Chapter 91

Chapter 91

‘I have to find Leonhard somehow.’

Celine bit her lip.

The quest she had to prepare for was not over, so there was a high possibility that the remaining stages were also stages that appeared only after time passed, like the swamp or smoke.

‘Then, Leonhard…’

She closed her eyes tightly.

It was because she didn’t even consider the possibility that he had gone to another place she didn’t know of. Until her curse was lifted, Leonhard had promised to protect her with all his might.

‘Leonhard is not a person who breaks promises.’

There was only one reason he would not seek her.

…Because it was impossible for him to find her.

Right now, Leonhard might be enduring a stage’s attack, waiting for her to come. So, once she decided to find him, the next thing was easy.

‘For now… I’ll have to look at this castle first.’

Celine didn’t think it was a coincidence that Livron Castle had turned into the poison stage. In addition to that, the actual location of the swamp stage did not occur in the hideout of the wizards in Livron Castle.

Both the swamp and poison areas existed within the castle.

Then, the maze, which was the next stage and the final stage of the true ending…

‘…There’s a good chance it’s somewhere in the castle.’

Even if Leonhard was elsewhere, all she could do now was search the castle.

Celine opened her eyes.

In the meanwhile, the wizard’s murmur died down. Looking around, they all seem to be examining the structure of the cogs. Currently, the only wizard left around her was Rose.

Rose gave her a warm smile.

“I feel a little better now. I was worried that I might faint.”

Celine stared at her.

She herself did not know much about Livron Castle since she always had Leonhard and Danny by her side.

Livron Castle was not a tourist attraction, so there was no way that maps or information boards were well stocked. All she needed was a guide, and the right person for her was right in front of her eyes, and Celine wasn’t the type to miss her chance.

“Rose, do you know the imperial palace well?”

“Well… despite looking like this, since I am a wizard belonging to the Imperial Family, I should know it well, right?”

As Rose answered shyly, Celine met her eyes.

A very brief silence passed.

She had no idea what Rose thought of her. She might consider her a trickster or a madman, like Leonhard used to be. But now, the only way to get Rose’s help was to tell her half-truth.

“I think I know where Leonhard is. I saw him in a dream.”

“Wait, Celine, that means…”


Celine nodded her head.

“I think I have a… vision. It’s a weak one, though.”

Rose caught her breath. It was generally known that foresight and magical power could not coexist. Rather than because there was no clear reason, it was closer to the fact that such cases had never been reported.

“Celine, do you know what that means?”

Her answer was quite different from what Rose had expected.

“Yes. If I don’t find him quickly, Leonhard could die, as I saw in the dream.”


At those words, Rose stared at her, momentarily lost for words. Celine’s eyes were the same as those of the prophets she had always seen.

The frightening conviction that their foreknowledge was correct.

“Did you talk to Lord Leonhard?”


Celine frowned.

“Leonhard is not one to believe that. And, my vision is… you don’t know exactly until the choice comes.”

On the contrary, Rose was immediately able to understand her puzzling words. It was because it was a habit of the prophets to say that the future resembles a tangled web rather than a straight road.

“Usually, all visions are like that. So, what did you see in your vision?”

“Leonhardt is in the maze. I don’t know where the maze is… there is no proper light.”

“Then, it’ll be underground.”

Celine nodded her head. If the structure on the ground had turned into a labyrinth, the light would have come in from anywhere.

Rose frowned.

“So, is that labyrinth in Livron Castle?”

“I don’t know.”

Celine answered honestly.

“Still, there is a good chance it will be in this castle.”

“So, you’re trying to find it from here…”

Rose kept her mouth shut for a moment, lost in thoughts.

“Anyway, it must be hard for that maze to be on the ground. It will stand out. Were there traces of people?”

“Maybe not.”

Celine recalled that the poison stage had a completely different background from the game.

“It’s just that it wasn’t originally a maze, but it could suddenly turn into a maze…”

“The smoke, did you know?”

Suddenly, Rose’s attitude, which had been calmly organizing information until now, suddenly changed. Celine felt the coolness and excitement at the same time in her question.

It was only then that Celine realized what she would mean to Rose and to the people here… for her to have the power of vision.

“…The smoke—”

“That’s okay.”

Rose let out a sigh.

“I don’t mean to reprimand you… As a result, no one died. Celine, as you say, we won’t be able to talk carelessly until something happens.”


“However, don’t go around telling people you have a vision because there will be people who will resent you.”

