Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Hana opened her tightly closed eyes and looked up at Weed.

When he met her moist eyes, his heart beat faster. This time, it was probably because he was sorry. One corner of her eye was red, probably because she shed more tears with her head down.

Seeing that, he strengthened his hand that wrapped around one of her shoulders. After all, this was a white lie, because tifolia was not good because of side effects. Didn’t she say that even where she lived, she was fine with this?

“Do you remember after your blood was drawn last time?”

“Ah, yes… I remember that, that saliva… is that way? Wi, will you alleviate the pain like this?”

“Yes. I can. Anything.”

Wanting to reassure her that she was fine now, Weed smiled brightly. For some reason, smiling seemed to improve his mood. It was kind of bad feeling good in front of a sick person, but wouldn’t he get rid of the pain soon anyway?

He could see her avoiding his eyes and biting her lips. Her lips swelled even redder and thicker as she bit and chewed on it. It was hard to take his eyes off her.

What would it taste like if he put it in his mouth?

Weed licked his lips, imagining a sweet taste suitable for its shape and color, as he tilted his head towards her more and more. It was just as he was about to savor the sweetness of her breath…

“…It’s, it’s okay. I can get some rest. It’s like this sometimes.”

“Ah… yes?”

In his mind, it had been a long time since he had swallowed her lips though she blew that thought away at once.

Meanwhile, Hana took his hands off her shoulder and dropped the forehead that had been leaning on him before she got up and stumbled over to the bed. Weed froze without saying anything with his eyes wide open.

The hand that wrapped around her shoulders was still suspended in the air, like holding a round object. When she moved about five steps away, Weed, who was crouching down next to the chair, barely came to his senses. He hurried over to her and helped her.

“…Hana. Are you really okay?”

“Yes, maybe just a little… rest.”

Hana tried to nod her head, but it didn’t seem to work. She only lowered her head, her complexion pale. As Weed supported her from her side until she lay her body on the bed, her mind was empty, and she couldn’t think of anything.

As she lay still and curled up, she kept tossing and turning, feeling uncomfortable. While repeating that several times, he just stood there blankly in the middle of the room like an idiot.

‘Is she really, really okay?’

He wanted to ask again, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

‘It hurts enough to use tifolia. She couldn’t even stand up properly and staggered a lot. She moaned every time she took a step. She looked very sick when she was lying in bed. Frowning slightly. Her body was shaking. Only her lips were red against her pale face. To bite it…’

“We, Weed…….”

Weed’s mind flashed. Hana stretched out her curled-up body, and she called to him.

“Yes, Hana. Would you like to rest?”

“Ah, that, ugh…”

As she groaned again, he briefly pondered whether to hand over the medicine bottle in his pocket now or whether he should at least pretend to come back after leaving the room once.


When she called him again, he was just about to take out the medicine bottle after thinking about it.

“Plea, please… do it…”

Her voice was almost creeping. However, Weed accurately heard that small sound and understood its meaning better than anyone else. For a moment, he couldn’t hear anything. He thought he could hear the ‘ping—’ ringing, but his eyes went dark.

His reason flew away.

He felt dizzy as if he had drunk a whole bottle of aged fruit wine. It was so fragrant. The more he smelled it, the more he drank, the more thirsty he could not bear.

“Umm… ung. Heup…!”

Weed regained his reason at her moaning.

His eyes barely focused, but instead of her pale face, he saw a bright red cheek as her cheeks and hair were tightly wrapped in some unscrupulous grasp.

…No way, it was his own hands.

He had to check what state he was in for a while. For a moment, he had no memory of what he was doing.

“Uh, haa…”

While Weed was standing still, Hana hurriedly drew in her breath as if she had just come out of a dive, with her body pressed to the limit right beneath him. It was only then did he finally grasped the situation. He didn’t even know when he had lost his mind.

He was already sitting on top of her and greedily licking her lips.


“Yes, yes!”

“I-I have to swallow… right…?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Thank, you for helping me… but Weed kept taking it all away…”

For how long he had covered her mouth, Hana’s face was flushed because she couldn’t breathe. And as she spoke, her face dyed even more red. Weed also seemed to know that his own face was like that, too. The fever rose so much that he could even feel it draining through his ears.

He was ashamed. He said he would be helpful, but what the hell did he do? He had to give her saliva, but it seemed he swallowed it all himself.

“And, if you could slow down a little…”

He could not answer.

It was because, as she said that, his eyes were taken away by Hana’s eyelash that she lowered. Her pupils were half-closed, and the eyelashes covering them were too long. It was so long that he just wanted to put his lips to it.

There was a light chu sound.

Hana widened her eyes, and the two met eyes. The innocent eyes of hers seemed to be asking if this was the right order to give the medicinal effect.

Weed approached her slowly this time because she asked him to take it slow. And this time, he wanted to keep the process of approaching her slowly in his memory.

Their lips overlapped even more carefully and respectfully. He pushed his tongue into her gaping mouth without resistance and rubbed it lightly. He tickled the root of her tongue and pulled out the saliva, touching the even teeth and the moist flesh of her cheeks.

“Ung. Uung.”

Perhaps the hard work had been worthwhile, Hana swallowed his saliva and let out a sigh of relief. The pain was gradually disappearing. Her body, which had been hardened with tension, gradually melted and became limp.

It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s okay to relax a little more.

Weed rubbed her shoulder gently. As she lost strength in her body, Weed tickled her whole body for some reason as Hana managed to relax in his arms.

His clothes, which he had been wearing with care all day, were crumpled in her hands and finally found freedom. A few more times after that, he stroked her and stimulated her mouth until her body, which had been awake by the pain, calmed down and brought her to sleep.

He never made it difficult for her.

6. One month or two

He did not know that Hana would fall asleep in his arms. Suffering from the pain, when the pain went away, it seemed that her tense body relaxed and temporarily drowsiness came. It was no wonder.

It was natural though the fact that she slept comfortably in his arms seemed somehow special.

Even after the pain subsided and Hana fell asleep, Weed did not get up for a while. With his hand, he straightened a strand of her dry hair on her forehead as he wiped off the sweat that was still moist. Then, he stared at her.

He thought a stranger from another dimension would look much more special. He was a noble person called from a higher dimension, so it wouldn’t be strange if she had beautiful wings. When he groped her back earlier, there were no traces of that…

‘Ah, why. Why did you feel such a place again?’

Weed blamed himself for a moment. And again, he stared at Hana’s sleeping figure.

Shin Hana was a human being.

She was a race that even he was quite familiar with. She was an insignificant human who occasionally visited the sanctuary… A human being who struggled when they suffered and was extremely happy when they solved a problem.

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