Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“You guys…”

Weed was at a loss for words after calling them.

“Yes, Weed?”

Even though they had been crying until just now, when Weed opened his mouth, they were looking forward to what he would say. Several pairs of eyes lit up and waited for his words.

For the past few years, he had been asleep or hadn’t moved his body, and in fact, it’d been a while since he said something like this. Because of that, no matter what their reaction was now, they were actually very happy.

Every time he said a word, there was a response like this.

Weed let out a sigh.

To him, the priests weren’t just annoying fellows. They were much worse. He was sure he had heard a word that expressed this conveniently somewhere.

‘Even though the other person doesn’t like it, they chase after it and force their feelings….’

He remembered what she had said to him.

It was exactly the same. He then glanced at the priests who were repeating useless things while shouting that it was for his own sake with narrowed eyes.

“You guys are like stalkers. Leave me alone.”

Weed looked quite proud, using his newly learned word in the right place, and he turned his body away from them. The priests were very perplexed. They exchanged glances without saying anything until Weed completely disappeared from their sight.

“What is a stalker?”

They shrugged their shoulders, not knowing what it even meant. As they stood there for a while and pondered on the context and accent of his use of the word, soon, they inferred the meaning quite accurately.

“…Did he just curse?”

“Curse? Really?”


“He got angry and annoyed, and now he even cursed…”

One of them couldn’t overcome his emotions and wiped away a tear. The priests were delighted with even the slightest emotional expression since Weed woke up, even if he cursed at them.

If Weed had seen this without leaving early, he would have been quite disgusted.

The sanctuary boasted a pleasant sky today. Cool night air. Even though the trees were densely packed, the full moon was exceptionally bright, giving off a wonderful view. Inside, Weed took a break while looking at the sky. He just got away from the noisy priests.

‘This is only for Weed. This sacrifice is only for Weed.’

He almost lost track of what the priest said, but one sentence in particular kept swirling in his head.

“Only for me…”

Shin Hana was only for me.

After drawing her blood and giving his saliva to replenish her struggling energy, he remembered the image of her red face looking up at him.

With cheeks flushed like roses, lips smooth with saliva, a hot, sweet breath, and a body as light as cotton, as well as skin that felt as soft as touching silk. When he hugged her, her thin waist bent and clung to him, and when he tried to touch her more, a lustful voice burst out.

Weed withdrew as he thought he would crush the weak human if he held onto her longer.

It was difficult to get it all out of his head easily.

Thinking back, he remembered the mistake he had made then. Covering his face with both of his hands to calm himself down, his heart was beating so fast. Just thinking about it made him breathless, and he kept wanting to touch her.

When he was next to her, he kept licking his lips and gulping down his saliva. When he saw the blood he had drawn, it looked so sweet that he even thought about drinking it away.

In a way, it was natural.

Being from the higher dimension won the favor of everyone who lived here just by being there. Also, he was able to extend his life by using her even though he was not trying to…

Standing still, he calmed his breath for a while.

Was it because he was angry with the priests for doing useless things? Or was there another reason? He didn’t know where this passion started.




5. The Most Effective Pain Reliever

It has already been five days since Hana, a stranger from another dimension, came here. She was unconscious for about three days after her summoning, so for her, today was the first day since waking up.

“She woke up late in the afternoon. I thought she was unconscious again.”

One of the priests serving on Hana reported her condition. He told them to keep their mouths shut about the offerings and the circumstances of the place, so they wouldn’t tell her nonsense. The priest came to report her condition right away as if they had been a simple talk partner.

Weed answered while looking at the priest.

“Since she moved far away, her stamina must have been declining for a while. I even drew her blood.”

“Yes, so I told them to pay more attention to the food they serve.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

Since Weed liked her, while the priest didn’t like him protecting the offerings, he nodded his head, thinking that it was okay because he liked it. Then, the priest reached into his inner pocket and pulled out an object.

“Oh, and Weed. This is the thing you commanded me to make.”

“Put it down there.”

This time, Weed just glanced at it and didn’t pay much attention. He didn’t look at it even though it was something he had ordered.

Instead, he was now spending quite a bit of time in front of the mirror.

Weed looked in the mirror and blinked his eyes several times, then lifted his chin and turned his head around. He also tucked his long, light-green hair to reveal his ears or tied it back and untied it. He checked himself with his bangs hanging down and even with his forehead exposed.

He frowned at something he didn’t like, but this time he looked at his collar or sleeves in the mirror. He sighed after looking in the mirror and fiddled with his hands.

The next time he tied his hair up and turned his back to the mirror, looking at it for another long time. Around the place where Weed was standing, the clothes he had taken off were piled up like a mountain, and various kinds of accessories were scattered on the table in front of the mirror.

The priest couldn’t understand why he was repeating this act like that. In the end, he gave up understanding after tilting his head at Weed’s behavior and explaining what Weed had requested.

“You told me to make it into pills, so I made it.”

“I see.”

With Weed still not paying attention, the priest continued his explanation.

“As you commanded, I made it work only on the pain without any other side effects. Except for the anti-inflammatory, anti-fever, and anticoagulant properties of blood, this is the only…”


Weed was listening casually to the priest’s explanation. While the priest was talking, he had already changed his coat three times in front of the mirror. He threw off the third coat and was about to pick up the fourth.

As soon as the name of the ingredient that made the medicine popped out of the priest’s mouth, he turned his head around.

“I used Tifolia fruit.”


Barely taking his eyes off the mirror, Weed took an interest in the object before putting down the clothes in his hand and picking up the medicine bottle. It made a tinkling sound as several pea-sized pills were placed in a bottle small enough to cover with one hand.

He stared at the refined pill and frowned.

“Isn’t it too addictive?”

“However, only Tifolia was the most suitable for the efficacy you said. Anything stronger than this is extremely dangerous if you stop taking the medicine, so I excluded it. The analgesic component is strong, and considering all the resulting addiction, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms…”

Listening to those words, he was looking at the bottle seriously. Seeing that he looked a little uncomfortable, the priest looked at him and came up with a simpler solution.

“You don’t like it? However, without having to rely on these things, if it were Weed’s ability, it would be simple without any side effects.”

“Well, yes, but…”

Weed somehow stuttered. Rarely, his face turned red and he covered his mouth with one hand.

The priest had served Weed by his side for a while, but it was the first time the priest had seen such a reaction.

Spending a long time in front of the mirror, changing clothes several times, and checking his appearance was the first time in my life. The most noble forest tribe on the earth did not have to do this because he didn’t have to look at anyone.

The moment he evaded the answer and looked in the mirror again, the priest could not overcome his curiosity and had no choice but to ask.

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