Chapter 3

Sending the head of the third prince Guillaume to the emperor.

That was the objective and the ending of this event.

Of course everyone knew this, but now that it was a death sentence for me, I had no choice but to feel shocked.

My legs still refused to move.

…It was as if my body was in horror and not me.


In the end, I was put back into the wooden chest that I was trapped in all along.

Now that I see, it was a coffin for a dead person.

A coffin for both me and my body when I am killed.

The old man in charge of Guillaume’s execution was staring at me with cold eyes.

“Even though you are just a wastrel, you still have that royal blood flowing within you. If the emperor sees your head, I’m sure he can’t just laugh it off.”


This wasn’t something like a hidden camera or a play.

The old man’s cold eyes contained a killing intent that was so obvious you could hold it in your hand.

I finally realized who I was.

I also realized the state I was in.


And a caught prey at that.

I was an animal that was about to get its head cut and stuffed for display.

That was the end of this NPC I knew.

<Guillaume Ello de Balt>

[Character] named the ‘Pig Prince’. The third prince of the Balt Magic Empire. Due to his lazy and strange behaviors, he was very behind in the fight to become the heir to succeed the next throne.

While the main scenario ‘The Fall of the Empire’ is progressing, he gets caught by the revolutionaries of the republic and is executed.

*During this time, the player can receive a new quest and exp from either the empire or the revolutionary camp depending on the player’s choice.

If there existed an NPC, there also had to be a player.

I blankly turned my head and looked at the place where ‘he’ would be.

There was a man wearing a hood in that spot.

‘Player character’

The main character of <A World Abandoned by God>.

My role until yesterday night.


He stayed silent.

His expressions couldn’t even be seen underneath his hood.

“Now, third prince. Any last words?”

At the same time, an eerily shining cold steel blade touched my neck and caused the blood to drip slightly.

Three people were pointing their swords at me, not just one.

“N, No.”

I was stunned speechless.

What kind of bullshit is this?

Until yesterday I was just a common 30 years old jobless Kim Kyung Sam in South Korea.

But now I was in a game with the face of the Pig Prince and was about to get executed.

Does this even make any sense?

Shouldn’t I possess the main character in this kind of scenario?

All the people that are in this situation get that?

Aren’t I in a very different situation from the people who get hit by the truck?

I reflexively opened my mouth.

“……What is this bitchy situation?”

Then the old man laughed.

“Haha, bitchy? Those definitely sound like the words of a wastrel.”

“W, wait!”

“I don’t have any personal feelings towards you. Goodbye. Third prince.”

But I do!

I have personal feelings in this situation.


I closed my eyes shut.

The falling blade looked bitterly shining.

Whether I was Guillaume or Kim Kyung Sam, or anything else.

Getting executed was really scary.

Will it hurt?

‘Maybe my head will be gone before I have a chance to feel pain.’

But I still didn’t want to die like this.

There was something that I haven’t achieved yet.

I still had things I needed to do.

…but what was that?

The moment I raised my head in a strange feeling.

[Gameplay has started.]


I opened my mouth widely.

Something strange was going on in front of my eyes.

The night breeze held its breath.

The moonlight froze as well.

With all the phenomena stopped, shining letters started floating up in the air.

[Player ‘Kim Kyung Sam’ will play as ‘Guillaume Ello de Balt’.]

Right! This is it!

Even though I had no idea what was going on, this felt more right.

I felt relieved.

This was a game called <A World Abandoned by God>, and I was in the world inside of this game.

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