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Around the break of dawn, Mary arrived and presented her with a steaming bowl of corn porridge. It lacked seasoning and tasted flat, but Ronell couldn’t have cared less because she didn’t have to visit the mansion.

“Young Master Lloyd went out hunting today.”

As Ronell tidily stowed the bowl away, Mary gently but firmly pointed it out.


“Yes. The Countess has followed him, Miss, so you can play as you please today. But don’t make too much of a mess.”

“Thank you!”

Answering courteously, Ronell happily skipped into the garden. From the time in the morning to the afternoon. Bright sunlight was streaming down from above, and larks appeared to come out to play.

Animals have always taken a liking to her.

When she stops moving, sparrows flock on her shoulders. At other occasions, a rabbit would hop up onto her knees, and a squirrel would bring her acorns as a present.

Just as expected.

Once the huddled birds caught sight of her, they scurried to her direction.

“Hi, how are you?”

Ronell gladly greeted the birds, and they sang joyfully all around her. Three of them fell on her, one on her head and two on her lap.

“Mhm, I had breakfast today, too! It was delicious.”

The sound of flapping wings, their chirping tone. Ronell chimed in with a smile, offering the bird the palms of her hands so it could perch.

“Plus, the Madam and the Young Master left the house to have some fun. They’re not here. Ah, and the really pretty cat that came to play yesterday? It comforted me. It was nice, sweet—”

Moments afterwards, a cat dropped down from above and began smacking Ronell’s arm with its tail.

The birds that had to flee from the cat’s attack saw Ronell crying and touching her hurt arm.

The tail attack went on with a slap.

‘It doesn’t look nice.’

A bird watching whispered,

‘It doesn’t look sweet.’

Several birds nearby agreed.

As if she couldn’t make out a word they were saying, Ronell blinked her puppy dog eyes, stretched out, and cuddled the cat.

The cat screeched and struggled. After such prolonged resistance, a violent glare filled its eyes, and it wore a stern expression as it faced the birds.

‘She’s mine.’

The birds were discouraged by its possessive blue eyes.

We came first… A bird made a sullen protest, striking the soil with its claws.

To the (relatively) calmed cat, Ronell asked in a shaky voice.

“Did you go home safely last night?”

Ruby, now frustrated, purred uncontrollably at her tight embrace.

Oh no, it shouldn’t be like this.

The cat, who tried to punish its owner who dared to cheat while it was caught off guard, grumbled under its breath. I love your hands so much that my body unknowingly… loses… strength…

“I ate well this morning. I hope you ate something delicious, too.”

Of course, I ate something delicious. Fresh, premium salmon is always a delicacy. Keep that in mind.

With a nod, Ruby dug into the girl’s arms. As it motioned for further petting, she obliged by running her palm down its back.

Even when it glared at the birds with menacing eyes, the winged ones still stood from a distance, apparently tactless.

‘What are you standing around for. Quit tarring and get out of here.’

‘You’re so mean!’

Ruby constantly swore at the birds with its eyes, and the birds responded by flapping their wings. Oblivious to the battle of nerves raging between them, the girl caressed the cat softly.

The food is tasty, her arms are warm, the weather’s nice, and her hands are gentle; it feels good.

Naturally, Ruby attempted to get ready for a nap, but it suddenly realized that her usual stroking hand had ceased.

“Stay here, cat. You shouldn’t come out, either.”

The butler candidate put it down without a sound. The hardened Ruby and the frozen birds cautiously watched the child. The girl’s frail legs were quivering as though she were terrified.

What’s going on? The cat’s eyes went completely still and its ears perked up.

“Hey, idiot!”

The voice had an unpleasant, irritated tone. Lloyd, who had just pried open the garden door with great force, was now on his way.

“Didn’t freeze to death yesterday?”

“I apologize.”

“Why didn’t you?”

Instead of responding, Ronell remained silent as Lloyd criticized her.

“Sure, you should be really sorry. Why are you still alive?”

Ruby, however, could not stand to have it continued.

The cat pounced on the boy and attacked him in the face. When its sharp claws scraped Lloyd’s cheek, he let out a shriek.


Reaching for Ruby, he seized it with a strong grasp and hurled it aside. Although she had been frozen, Ronell managed to move in time to prevent the helpless animal from crashing to the ground.

While she was rolling about on the ground with the cat in her arms, dust got into her mouth. It tasted bittersweet. Several twigs poked her back. Some of it, like the thorny branches, hurt so much that tears started falling.

“MOM, MOM—!!”

Lloyd ran into the mansion, yelling.

“Mary, where’s my gun?! I haven’t put it in yet!”


Ronell yelled in a panic and hurried to take up Ruby. She then began bouncing up and down, perhaps in an effort to help the cat climb the wall.

Being held in the arms of the new butler candidate, Ruby widened its eyes.

…What are you doing now, Butler Candidate?

“Cat, get out of here. Hm?”

