Chapter 5

Chapter 5

At the first meeting, he tried to explain the whole situation to Hana, who knew nothing.

He felt responsible for the person who had come to a strange place and said he would send her back. Even if a special law was applied to a stranger who had shifted dimensions, this kind of kindness was not something easy to see.

After a little conversation, her startled heart finally began to calm down. Hana completely removed the cloth from her hand and wiped the blood stains off her arm. It was not that she had never had a blood donation experience.

Looking at the needle and forearm alternately, she made a slightly tired expression and then asked Weed.

“Why do you want to draw blood?”

“…It’s a long story to explain.”

“Was it very urgent?”

“That is…”

“Do you have to?”

Weed kept his mouth shut for a moment and then spoke in a pleading.

“I will tell you more about it later. It’s necessary. Please trust me, I will not try to deceive you with lies.”

Hana was a little unappreciative but nodded.

It seemed like she knew why. He said he would definitely return her no matter what, so it made sense if he thought it was necessary because of the preparation. Even if it wasn’t, it didn’t seem like it was a big secret.

“I thought you would not like it. It’s not something that happens often… though it was polite to ask your intention first.”

‘That’s true, but isn’t this person bending down too much?’

To be honest, she wondered if it was necessary to act this far.

Even from the outside, this room was used by a man, Weed, and because Hana was in trouble, the owner, Weed, had to go out. Even so, Weed gave up his spot as if it was obvious, without a single complaint.

Rather, it seemed that he was looking at Hana to see if there was anything uncomfortable.

He seemed like a nice person with a gentle impression. Even though he also seemed to have a lot of money and a high status, she had also seen him act as if he was using servants.

It was no big deal to draw some blood while coaxing her this much. Nonetheless, she felt something a little uneasy. Still, Weed didn’t seem to be lying, he seemed to be hiding something.

‘Well, it won’t be a big deal. It’s just drawing blood.’

“I’m okay. I have experience with having my blood drawn before.”

The words made Weed’s face turn slightly red.

“…Is that so?”

“However, not with a needle that big. Weed, I sincerely appreciate your consideration. If I get stabbed there, don’t you think I’ll wake up because it hurts?”

The largest needle Hana had ever encountered was a toothpick. The one he was holding was really terrifyingly thick, and it was understandable why he was honestly trying to commit it secretly.

“As expected… you can’t?”

“It not impossible, but…”


Did he think she would refuse because she was a little hesitant at the sight of the needle? Weed was suddenly silent.

The nervous atmosphere from earlier had dissipated, and he had become quite serious. Even though he didn’t seem like a talkative person at first, he felt as if he had just been talking to someone else.

As soon as Hana was about to say if it was necessary, he opened his mouth first.

“Would you mind if there was a way not to get hurt?”

“Ah, that would be nice.”

She was glad to hear what he was thinking. The moment she immediately stretched out one arm, Weed carefully grabbed it. Then, he stroked one of her tender forearms as if trying to find a place to poke the needle.

Hana swallowed a moan inside.

‘Ah, it tickles…’

It was as if he was trying to touch the hair on her skin, not her flesh. It was almost itchy at how lightly he touched her.

While trying to reflexively withdraw her arm, Hana made eye contact with Weed.

At that moment, she thought it was as if she had seen the golden eyes of a wild beast that had just glowed in the darkness when she had just woken up. She suddenly felt an eerie feeling in her arms, held by him. If he was really a beast, it looked like he would eat her.

Meanwhile, Weed lowered his head just when she wanted to think about anything else with the person in front of her.


Hana was taken aback by the unexpected action as his lips touched the tender skin at the fold on the inside of her arm.

It was so sudden, and because he acted so naturally, she couldn’t even react. Even though she was surprised, she was still stiff and couldn’t get her arm out. Hana wanted to feel the hot breath from his lips, but then she felt something soft.

Goosebumps ran up her spine.

“He, he licked it?’

Weed slowly started licking her flesh. The wrists and forearms lightly gripped by his hands seemed to heat up. Hana missed the right opportunity to say something as he licked his tongue naturally with his eyes closed.

“Ex, excuse me…”


Acting calmly, he raised his voice.

The low voice seemed to tickle her ears close by. His groan with his eyes closed felt somehow strange, so she opened her mouth as her ears dyed red.

“Weed? What, what are you doing?”

Weed raised his head. Then, frowning his pale green eyebrows, he frowned slightly and tilted his head.

“…Doesn’t it work?”

Weed pressed the part he was licking with his hand.


Where he pressed, the feeling was gone. This time she was dumbfounded and had no choice but to ask.


“Yes. You will be numb for a while. I got your permission, but if you’re offended…”

“Uh, no. No! It-it doesn’t matter.”

For her, it was more surprising that her arm was paralyzed than the momentary embarrassment. As Weed backed away a bit, Hana tried pressing her fingers on her paralyzed arm. She really felt nothing. If this was the case, he could certainly have done it secretly.

Although she thought that Weed had come in without much preparation, it would be different if it was like this.

The more she touched it, the more strange it was.

“Huh… it’s really amazing.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever used something like this.”

“Is that so? That’s great, Weed! It’s amazing, there is no anesthetic. Can everyone here do this?”

At those words, Weed shook his head. His golden eyes curved like crescent moons as if he was happy to receive her compliment. His handsome face and expression made her feel better, and she laughed.

“No. Even here, it’s impossible for humans to do it.”

“Then, you are not a human? Wizard?”

“It’s not even magic. Rather… It’s more like poison.”

“Ah, poison… I see! They say there is not much difference between medicine and poison.”

Weed cleverly did not answer the question of whether he was human. He pulled Hana’s arm in and inserted the needle, placing one hand around her tiny shoulder to secure it.

“It is better not to see. Close your eyes and lean on me if you feel dizzy.”

“Ah, yes.”

Anyhow, she was a little scared. Hana tried to hide her fright by speaking, but then she leaned on him as Weed led her, and she was a little surprised.

‘Wow, what scent is this?’

She put her forehead on Weed’s shoulder and closed her eyes, and it smelled like something that shouldn’t come from a strong man. He seemed to smell like grass, flowers, and sweet honey that resembled his eyes.

The scent was inconsistent, like a mix of things, and she felt intoxicated by the constant smell. She tried to see how the blood was drawn by squinting, but her eyes kept closing.

His drooping hair tickled her forehead.

Tickle, tickle.

One unknowingly followed the scent and dug into Weed’s neck. She seemed to be dizzy as he drained quite a bit of blood. At the same time, his hand gripping her shoulder tightened. Perhaps he was nervous while drawing blood, she could feel his neck twitching and moving.

“It’s, it’s done.”

Hearing his voice, she barely opened her eyes. It was only for a moment, but her eyes were spinning.

“Hana, are you okay?”

“Uh… I am dizzy.”

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