Chapter 305 - Black Diamond Card

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When Elijah heard what Lucas said, his expression changed drastically because Lucas was obviously referring to him.

At first, he merely intended to let the matter blow out of proportion so that the person in charge of the Kingstons’ auction would intervene and kick Lucas out. In his opinion, this was the best way he could take revenge for his friend, Tristan.

But it never crossed his mind that if Lucas indeed turned out to be qualified to stay at the auction, all his previous words and actions would be deemed as slander, defamation, and deliberate provocation.

Elijah suddenly began to feel flustered.

Remaining expressionless, Russell nodded. “As long as you meet the qualifying criteria and produce valid proof, it naturally means that you are qualified to stand here. The person who slandered you will be blacklisted immediately for misconduct. He will also be kicked out at once and denied entry for all future auctions I’m in charge of!”

Elijah immediately looked extremely dismayed.

Russell publicly gave Lucas a promise to punish the defamer, should there be one, and the consequences of the punishment were heavy!

Although Russell said that the defamer would only be blacklisted from future auctions that he was in charge of, everyone knew that Russell was in charge of almost all of the somewhat significant large-scale auctions organized by the Kingstons. It would be tantamount to being banned from all of the auctions held by the Kingstons in the future.

At this point, Callum walked to Elijah, patted him on his shoulder, and said softly, “It’s okay. That punk is just pretending. When he fails to produce any proof of owning fifteen million dollars, he will be in deep trouble!”

Hearing this, Elijah finally felt a little relieved, and he glared at Lucas through gritted teeth.

After hearing Russell’s affirmative answer, Lucas took out a black card from his pocket with a faint smile on his face and nonchalantly tossed it onto the table at the side. “Go ahead and check it!”

Russell glanced at the black card, and his usually stern, emotionless, and robot-like expression suddenly changed drastically. He grabbed the black card eagerly and began scrutinizing every detail of the card.

The card was almost entirely black, without any card numbers or bank logos. It looked just like an ordinary magnetic card.

But at the top right corner of the card was a golden mark in the shape of an extremely complicated and beautiful diamond!

This was the very mark that made Russell so shocked that he almost lost his composure.

The others standing nearby were somewhat bewildered and confused by Russell’s behavior.

In their opinion, it was just an extremely ordinary card that a bank might not even issue. Does Russell Duncan have to get so worked up? they wondered.

When Bruce saw the black card, his pupils constricted, and he exclaimed in shock, “The Black Diamond Card!”

“Black Diamond Card?”

The guests present were all from the wealthiest families of various cities. When they heard this, they couldn’t help looking astonished in great disbelief.

The Black Diamond Card was a legendary card heard of by many but seen by few. There were even fewer who owned one.

Legend had it that individuals could not apply for the Black Diamond Card, which the International Financial Center issued, because it was specially catered for highly influential business tycoons and celebrities worldwide.

There was no credit limit on the Black Diamond Card, but cardholders could withdraw up to five billion dollars at any time from any bank in the world with it.

In addition, the cardholders would also enjoy countless enviable exclusive privileges and services, such as a massive amount of annual membership bonuses, invitations to some internationally renowned and highly exclusive events and various extremely private auctions and gatherings, and so on. The card would even allow the holders to deploy the local armed forces to a small extent.

The Black Diamond Card could be considered the holy grail of everyone’s dreams because it was the symbol of supreme status!

Black Diamond Cards were extremely rare, and there were currently less than 200 cardholders in the world. In the whole of the US, the people who owned a Black Diamond Card were few and far between, and there were definitely no more than ten people!

But Lucas managed to pull such a rare card from his pocket, which was precisely the reason for Russell’s astonishment.

As long as it was a genuine card, Lucas would definitely be able to produce a billion dollars, let alone fifteen million.

The question now was whether the Black Diamond Card was genuine or not.

After Elijah saw Lucas take out the seemingly low-key but actually out-of-reach Black Diamond Card, he was just as flabbergasted. But he instinctively thought that it wasn’t genuine at all!

“He must have fabricated that card! It must be a trick he specifically uses to deceive others!” Elijah yelled with great certainty while pointing at the card.

The other people around were also skeptical. Although they didn’t voice their doubts right there and then like Elijah did, they were truly in disbelief, mainly because mega-rich and powerful families like theirs weren’t even qualified to be issued a Black Diamond card. What right did Lucas, this young man they had never seen or heard of, have to own such a card?

Without further ado, Russell solemnly handed the Black Diamond Card to a staff member behind him and ordered in a deep voice, “Bring this card for inspection. Do not make any mistakes!”

“Yes!” After receiving the order, the staff member received the card with both hands and hurriedly left the auction hall under the escort of several bodyguards armed with guns.

During the short duration the staff had gone to check the card, almost everyone in the room had their eyes glued to Lucas.

There were all sorts of gazes being cast on Lucas, which would definitely make any other person feel uneasy and jittery by now. But Lucas remained composed in his seat and looked extremely relaxed, as if he wasn’t the center of attention but a totally uninvolved bystander.

Even Russell, who had met countless types of people, couldn’t help but secretly take a few more glances at Lucas and praise him in his head.

At the side, Lena was gazing at Lucas with joy and surprise in her eyes.

Of course, when Tristan saw this from a short distance away, he was so enraged that he gnashed his teeth and silently cursed them, calling them an adulterous pair.

Soon, the staff member who just left returned. Holding the Black Diamond Card with both hands, he quickly strode to Russell with a look of excitement and whispered eagerly, “It’s genuine!”

A trace of shock appeared on Russell’s face!

Soon, he picked up the Black Diamond Card very carefully with both hands, walked to Lucas, and said in an extremely respectful manner, “Mr. Gray, you are our most honored and prestigious guest. I would like to offer my strongest apologies to you with utmost sincerity for our disrespectful behavior toward you just now. I hope to seek your forgiveness!”

Then Russell bent forward to apologize to Lucas with a deep bow.

This scene caused a huge uproar because it meant that Lucas’s Black Diamond Card was genuine!

“No, this is impossible!” Elijah’s expression changed drastically as he looked at this scene in great disbelief. He suddenly blurted without hesitation, “He’s just a good-for-nothing live-in son-in-law who was the laughing stock of everyone in Orange County a few years ago. How can he own a Black Diamond Card?!

“Besides, even if this card is genuine, there’s no way it belongs to Lucas Gray! He might have stolen it from someone or picked it up somewhere!”

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