Chapter 426 - END

Chapter 426: The End (Part Three)

“Zhao Zhan?”

His vision suddenly turned dark.

Yue Jiaojiao’s voice was soft, and when she called out to him, there was a hint of coquettishness that she was not aware of. “What kind of surprise did you prepare?”

Zhao Zhan concentrated on tying the soft silk ribbon behind Yue Jiaojiao’s head. He then carefully tried to ensure that it would not strangle her and would not be loose. Only then did he heave a long sigh of relief and gently said, “You’ve been accompanying Zhao Nian in the manor these past few days. There are many places that you haven’t seen yet.”


Zhao Nian, who was playing attentively at the side, turned her head and saw that his mother’s face was covered with a veil. He immediately crawled over on all fours and wanted to pull it off, but Zhao Zhan grabbed his hand and gave him a warning look. “Don’t mess around.”

“Papa, bad!”

Yue Jiaojiao couldn’t help but laugh and didn’t have any intention of helping.

The little fellow’s strength was getting better and he struggled with both his hands and feet. Zhao Zhan was worried about Yue Jiaojiao in his arms and was afraid that he would hurt her by kicking and swinging around. He quickly took a ribbon and covered Zhao Nian’s eyes. “Okay, okay, okay. I’ll bring you to play with me.”

“Yay! Play!”

“Be good and don’t move. We’re going to get off the carriage now. In a while, papa will untie the ribbon on your face.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the carriage stopped.

Zhao Zhan placed Zhao Nian, who had just been pacified, aside. He then carried Yue Jiaojiao down and placed her hands on his belt. “Hold on to my belt and stand steadily. Be careful not to hurt yourself.”

Yue Jiaojiao nodded obediently, her delicate fingers tightly gripping his belt.

Only then did Zhao Zhan carry Zhao Nian out. Then, he led the two of them forward for about 20 steps. “We’re here.”

Yue Jiaojiao stopped moving.

Zhao Zhan first removed the ribbon from Zhao Nian’s face and placed him on the ground. Then, he lifted his hand to remove the ribbon from Yue Jiaojiao’s face. There was a hint of nervousness in his voice. “Jiaojiao…”

It was clearly a bleak season with withered leaves. However, Yue Jiaojiao’s current location in this forest was filled with colorful flowers.

The cool breeze caressed her face, bringing with it not a biting cold, but a refreshing fragrance of flowers.

Lanterns were hung on the trees, some were tall and some were short. The one closest to Yue Jiaojiao had Zhao Zhan’s neat and clumsy handwriting on it after a long period of hard work.

“Zhao Zhan…”

Yue Jiaojiao felt as if she was in the midst of spring. Time was chaotic, and she seemed to have returned to the old scene of her snuggling up to Zhao Zhan on the mountain. “Zhao Zhan, I like it very much.”

No matter how pleasant her words were, they couldn’t be compared to what Zhao Zhan had prepared for her.

The nervousness on Zhao Zhan’s face disappeared, and the smile on his face was as sincere as when they first met. “Jiaojiao, I don’t know how to write poems, but this line was made from my heart. I only hope that you will be my only memory for the rest of my life, and I only hope that you will always have a smile on your face.”

The wind blew, and the flowers on the trees spun and fell.

Zhao Zhan raised his hand and caught a pink flower that gradually opened up. Then, he inserted it into Yue Jiaojiao’s hair.

He had never been a person who was skilled in sweet-talking, but at this moment, he could express from his head and every word he said was moving. “Jiaojiao, I want to travel the four seasons with you, see thousands of scenes with you, and put flowers on your head to keep you warm. I will give up this body for you without any complaints.”

Every time Yue Jiaojiao thought that the other party had loved her enough, he would always be able to wrap her up firmly with more love.

“Zhao Zhan, forever and now. I will always be by your side.”

They stepped on the winter snow, looked up at the spring flowers, and the lanterns around them sketched in their hearts. The people who were making snowmen and playing in the snow beside them were the witnesses of their love.

Zhao Zhan lowered his eyes and blinked. He firmly bound Yue Jiaojiao’s waist and kissed her passionately.

Zhao Nian, who was beside them, was focused on rolling the snowball in an attempt to make a tall and big snowman. He did not notice the movement behind her.

The petals rustled and fell, and Zhao Zhan’sadam’s apple bobbed. He could not tell if it was the fragrance of the flowers or the delicate person in his arms.

This spring scene was planned in advance by Zhao Zhan when he first arrived in the capital. He planted these flower trees in the greenhouse. After planting them, he got people to light braziers under the trees day and night to warm this place up. Finally, this small area of flower trees was warmed up.

He hoped that the lover he wanted to protect would be warm for the rest of her life..

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