Searching for a way to help Ruby escape, Ronell reached out her other hand and swooped it among the birds. The birds avoided the girl’s hand with a nervous chirp. They looked like they wanted to remain longer, but eventually they flew away and hid in the tree limbs.

Only the white cat appeared unconcerned. While the potential butler candidate stomped her feet, Ruby lazily wagged its tail.

There’s no way I’d lose against a lad whose only asset is his wild attitude. Why the heck do you feel so anxious.

If only I’d given him one more beat!

It was dissatisfied that there were only a few nail marks on his face.


But the butler candidate doesn’t seem to think so. The little blonde-haired girl was on the verge of crying.

“Lloyd’s coming with his gun, you need to run. Hm?”

When she pleaded, Ruby’s tail twitched. It pondered the fate of its butler candidate if it leaves her now.


The sound of gunshot filled the air.

Ronell crouched down. I can’t, the cat shouldn’t get hurt.

As a matter of fact, Lloyd once harmed a raccoon Ronell held.

“You have to run away, cat.”

She whispered lowly. Lloyd’s thundering footsteps could be heard coming from afar.

“Move, B*stard. Before I shoot you in the back.”

Ronell stiffly turned her head to see Lloyd’s frowning brows. He had a few red dots of blood on his scraped cheek. The part that was hit left a trace and was stained with a naked red color.

“I said move. You really want me to shoot?”

Lloyd took aim with the gun and posed himself familiarly. Ronell didn’t hesitate.

Mary clearly said it. Landing is something that cats do really well. I was lucky to have breakfast. Yesterday, I never would have dared to hope for such a thing.

As hard as she could, Ronell lifted the cat and flung it over the wall.

Cats are flexible. So, so you’ll be fine…


Lloyd, who was now screaming loudly, had grabbed her back and was violently rocking her.

“Just as Mom said, we were kind enough to let you sleep in the house, yet here you are, stealing!”

Her anxiety rose from his harsh grip. Ronell bit her lip and let the boy drag her into the mansion.


Ruby fell to the ground, dumbfounded as to why it had been tossed. Using its cat instinct, it landed safely and soundly, but…

Geez, Butler Candidate, what have you done! Now would be a good moment to rip off that damn small fry’s hair!

Feeling regretful, Ruby stomped its paws on the ground before stiffening at the voice coming from the other side of the wall.



“Just as Mom said, we were kind enough to let you sleep in the house, yet here you are, stealing!”

Your what now! Besides, she never stole! What sort of incoherent babbling do you think you’re spouting, you wicked loutish brat!

Ruby ground its teeth together and was about to jump again to interrupt. However, right before it leaped, it ceased waving its tail.

This won’t do. It’ll just be a repeat sign at this rate.

The cat eventually stopped slowly.

Ruby couldn’t stay here forever—of course, how fluffy the top-of-the-line feather bed is!—Once it’s gone, that f*cking rascal won’t think twice about touching its butler candidate.

Ruby wiggled its tail, which has become somewhat messed up due to swaying in the girl’s arms.

Right, I’ll have to appoint her as a butler rather than a candidate. Wait for me, Butler.

Not knowing that Ronell had already been dragged inside, the cat continued to cry out in what it thought was a signal.

This evening or tomorrow afternoon, I’ll bring my old butler, Reinhardt, or his cranky granddaughter, Aicila! I don’t think I can bring my next butler with me!

Ruby sprang forward and sprinted quickly. The cat’s soft paws crunched through the autumn leaves.

Now back at home, Ruby went straight to Reinhardt’s study.

Where’s Butler?! Answer me, Butler!

Ruby, who had been crying furiously, banged its feet on the floor when it failed to see Reinhardt running out. Could he be in the library? He must be!

But when it didn’t see him in the library, Ruby rushed out into the hallway, frowning. Reinhardt, who would normally show up anytime it was bothered, was nowhere to be found.

What butler! I don’t need you anyway!

Reinhardt would have cried his eyes out if he had heard it; Ruby dashed down the soft carpeted hallway.

Hiss. Where are you?!

The door opened behind the cat, who was running frantically. Elegant feet in high heels landed on the thick carpet, and a voice rang after the sound of a couple of tongue clicks.

“Seriously, flipping cat hair.”

“…Miss Aicila, cats normally lose a lot of hair.”

“Could hair loss be normal? How envious. Maybe I should transplant it to Grandpa’s head.”

“Sir Duncan’s hair didn’t seem to be coming off.”

She stretched out her words in a sluggish voice.

“It will soon. I’ll pull it all out— this cat!”

With a growl, Ruby tugged at the hem of Aicila’s gown. Due to its unexpectedly desperate attitude, her infuriated crimson eyes gradually revealed her skepticism.

“What’s this? So it’s a subject where I won’t usually be treated like a stone.”

Ruby’s paws hit the hem many times. In the hallway, its frantic cry echoed.

What it meant:

Save my butler, Human.

Ara: Our little troublemaker to the rescue!!

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