Celine only nodded her head instead of answering. Rose was the first person she talked to since Leonhard about the vision. Nonetheless, she had no intention of embarrassing Rose, who was worried about her, by speaking about it.

“So, now we just have to find the maze where Lord Leonhardt is trapped? Perhaps an underground labyrinth.”


Celine gulped.

“Though as you said before, it may not have been a labyrinth in the first place. I think it’s the underground.”


Rose frowned.

“The reason must be that Lord Leonhardt could die if we find him too late.”


Rose’s face hardened.

“That Lord Leonhard…”

“Dead. In my vision…”

Celine felt a slight guilt every time she said something closer to a lie than the truth. However, the stage’s sudden change put her into extreme anxiety, and she would do anything to find Leonhard as soon as possible.


Rose sighed again.

“I’m sorry, but the scope is really wide… If we looked at all possible places for underground labyrinths, a month would not be enough.”

Her frustration rose to her lungs.

Although she knew that Rose had done nothing wrong, Celine couldn’t contain her disappointment that bordered on anger. Far from being helpful right now, Rose was just saying that looking for Leonhardt was impossible.

“…Rose, if you can’t help, say so. I will look for it even if I am alone.”

“It’s not like that.”

Rose hurriedly shook her head in denial.

“Celine, think differently. Lord Leonhardt grew up in this castle. Of course, there are underground spaces that are easily accessible even now. Whether it’s confidential or not.”


“What we need to find is… even if we know its existence and want to approach it, it is an underground space that we cannot easily enter.”

A strange heat burned in Rose’s eyes.

“As far as I know, there is only one. Coincidentally, that place is also a maze. An underground labyrinth with all entrances blocked… Now, the knight’s quarters should have been built above. How about it? Should we go?”

It was needless to say.

When the mysterious green smoke cleared, the Paradiso Knights were half-rolling on the ground, exhausted. Some people would probably frown at the fact that members of the Carpathia group were showing such rude behaviour, but they didn’t care.

They saved most of the people living in Libron Castle. Of course, they had to exclude the royal family and nobles who were able to escape with their exclusive wizards.

The only person sitting upright was the knight commander, Bart.

“Are, are you Commander Bart?”

Bart raised an eyebrow.

The person who exhaled heavily and asked him was obviously wearing the outfit of an imperial messenger though Bart had never seen this face before.

“Yes. What happened?”

“At, at the dorm…”


His body stiffened at the word.

The lodging they were now staying in was the villa of the Grand Duchy, given to them as a favor by Leonhardt. However, why did the imperial messenger deliver the problems that occurred in the Grand Duchy’s villa?

Bart quickly realized the answer.

‘…The original dorm.’

Although Leonhard himself received permission from the Imperial Family, the official residence of the Paradiso Knights was in Livron Castle.

He sighed.

Didn’t Leonhard Bernoulli himself declares that the lodging could not hardly be used?

“Lord Leonhardt said that the dorm was uninhabitable, so we moved out. His Majesty knows it.”

“Yes, yes. I know that. However…”

The messenger was sweating profusely.

“Now, that place is exceptionally strange.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Should I say it feels haunted…”

Bart frowned.

According to Leonhardt, whom he believed fervently, the place was teeming with ghosts. He wouldn’t be surprised if there were a new person who stepped in unknowingly and ran away.

“It is a fact that we already know.”

“Is… is it so.”

Finally, the messenger took out his handkerchief and wiped his sweat.

“If you don’t go now… I think you will only see it after it collapses.”


Bart’s face contorted for an instant.

“What do you mean?”

“Only that place is shaking as if there was an earthquake.”

“You should have said that earlier—!”

Bart screamed in amazement and jumped up.

“What? From the beginning, I…”

“You just said it looks like it’s haunted? It was originally a haunted building!”

Saying so, Bart quickly scanned through the members. All of them were slumped on the floor, blinking in bewilderment as if they hadn’t even heard his voice.

‘…I don’t have anyone to take.’

Still, he didn’t even feel like blaming the members. They used up all the power they had to save the people in the castle.

He looked down at the lying members and opened his mouth.

“Listen carefully. They said that something strange had happened to our original quarters. I’ll be back for a while to check. Everyone, go back to the mansion and get some rest.”

“Are you going alone?”

“Yes. I’ll look around for a while and come back so you guys don’t have to follow me.”

If any of the members had even a little bit of strength left, he would have followed him right away. Nonetheless, they all only nodded their heads helplessly because they were at a loss from returning to the Grand Duchy’s villa.

Bart quickly followed the messenger.


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