Chapter 14

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Chen Feng was slightly startled.

He had vaguely heard of it before.

Some generals had special abilities that could improve the combat power of their troops through training and other means.

He did not expect the goddess Artemis to be this type of general.

This was a pleasant surprise for Chen Feng.

Before he built the new troop wonder, the upper limit of the number of troops under him was actually limited.

Once the 100 elf archers were fully summoned, the combat power brought by the troop type could no longer be improved.

At that time, he would have to find a way to build new wonders in order to summon more troops.

But now, the goddess Artemis could actually improve the combat power of troops… That would be great.

“Then, do you have any conditions?”

Chen Feng immediately decided to train.

To be able to raise the combat strength of the basic troops would be a huge help to the entire territory.

He definitely wouldn’t refuse.

“I don’t need much.”

A faint smile appeared on the beautiful face of the Goddess Artemis.

“We just need to double the food supply every day so that the soldiers have sufficient physical strength.”

“Then I can guarantee that I will only need a few days to increase their combat strength by 20%!”

“After more training, it’s not impossible for your combat power to double.”

Chen Feng’s hand that was caressing his chin stopped as he was stunned.

“Double the food consumption?”

“Just this?”

The soldiers and generals had to consume food every day.

The generals consumed one portion of food a day, while every ten soldiers consumed one portion a day.

In other words, the 20 elf archers would consume two portions of food a day.

This number might not seem like a lot, but there were still some overlords’ territories that only produced one or two portions of food a day.

If they raised so many soldiers like him, they wouldn’t have enough to eat!

The two portions of food here were enough to take their lives!

When the number of elf archers increased, it would increase to seven, eight, or even ten portions.

By then, if the additional food consumption reached 10 portions a day, it would not be a small number.

If it was any other Lord, they would have to consider the pros and cons.

However, Chen Feng didn’t have to.

He had a lot of the three basic resources!

There was a lot of food in the warehouse now, and there would only be more in the future.

10,000 portions of food a day was not something that could be consumed so easily.

A mere ten portions.

What the hell!

“No problem!”

Chen Feng immediately guaranteed.

“You just let the soldiers eat as much as they want!”

“Not to mention double the food consumption, even if it’s ten times, I can still afford it!”

What a joke! It could increase the combat power of the elf archers by 20% in a short time.

It could even double in the long run.

And the cost was just a little food.

This was a free deal to him, why wouldn’t he do it?


The goddess Artemis was touched by Chen Feng’s generosity.

“You’re truly a generous Lord!” She praised from the bottom of her heart.

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Feng received a notification.

[ Goddess Artemis has been won over by your generosity. Loyalty +5! ]

After adding 5 points, the goddess Artemis’ loyalty had reached 85 points.

“Loyalty can be obtained this way?”

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

Today’s unexpected gains were really many.

The combat power of the troops could be improved, and the loyalty of the goddess Artemis could be increased.

He would build the [ Terracotta soldiers ]later.

Today would be a fulfilling day!


The terracotta soldiers did not disappoint Chen Feng.

As the 24-hour time limit was up …

Half of the territory started to shake.

The shaking lasted for a few minutes. The original construction site disappeared, revealing the [ Terracotta soldiers ] built below.

It turned out to be just a bare piece of yellow land.

Chen Feng was teleported to the periphery of the territory.

Just by looking at the appearance, it was almost impossible to tell the difference between this place and the borders of other territories.

However, with a single thought, the yellow soil instantly disappeared, revealing the countless terracotta soldiers beneath.

10,000 great Qin terracotta soldiers had finally appeared in Chen Feng’s territory after crossing the river of history!

Dust flew everywhere as the terracotta soldiers crawled out from the ground one by one.

Their faces were dull, their movements stiff, and they seemed to have many problems.

However, after Chen Feng checked their interface, he ignored this problem.

A total of 40 points of combat power!

Why would he need a bicycle?

Although it was not as good as the elf archers’ current combat power of 50 points, it was just a little worse.

The combat power of 40 points had already exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations.

One terracotta soldier was worth 40 points, so 10000 of them would be a total of 400000!

However, these were the defensive units that came with the defensive wonder.

It would not be counted into the combat power list.

Otherwise, Chen Feng’s number one would probably slaughter the rankings with an exaggerated number.

At least, he would scare the other Lords to death.

400,000 combat power. He wondered if some high-level Lords could have such an exaggerated combat power…

However, nothing in the world is perfect.

Although their combat strength was not bad, and their numbers were huge, the terracotta soldiers had their own limitations.

First of all, they were troops that came with the defensive wonder and could not leave their respective defensive range.

They couldn’t leave Chen Feng’s territory.

Otherwise, they would turn into yellow sand and disappear.

Besides, other than passively defending, they had a very small range of command.

At most, Chen Feng could make them line up and attack, but he couldn’t do much more.

These guys had very low intelligence, far worse than the elf archers.

But the good thing was that they didn’t need to consume food.

After all, strictly speaking, they weren’t considered Chen Feng’s combat power, and they weren’t even living creatures.

Furthermore, even if there were losses, he could replenish them by consuming stone resources, which was very convenient.

Overall, Chen Feng was still very satisfied.

The abilities of these terracotta soldiers had already exceeded his expectations.

As the first line of defense for his territory in the future, these terracotta soldiers that were hidden under the yellow sand would emerge from the sand to meet the enemy.

It would probably give many enemies a surprise!


That night.

Not far from Chen Feng’s territory, under the barrier, a sneaky figure was controlling a device.

A few assassins in black followed behind him, keeping watch.

“My Lord!”

An assassin leader walked over.

“It’s getting late. My Lord, your…”

“We’ll be there soon!”

Sun Siyang interrupted the assassin leader impatiently.

“I asked you to help me. What right do you have to question me?”

“My… My mistake!”

The leader of the assassins knelt on one knee in fear and trepidation.

Sun Siyang ignored him.

After another half a day, he finally completed the installation.

Placing it near the barrier, Sun Siyang was then carried by his men and led back quickly, his eyes full of madness.

“You’re being arrogant, aren’t you?”

“Today, I’ll let you have a taste of what an early alien beast tide feels like!”

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