Chapter 6

Chapter 6

As soon as she took off her forehead that was leaning on Weed and tried to sit down, her head slipped again. She thought she would be fine, but she wasn’t. Seeing that the sound of water swaying in Weed’s hand was quite loud, he must have drawn a lot of blood.

Even though she didn’t usually donate blood, it was obvious that it was too much.

“Hana? Are you tired?”

Weed asked anxiously because she was still losing her mind.

‘Of course.’

It was difficult even to open her mouth.

They said people could pass out while donating blood. She had heard that there were people who passed out after donating blood just once. Her head continued to feel dizzy like she had motion sickness.

This was what happened when someone who was not an expert tried to draw blood. Hana got slightly resentful as Weed brushed her hair. It was a cautious hand gesture before he quietly whispered in her ear as if telling a secret.

“…Hana, there is a way so it will not be hard, but I need your permission.”

It was the same as before. It seemed like he was going to use magic or poison again, and honestly, it didn’t matter which way as long as it was comfortable.

“Uh… I’m really dizzy. Do anything.”

Hana, who opened her eyes and nodded her head, was startled. It was because she had to face the golden eyes that were approaching right in front of her nose at that moment.

“Weed, we are too close now… uhp—?”

And before she could say anything, Weed swallowed her lips.

3. How Not to Het Sick


The drawn blood swayed in the container.

The container that Weed released from his hand rolled carelessly on the bed even though he drew the blood while making all kinds of fuss. If he was going to throw it away like that, he could have done it later.

For Hana, that part bothered her for a very short time, but that wasn’t the important thing right now.

It wasn’t just the lips. Thinking of saying something to Weed, his tongue entered her wide-open mouth.

As his powerful tongue began to churn inside, she got goosebumps along with a giddy feeling.

“Uht, uhm…!”

Hana raised one arm wanting to push him away. As soon as she put her hand on his shoulder, she lost her balance. While Weed grabbed the back of her head as she fell onto the bed, her body moved greatly and her vision spun again.

The ceiling spun around like when she was lying down drunk.

Strangely, only his golden eyes were clearly visible in the spinning vision. Although their eyes met, she couldn’t come to her senses.

As their lips were separated, she was gasping for breath.

“Swallow it.”

“Haht, Weed, wa…”

A very low voice. Weed said his point and immediately overlapped their lips again.

Was it honey in his mouth? The texture on his tongue and the taste were surprisingly sweet.

Every time he moved his tongue, her mouth slowly began to turn soft and sweet. Even if he hadn’t told her to swallow it, she would have swallowed it without even knowing it. She was intoxicated by the scent.

Hana struggled to pass the saliva that was starting to pool in her mouth over her throat. It was hard at first, but after swallowing it once or twice, her spinning head began to feel better.

His saliva didn’t just seem to have a paralyzing effect. If the method that paralyzed her arm earlier was poison, could this one be medicine? The effect was clear, but the process was very embarrassing. With her mouth shut like this, she didn’t even have a chance to say it was okay to stop now.

When she came to her senses, Hana could see Weed riding on top of her like covering her. At the same time, the hand that pushed him down was caught in his large grip and pressed against the bed.

It was hard.

To exaggerate a bit, his body was like a rock. Weed’s body was as muscular as that, and it also meant that she couldn’t possibly push him away because he was so strong, even though he didn’t seem to be giving it that much power.

Fortunately, he did not appear to be a shameless man willing to take advantage of the situation. He said that there was a way to relieve the dizziness, and he did it after asking for her permission first.

To put it bluntly, it was her fault for not asking in detail.

It was a short-lived regret. Still, it felt very good. Not only did the dizziness caused by the blood loss disappear at once, though the feeling of the kiss itself was actually quite good. Weed also had a very nice scent for a man.

Thinking of saying it was okay now, Hana tapped him on the shoulder with her free hand.

However, he didn’t stop. As she wriggled and tried to let go, he closed his eyes and seemed unwilling to listen.

‘Uaah… I can’t move.’

Hot breath poured down her cheeks. He started to get closer and closer as he kissed her. Simultaneously, Weed’s hand holding the back of her head, soon grabbed her hair. His head twisted, and he licked the inside more deeply and densely.

Hana tried to move a little harder, but it didn’t help. No, perhaps it actually got worse? Every time she rebelled, he squeezed harder into the hand that gripped her wrist and shoved his knee between her legs, rendering herself completely immobilized.

Now, her head was spinning with a different meaning.

Her body was unable to move at all, and Weed began to hold it with his teeth as he couldn’t entwine his tongue and suck it in. Lips bitten, tongue chewed.

The increasingly violent kiss gave goosebumps to the top of her head.

As Weed hugged her and pressed her chest closely, her breath was choked. Each time he briefly turned the angle, Hana was barely out of breath. The sound of the rough breathing mixed with the sound of water moving his tongue was infinitely irritating.

The saliva she couldn’t swallow flowed down her chin.

Having bound her so tightly, he was trying to get deeper and deeper into it. Even though there are limits to what a kiss alone can reach, it was as if he wouldn’t care about that.

When she turned her head a little, her lips followed hurriedly. He licked up all the saliva that leaked out greedily. Even though it was an act she permitted because of dizziness, looking at the reaction now, it seemed as if he was desperately craving her own saliva, too.

The place he touched was getting hotter and hotter.

His grasped wrists, chests against each other, and his other palm was starting to touch her cheeks and nape, shoulders and waist. Everything was hot, and she seemed to be going crazy.

In the meantime, her lips and tongue were so hot that she felt like they were burning.

“Haaa… Umm…”

Hana was startled.

As if boiling inside, the man groaned. In a voice that was lower and more subdued than the moans he made when he licked her forearm.

It wasn’t just because she couldn’t breathe that made her dizzy. The scent that emanated from him was getting stronger. Like a beast in heat exhaling stimulating pheromones, the faint scent of flowers from Weed filled the air heavily.

Every place that came in contact with him was scorchingly hot, her body couldn’t move, and her mouth was blocked, making it difficult to breathe.

Was this how it felt to be eaten? It looked like she would be eaten like this.

“Um, uuungg…!”

Hana’s face turned bright red at the sound she made without even realizing it. It felt so strange that she groaned. She was about to cry from shame.

However, Weed’s movements that had stirred her inside immediately stopped. The golden eyes that had been closed all the time flashed open at the same time. Just as their lips met, their eyes met, and there was a long silence as if time had stopped.

Did about ten seconds pass by the felt time?

As Weed hurriedly raised himself, Hana barely found freedom. When she half-raised herself and took a deep breath, the blood finally ran all over her hands from how hard he squeezed her wrist.

“Haa. Haa… Weed, just now…”

“I’m sorry.”

Weed apologized first before she complained that it was too much to say that it was for the medicinal effect despite her allowing it.

“No, I mean. Is this supposed…”

“I, I will go away. Please rest.”

Perhaps even he couldn’t breathe. Unfortunately for Hana, Weed’s face had turned much redder than hers. She worried that it was going to ripen like that.

“Weed. Wait—”

Still, he tried to leave without delaying for a long time. Hana had to catch him just before exiting, as he had his head down and was unable to meet her eyes.


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