Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Weed was startled and barely raised his head. She could see he was trying to meet her eyes somehow, but his eyes were wandering, disoriented.

Letting out a sigh, Hana held out to him what she had just picked up.

“…What if you draw blood and don’t take it? Here.”

“Ah, th-th, thank, thank you. Rest. In the morning, I…I, prepared, no, ordered… a meal. No, as expected, I, please, please rest. Hana.”

Weed couldn’t even finish his words and left with gibberish. He somehow seemed much smaller because of his restlessness, even though he was much taller than her in terms of height and size. The clothes he had worn neatly and tidily were crumpled and unsightly by the time he left.

Hana stood for a long time after seeing the door he had closed.

It was absurd. It was clear that he had done something wrong, and before she could point a finger at him, he apologized. But again, in terms of his attitude, he behaved as if he had been teased.

“Ah, what is it? Uh, I don’t know…”

After he left, Hana returned to the bed and sat down. Even though she didn’t realize it, her legs were shaking. Her heart was pounding, too, and she still couldn’t get rid of the heat that filled her face, like she had lacked oxygen.

The situation was obviously something she should be offended by.

Although she gave permission in advance, he didn’t tell her the details of the method, so the act was embarrassing. While she tried to get him to stop because she was choking, he pushed through with force. In the middle, he lost his temper and ran wild.

‘It must be unpleasant…’

Was it because Weed was strange? Or was it because he is outside common sense? Rather than being offended, she just laughed.

4. Weed’s Circumstances

Lár de Ligna Initia.

The center of this world. The edge of the void. The land of God. A sanctuary. A sacred area with many nicknames.

Although it has the greatest void in the world, the land was so blessed that it was not flawed at all.

Plants from all over the world grew on this land regardless of the season. No one had to worry about what season to sow, what time to harvest, or when to put in the effort. It was always green, and grains and fruit poured incessantly.

That much was enough to praise God’s grace. Nevertheless, this sanctuary simply did not exhibit that kind of abundance. The types of plants that grew here were literally unrestricted.

Herbs that treat various diseases are basic, and some fruits even save the lives of the dead, depending on the situation. There was also a herb that could only be found in legends, said to increase lifespan or prevent aging if eaten.

And everything was true. In this sanctuary, it was not at all a bluff made for fun.

Of course, plants that were dangerous, excluded from ‘all plants’, were growing here. Carnivorous plants and poisonous plants also grew without restrictions. Poisonous plants were plants that could be beneficial depending on their use though this area was not entirely beneficial to life.

Of course, coveting all that, various intelligences from all over the world invaded this area from time to time. There were many cases where they moved on a fairly large scale, and there were many histories where different races were united.

Still, they never had any success.

This area was a place where the owner clearly existed, and the rules were set. The reckless intruders paid their due through the flawless rulers of the forest and the tribes of the forest.

History said that this region was enough to turn the whole world against it. However, the area was just generous, perhaps because of the ease of the strong.

They weren’t just generous, they were infinitely merciful. It was the tribes of the forest of this sanctuary that dealt with the ‘void’ and ‘divine disease’ that covered the whole world with fear in the past.

The intelligent beings did not invade this place anymore as they were busy calling it a sanctuary and praising it. Now, the invasion was never on the list, and they were frantic to take at least one of the tribes of this land first. The way they try to use the sanctuary has changed.

However, this issue is not important now.

Currently, ‘this incident’ was a rare event that the forest tribes caused arbitrarily without going through a ruler.

All of the world’s catastrophic problems had been solved. It was a feat achieved over a long period of time. There was no longer a void in this world that indiscriminately swallowed people into darkness. A final void remained inside the Sanctuary, but it wasn’t much of a problem. The disease that caused the void also faded away.

Again, the catastrophes of the world have already been solved, so Weed was taken aback by this situation.

“With this…”

Weed closed his eyes and sighed, and held out a vessel of blood to those in front of him. A large amount of liquid was stirred in the container for a blood sample taken from a human.

“Be satisfied with this. Stop doing useless things.”

One of them stepped forward and accepted the blood. But even after receiving the blood they wanted, they didn’t even pay attention to it. They continued to look at Weed, but after a while, they began to open their mouths one by one with a hint of joy.

“Weed, you just sighed.”

“I got angry a while ago.”

“You seem to be annoyed even now.”

“Well. This is not futile, Weed. Please let us…”

Weed stopped their words by raising his arm, and he shook his head in denial.

“No. It’s useless. It was a mistake that she came here, she must be sent back, and I did not punish you because it was a mistake.”

As they stared for a moment at the vessel with blood that had barely fallen into their hands, they seemed to be choosing what to say by looking at each other’s faces. Their faces, more beautiful than any on earth, contorted with worry.

Beautiful forest race—fairies, spirits, devil, guardians, eternal, and the incarnation of nature—those chosen for the sanctuary.

Priests of the World Tree.

There were countless names to call them. Some titles were more or less exaggerated, some more or less misleading, and some too understated their reputation.

Because of the overwhelming difference in strength, they used to bring fear from other races. Nonetheless, the emotions of the other races, which started as fear, turned into worship when these tribes of the forest began to show mercy to solve the ‘void’ and ‘divine disease’ earlier.

These days, they seem to be called priests who follow God’s will, and they seem to enjoy that, too.

Anyway, it didn’t matter what they were called, either. They didn’t care either because the names have changed over time. The important thing was that they were a race that was stronger and wiser than anyone else in this world.

But for Weed, they were just a nuisance and a headache. It was because those wise men certainly did something futile this time.

Before Weed could say anything, one of them opened the mouth again.

“Wasn’t it Weed’s will to resolve the Void in the first place?”

“Yes, but the void has already been resolved. A long time ago.”

“No. Weed. There is still. None other than this Lár de Ligna Initia.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It’s a problem enough. Weed alone bears all the remaining void effects!”

“So, it’s fine. The void here doesn’t affect anything else. Again, you have done useless things.”


From the beginning, the world has had great problems with voids and divine diseases. Ground, underground, sky, underwater, and more…

A phenomenon in which space opened wide regardless of location and took away everything around it in an instant was called void. In addition, if the empty space were maintained for a long time, the divine disease would slowly wither away life spread around it.

While there was little damage to the strong tribes of the forest, creatures outside the sanctuary have suffered from the scourge of voids and the divine disease for a long time.

In fact, that might have been the reason why they were so eager to step into the sanctuary. It was evident from the fact that most of those who dared to invade the sanctuary disappeared after the void was resolved.

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