Chapter 346 - Alone Time

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Cheyenne recalled carefully and realized that ever since she met Lucas, the two of them really hadn’t spent much time alone together, let alone go out for shopping and vacations like other married couples and lovers would.

When they had just gotten married, they didn’t have any feelings for each other, so they almost never spoke to each other.


Since Lucas had returned, many various incidents had occurred, and now that both of them were quite busy with work, they rarely got to spend time together. Even after work or during the weekends, they would usually be with Amelia at home. So after thinking about it, she realized that they really hadn’t spent much time alone together.

The thought of it made Cheyenne feel a little keen on the idea.

Charlotte naturally sensed it too, so she pushed Cheyenne toward Lucas smilingly. “Okay, it’s quite lively around here. You guys enjoy yourselves tonight. Leave Amelia to me!”

Charlotte stuck her tongue out cheekily and took Amelia to the movie theater nearby. “Let’s go watch Mulan, Amelia!”

Amelia skipped along merrily and turned around to look at Lucas and Cheyenne. “Huh? Isn’t Daddy and Mommy coming with us?”

“Your Daddy and Mommy have some things to do, so we’ll meet up with them after we watch the movie.”

“Okay! Bye-bye, Daddy and Mommy. We’ll look for you guys later!” Amelia even turned around to wave at Lucas and Cheyenne.

Soon, only Lucas and Cheyenne were left.

Cheyenne was still feeling a little shy because she still wasn’t used to spending time alone with Lucas yet. Cheyenne, the otherwise resolute and decisive general manager of the Brilliance Corporation, looked just like an ordinary girl in love.

Lucas’s heart melted, and he walked forward to take her hand naturally. “Let’s go. Let’s take a stroll around the streets here.”

Cheyenne lowered her head and nodded gently, but she didn’t pull her hand out of Lucas’.

Hand in hand, they both felt an unfamiliar but sweet, warm, and fuzzy feeling.

It was only about eight o’clock in the evening, which was when nightlife began. The streets were crowded with people coming and going, but Lucas and Cheyenne were particularly attractive, so they stood out from the crowd. Lucas was tall and handsome, while Cheyenne was petite and beautiful. They were turning heads along the way, and many people were staring at them enviously.

When they passed by an Ermenegildo Zegna men’s clothing store, an extremely refined and sleek dark gray trench coat behind the glass window caught Cheyenne’s eye.

She turned her head to look at the clothes that Lucas was wearing. Even though Lucas had an enormous amount of wealth and several large corporations under his name, he had never dressed lavishly and instead kept to low-profile outfits consisting mostly of clothes from cheap and ordinary brands.

Cheyenne suddenly thought of the fact that Lucas had contributed greatly to their family and often spent a lot of money on clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for her and Amelia.

But when she thought about it carefully, she realized that she had never bought anything for Lucas.

The thought made Cheyenne feel a strong urge to buy the trench coat for Lucas.

Lucas had good proportions and stature, with a height of about 1.86 meters. He was in no way inferior to professional models, so Cheyenne felt that Lucas would definitely look stunning in the trench coat!

“Lucas, let’s go inside and take a look!” Cheyenne pulled Lucas toward the Ermenegildo Zegna store.

The two of them were walking toward the display window when they suddenly heard someone talking about them with a tone of surprise. “Hey, isn’t that Cheyenne Carter, the most beautiful girl of Orange County back in the day?”

The two stopped and looked around in search of the source of the voice. They saw a young woman dressed in luxurious designer clothing and holding a Givenchy lambskin clutch, standing about a few meters away from them. She seemed to be about 26 or 27 years old and had auburn, wavy locks, as well as a face full of exquisite makeup.

The man beside her was in his thirties and had slick, neatly combed hair. He was clad in a casual Armani suit with a Patek Philippe watch on his wrist, seeming wealthy.

The woman who just spoke was holding onto his wrist meekly, and she even deliberately stretched out her hand to show off the huge diamond ring on her finger.

From the looks of it, she should be an old acquaintance of Cheyenne.

But when Cheyenne saw her, there was no change in her emotion. On the contrary, she was a little cold and aloof as she merely answered indifferently, “Oh, it’s you, Rachelle George. It’s been a long time.”

She didn’t want to have anything to do with Rachelle at all, but since she ran into her here, it was inevitable that she had to greet her.

The moment the man beside Rachelle saw Cheyenne, his eyes gleamed with amazement.

After all, Cheyenne was just too gorgeous. Although Rachelle was pretty too, she paled greatly in comparison to Cheyenne, who made her seem tacky and unbearable to sight.

Staring at Cheyenne’s small, delicate, and pretty face that hadn’t changed at all from years ago, Rachelle couldn’t help being a little envious.

“Cheyenne Carter, you used to be the school belle back in the day, and you went on to become hailed as the most beautiful girl in Orange County. You enjoyed so much glory! But I heard that you ended up marrying a lowly chauffeur, right? Is it because of the scandal that spread like wildfire throughout the county back then? From the way I see it, there was actually no need for you to marry him. In this day and age, it’s not necessary to marry a man just because you slept with him!

“I heard that that man comes from a poor family and has nothing to his name. What were you after when you married him? Ah, it’s such a pity that you lost contact with the rest of our classmates a long time ago. I couldn’t find you no matter how hard I tried! Quick, tell me. How are you and your husband now? Have you gotten a divorce yet?”

Rachelle sounded like she was feeling unjust for Cheyenne, but she was actually rubbing salt into Cheyenne’s wounds and trying to mock her. She even deliberately increased the volume of her voice when she said the words ‘scandal’ and ‘slept with him’.

Her voice was rather loud to begin with, and it immediately drew the attention of the many people around them, who cast gazes of curiosity, malice, and disdain at Cheyenne.

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