Chapter 12

Chapter 12

‘If I was a human, wouldn’t she have developed a liking for this Weed just like other humans?’

No, he didn’t know if it was only in his eyes, but she was special.

Her closed eyelashes were still long.

Her nose was as sharp as those of the beautiful forest tribes, and her slightly flushed cheeks were white without a single blemish. There, her bright red lips, which seemed to have been drawn with a brush, were as delectable as the fruits of the harvest.

It was sweet and addictive, but the taste was obviously similar.

As he recalled the touch of the eyelids and soft eyebrows that touched his lips earlier, his mouth was watering. He unconsciously put his lips to her soft cheek. It was soft, too. How about the forehead? Even the forehead…


Weed was startled as if he had been caught stealing.

Hana made a groan as if she was uncomfortable as she was struggling with the pressure on her body from above. He hurriedly raised his body from on top of her and pulled the blanket over her. Would she rest, then she should have told him to go away.

He continued to keep an eye on the sleeping Hana without leaving the bed.

No matter how he looked at it, Hana didn’t look very suitable as a sacrifice. When he first saw Shin Hana, Weed judged that she could not be used as a sacrifice. It was because she was too young to be a sacrifice.

His judgment was soon confirmed.

Shin Hana was not suitable for sacrifice. He could tell from just a brief conversation.

She was calm and wise enough not to panic even if she fell into a place like this. She was also very understanding. And above all, she was beautiful. The short life of a sacrifice did not suit such a beautiful and wise being. Didn’t she have a lot of days left to live?

There was no way a being like this would be willing to die in such an unfamiliar place. Nor should she be.

The priests said they still needed him. They confidently said that this was the only way to cure the divine disease, the effects of the void that he took on.

Up to that point, it was right.

He knew better than anyone else what kind of situation the world was in because of his condition. A void created by the incompleteness of this world. Weed, who was closest to the center of the world, felt it on his skin. Because of that, he easily inferred how to deal with the void.

It was the only way this young and unfinished world would survive.

A rather shameless way to get help from a higher plane. Thanks to the benevolent beings who responded to the summons, this world was surviving and gradually stabilizing.

The priests did not understand that the void at the center of this world had been with this world from the beginning. The void of the sanctuary just existed, as if it was natural to be here. It formed outside of the sanctuary and did some serious damage though it was the only one left.

So, Weed decided that solving it was useless. At the end of his life, that innocuous void would naturally dissipate, and the priests didn’t even need him anymore.

Besides, there was the most important thing.

He did not want to do anything more shameless to the noble beings of the higher dimension.

The priests didn’t know how much guilt this consciousness made him suffer. When a bug sacrificed itself, he cried for a week. When a small bird was sacrificed, he cried for fifteen days. After sacrificing a huge life in the final ritual, he cried for over a month before fainting.

It wasn’t that there was a difference in the weight of life. Sadness is cumulative. It was much easier to empathize than with animals, and he talked and even touched her like this. So, he didn’t know how bad it would be if she, as a human, would be sacrificed.

Unlike the priests who paid formal condolences and respect, Weed was fearful. They did something useless.

He never wanted this, so it was really useless.


As he was thinking about it for a while, Hana groaned and opened her eyes. It wasn’t even a few hours. Weed knelt on the edge of the bed and looked up at her, just like when she first opened her eyes here.

“Are you up already? Go sleep some more.”

Hana stared blankly at the ceiling without answering.

Blink, blink.

She opened and closed her eyes, then raised herself up.

“…I slept a lot earlier. I think I slept too much when I came here.”

“Because you crossed the dimension, you won’t be feeling well for a while.”

“Is that so? Oh, then I can’t…”

Saying so, Hana raised her hand and squeezed and opened her fist. He watched her shake her head from side to side and even patted herself on the shoulder. Meanwhile, she looked back at Weed with a curious face.

The golden eyes, the proof of having crossed the dimension, flickered.

While her expression was somewhat dazed, her eyes were full of life. Weed also always had golden eyes when he looked in the mirror, but for some reason, it looked special when Shin Hana had those eyes. He had no idea it was such a beautiful color.

As he made a blank expression when their eyes met, she blushed and averted his gaze.

Ah, he wanted to see more of those eyes.

“…I feel good now.”

“Re, really?”

Weed regretted that she avoided his gaze, but when she said that she felt good, his expression suddenly brightened.

“The morphine I experienced after surgery was not even this much…”

Was she talking to him? Or maybe not? Hana muttered in a whisper.

Weed tilted his head, not knowing what she meant though he smiled at her relaxed expression and her slightly shy demeanor. He didn’t know the meaning, but it felt like a compliment.

“By the way…”

“Yes, Hana.”

“Are there any side effects? When the efficacy of the medicine decreases, it becomes more painful or difficult…”

“No. There are no side effects at all. Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere…?”

Did he send out other energy in his excitement?

Weed had doubts about his own ability for a moment. As he anxiously tried to examine her body, Hana waved her hand.

“Ah… No, not at all. It’s amazing that I feel this way. I’ve been wondering because It’s really great. It’s a wonderful ability.”

Could a compliment make him this happy?

Even though it was done in simpler words than usual when the priests honored and praised him with a noble tone. His heart skipped a beat, probably because it was a compliment from someone who didn’t know much about this world.

When Hana tried to raise her body from the bed, he held her hand and supported it, even though he knew that she was no longer struggling. Weed made the grass on the indoor floor softly wrap her feet. He took care not to let her fall in any case.

The food had already cooled down, so he hurriedly called a priest outside the door and ordered the food to be changed. He thought it would be nice to serve a simple soup warmly in case it would be burdensome.

After his instructions and tidying up his messy clothes again, Weed approached Hana.

“What about the medicine?”

Weed bit his lips tightly. For a moment he thought he had been caught lying, so he got surprised.

“…Is the painkiller hard to prepare?”

“Oh, that’s actually…”

Weed wrapped his hand in the pocket containing painkillers for no reason. After all, it would be better to confess first. However, he was hesitating because he did not know how to make an excuse.

Unexpectedly, Hana nodded her head in understanding with an insignificant attitude.

“That’s okay. Even where I used to live, I couldn’t take it without a doctor’s prescription.”

She sighed and picked up a piece of cold bread from the table. Fortunately, she seemed to be barely hungry once she was out of the pain. She took a small bite of the bread and chewed on it for a while, distracting herself.

“…I’m glad to have Weed. Thank you for your help.”

“Didn’t I tell you that I will make sure there is nothing lacking for you while staying here? If you want, this Weed will serve you anytime.”

“I’m, I’m afraid… I’ll be indebted to you…for a while… will it be okay…?”

“Don’t worry.”

When he replied with a bright smile, Hana smiled awkwardly.

Whenever you want.

What it meant or what to do, they didn’t say it because they knew each other well.

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