor of the equally powerful Wilson family. Of course, the reason Chris decided to have an illicit affair with Sharon was precisely that he enjoyed the thrill of sleeping with someone else’s wife.

The Douglases were currently in talks with the Wilsons for a major project. If this matter was exposed, the cooperation would definitely fall through, and they might even turn against each other to become enemies.

So Chris would never allow anyone to tell the truth about this incident today!

With the sheet tightly wrapped around her, Sharon screamed, “Chris, you must kill this bastard! Or else, if our affair is exposed, James will definitely not spare us! Quick, get someone to kill him!”

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