CH 2

“This, why didn’t I tell Mary about it?”


“Ah, Mary’s the only one who cares about me in this mansion. She’s so nice, she sometimes gives out food.”

Of course she does…*

(TL/N: ‘퍽이나’ is used as a hint of sarcasm; so the cat is being sarcastic here.)

The girl, oblivious to the cat’s internal monologue, carefully picked her words.

“Actually, I remember my mom very well?”

Rather than the Countess taking Lloyd’s side, she really envied Lloyd and the woman walking together.

Because he’s with his mom.

He lives with his mom.

Mary, the Count, his wife, and their son probably couldn’t even imagine it, but Ronell could recall her mom vividly. When she tossed and turned in the night, she would feel her warm embrace as she sang a beautiful lullaby.

To indicate as much, the cat made a little movement with its tail. Ronell’s teary face suddenly cracked into a smile, pfft, as she found solace in the object’s rather bored expression.

“…Thanks, really.”

Feeling the weight and warmth on her knees gave her a chuckle. Blue eyes blinked at her, and the cat purred primly.

Maybe it’s an illusion. But I feel really warm all over.

Ronell, now relieved from the cold, hugged the cat. She nuzzled its soft fur, stroked behind its ears, and pressed her cheek against its refined frame.

With the buzz of grasshoppers, night fell even more deeply. Outside, when the wind changed directions, the garden’s shadow danced over the ground.

It was really cold.

Obviously it was, but it wasn’t cold anymore.

Hearing the girl’s soft breathing, it seemed like she was fast asleep. Slowly, the cat that had been lying still and pretending to sleep opened its eyes.

Having Reinhardt Duncan, the wealthiest man in the empire, as its butler, Ruby, the white cat, had grown accustomed to sleeping in the lap of luxury.

It was clearly not its preferred pristine white goose down cushion*. This was in a filthy shed, right next to a scrawny girl.

Hm. Ruby curled its tail. As the spell it created prevented the cold air from reaching her and warmed her feet, the lines on the girl’s forehead eased off. Its blue eyes intently scanned her pale, little face.

What are you dreaming about.

Are you having a nightmare or a happy dream.

It noticed that the child appeared to be sobbing and softly planted its paw on her face. With the smooth pads of its paw, it lightly stroked her dry cheek. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to be crying.

So Ruby waited patiently while the girl tossed and turned in an obviously uncomfortable posture. Until it could spot the sky brightening at the right side of its line of sight.

Dawn broke. As the sun sunk below the horizon, the night sky lightened and morning arrived.

Now that it’s morning, I’ll have to go back.

Ruby, knowing it, dawdled while it licked its paws. The animal hesitated for a long time, but eventually slid from the child’s arms cautiously and made its way out the window.

The cat looked back for the last time before leaving.


What unfolded following the dawn was a morning with puffy clouds hanging in the sky. The soft swaying of the sunshine was bathed in rich hues. After a leisure somersault, someone walked up to the window.

In one room of Duncan Mansion, a woman in a suit was reporting over the window in a monotone voice.

This woman’s eyes, hidden beneath her horn-rimmed glasses, were keen and perceptive. Mitchell Smith, secretary of the successor of the House of Duncan, Aicila Duncan.

With a single raise of her glasses, she finished her report neatly.

“…and that was Sir Reinhardt Duncan’s will.”

After a moment of silence, Aicila Duncan sighed heavily.

Green smoke leaked through her sensual lips. It was a high-quality smoking cigarette made of rolled Tishlen petals. To show that the higher the quality, the darker the color, and the better the smoke stayed on record.



When asked back, Aicila replied with a languid and indifferent face.

“That crap earlier. Say it again.”

Mitchell’s gaze darted back and forth between the boss in front of her and the paper in her hands.

From the glossy high-quality paper to the gorgeous beauty with a voluptuous figure. From the beautiful woman in a red silk gown sitting cross-legged to the rose-scented paper.


The splendid title in gold stood out. The paper she was holding was none other than a copy of the will signed by ‘Reinhardt Duncan’ the day before yesterday.

Mitchell began reading the will’s provisions in a cool, collected manner. As she already knew them, Aicila waved her hand.

“Not about giving me 85% of his property and 5% of it to that damn unemployed father of mine. Just recite the last clause.”

She boredly played with her jet-black hair. Red, drowsy eyes were hiding a targetless displeasure under her lush, fluttering eyelashes.

“Lastly, 10% of the property is handed over to the next owner chosen by the cat ‘Ruby’… do you mean that clause?”



“My dear grandfather is finally senile.”

Aicila raised her hands, clap clap clap, and clapped 3 times in an insulting gesture.

10% of the property wasn’t worth it. She gets 85% of it anyway. It’s not that it’s a waste, but what matters is the amount of money that accounted for that f*cking 10%.

It’s 10% of the property of ‘Reinhardt Duncan’. With that sum, you could easily dominate the economy of an empire’s province.

Why would he say foolish things like leaving it to the next owner of the cat when he has no idea what they would do with it? It’s a completely insane plan.

Aicila creased her brows and rubbed her temples. She felt much worse when she thought about her grandfather’s beloved white cat.

Harsh, picky… Right, it’s a cat with a completely crappy personality.

I pity the poor soul who has to serve such a cat in the future, Grandpa. Even 10% of your wealth is a substantial amount. Don’t you think you should get your act together?

Aicila put out the cigarette in the crystal ashtray that was encrusted with small diamonds. When she slowly got up from the chair, Mitchell asked her a trivial question.

“Are you going to the Lord?”

“Right. Let’s see if he’s really senile.”

From that point on, she has served as the successor.

She then walked down the hall, which was filled with works by renowned painters, antique sculptures, fine tapestries, and velvet drapes, and knocked on the red walnut door.

“Come in!”

It was a playful voice. As she heard the permission from within, Aicila opened the door, folded her arms, and rested on the threshold. The way she was acting communicated her discontent.

“Ash, you’re late!”

Reinhardt Duncan berated his granddaughter. Despite the fact that she was close to dying from stress, the woman’s unjust glare hardened.

Reinhardt continued cheerfully.

“Our Ruby has already left to find a new owner! Aren’t you excited?”

Grinding her teeth and eventually furrowing her brow, Aicila finally snapped.


It was a solemn voice, even dreary in tone. When Reinhardt looked up into his granddaughter’s piercing eyes, they seemed to engulf him.

“A sane person—”

Upon hearing a knock, both Reinhardt and Aicila turned their heads. A white cat was gracefully tapping the window with its paw.

The cat that left to choose the next butler must have finally returned home.

Smiling broadly, Reinhardt threw open the window as soon as he saw the white tail swinging in the breeze and lifted Ruby.

“Ruby, how was your walk? Did you find the next butler?”

Excuse me, wait. Who is the owner?

Aicila stared gravely at her grandfather. Whether she did so or not, the cat, lifting its head high, touched Reinhardt on the shoulder with its forefoot.

Hurry up and order food, Butler.

Reinhardt picked up the signal perfectly and asked reverently.

“What would you like to eat? The finest salmon from Werrd? Estalot’s organic chicken breast?”

The first one seems better, mew.

Shortly after, the cat meowed, and Reinhardt sprang from his study to comply with its request. His granddaughter, who had come to question her grandfather’s sanity, was left forgotten because of the cat.

Aicila let out a long breath. It’s a tiring morning, really.


Ruby looked at her briefly before turning its blue eyes away. With a twist of its body, it started paying no attention to her at all. Reinhardt would have complimented it for its grace in not drooling all over itself, whereas Aicila, who was not destined to be a butler, spewed up rudely.

“You know you’re not a normal cat, right?”

You talk a lot, little human. I’m hungry so hurry your grandfather. Just how far did he go with my meal?

Its blue eyes that said so glimpsed at Aicila. She spoke earnestly and with all her heart.

“Choose the right owner.”

The cat cried once as if she were annoying.

After devouring the salmon that Reinhardt had carefully brought, Ruby gulped and groomed itself. Since today is the day it will finally meet the new butler candidate, it decided to spruce itself up a bit.

Right, as lovely as I can be!

The cat meowed satisfactorily in front of the mirror after selecting the sapphire ribbon, which matched the color of its eyes.

As expected, I’m perfect.

I thought I made myself look pretty, how humiliated it felt when the butler candidate refused to cuddle itself.

Ruby vowed to not let the butler candidate go without getting hugged this time.

“Our Ruby… pretty…”

Reinhardt made a groaning noise and reached out, but the cat moved its beautiful body to avoid him. The pet cat coldly abandoned its crying owner and ran out of the window.

Tap. Small white feet landed sleekly on the roof. A scowl appeared on Ruby’s face, and it immediately took off running. Its hopes of meeting up with the potential new butler candidate increased as it basked in the pleasant wind.

As expected, that child was quite warm. If she doesn’t hug me soon today, I’ll slap her with my tail.

Ruby vowed anew and checked its reflection in the river flowing next to itself. Specifically, it had faith that its bold ornamentation would entice anyone. The butler candidate should know that I decorated myself like this for her, the haughty cat even mentally threatened her as it hurried its pace.

It was the last corner.

As it walked around the corner, a clear, soft laugh tickled its ears. Ruby, who recognized the voice of the new butler candidate, raised its ears.

Huh, huh…?

Running quickly and peering over the wall, Ruby let out a grunt. The girl, who was wearing a lark on her head, beckoned the birds to her.

Hiss. Are you cheating on me already?

Ruby immediately jumped to punish her.

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