CH 11

[Siana’s POV]

This is the Imperial Palace where the imperial families live together.

So I thought I would run into the crown prince at least once.

‘But I never thought we’d meet like this.’

Rashid was looking at Siana with sparkling eyes.

As if expecting something huge.

‘I’m just pouring tea. What’s wrong with you?’

Siana was uncomfortable with the look in Rashid’s eyes, but she couldn’t say it honestly.

‘I’m a maid, and that’s the crown prince.  I have to be quiet and do as I’m told.’

Siana let out a small sigh and concentrated on pouring the tea.

Click, open the lid of the tea.

Rustle, scoop up the tea leaves.

Dribble, the hot water fills the teacup.

It was an ordinary appearance, but Rashid and Aris couldn’t take their eyes off Siana.

It was really magical.

A magic that transforms an ordinary maid into an elegant lady.

After pouring tea into Rashid and Aris’ cups, Siana bowed her head with a cautious smile.

It means the tea is complete.

Aris, who had been staring blankly at Siana, reacted first.


Aris didn’t know much about tea, but she had a chance to see it while attending a big banquet.

Even from Aris’ perspective, Siana’s ability to pour tea was incredible.

More than the maids who served tea alongside His Majesty the Emperor.

“How can a low-ranking maid pour tea so well? Aren’t you actually a wonderful person? It turned out that she was a princess from a neighboring country!”

How could the words spoken so thoughtlessly touch only the truth?

Siana said with an awkward smile.

“You praise me too much. The princess can’t drink hot water well, so I cooled the water down a little. I added honey and milk to reduce the bitterness. You should try it.”

Aris, who hates tea, looked at the cup with a serious face and took a sip as if determined.

Aris’ eyes grew bigger.

“Uwaa, it’s delicious!”

It was a very childlike reaction.

But Aris was a princess before she was a child.

It wouldn’t matter if it was just the two of them, but Rashid was by her side now.

Rashid may scold his rude little sister.

Siana glanced at Rashid with a worried look on her face.

Contrary to concern, however, Rashid did not seem to care about Aris at all.

He was savoring his tea with an ecstatic expression on his face.

“… …”

This was the second time Siana had seen Rashid.

The first was a bloody battlefield.

Clothed in armor and covered in blood, she was too terrified to appreciate the beauty.

But now it’s nothing like it was then.

A beautiful man sitting back in a chair comfortably under the warm sunlight and drinking tea with his eyes down, like a languid cat.

It’s unrealistic.

To the extent that I was mesmerized without even realizing it.

Rashid, who took his mouth off the teacup, said with his eyes curved like a crescent moon.

“It still tastes great.”


Seeing his sparkling face, Siana felt her heart drop.

Siana, who had barely managed to adjust her expression, felt strange.

‘Still? You sound like you know the taste of the tea I brew?’

Aris seemed to feel that way as well, and abruptly interrupted.

“What, the two of you. No way, do you know each other?”

Rashid nodded.

“Didn’t Siana tell you?”

“Not at all.”

“… …”

“She’s never talked about my brother to the extent like ant poop.”

“… …”

At that moment, Siana felt as if Rashid’s cheeks seemed slightly inflated. It must be an illusion.

TL/N: Cuteee!!

Rashid sipped the car and boasted.

“I was the one who accepted Siana as the maid of the palace.”

Aris’ eyes widened. Aris said with a look of absurdity.

“Why did my brother do such a thing? You’re not that kind of person.”

“Because she’s cute.”

“That’s true.”

Looking at the siblings who nodded at the same time, Siana was stunned.

What the hell are you talking about?’

A number of trivial conversations ensued.

Sol, who had been a step away from Rashid’s back, approached and whispered.

“Your Highness, it’s time for the meeting. You have to go now.”

“I haven’t had enough tea yet.”

“Didn’t you drink four cups already. Your stomach is bulging.”

Rashid looked disappointed, but he didn’t insist on staying longer.

Rashid rose to his feet.

Aris, who stood up together, held out her hand.

“You have to give it to me and go.”

“Yes, indeed.”

Rashid held out the piece of paper to Aris. It was a confirmation letter with the seal of the crown prince.

Aris looked up at Rashid and said.

“What should I pay for the confirmation letter?”

“I’ve had a great cup of tea, so that’s it.”

Aris’ face twisted.

It was the face that asked if this human was her older brother. Rashid continued with a chuckle.

“If you think the price is not enough, invite me again next time.”

“……I’ll think about it.”

“Please think positively.”

Rashid stroked the hair of Aris, who was much shorter than him. Aris hit Rashid’s hand with a nervous face.

“Don’t do anything disgusting and go.”


Siana, who was watching the scene, was confused.

It was because Rashid seemed to really care for Aris.

‘It’s ridiculous. The Prince of Blood.’

Then, Rashid’s and my eyes met.

Rashid bent his eyes gently.

“Thanks to you, I drank delicious tea. Thank you.”

So, it’s too friendly to say that it’s a greeting from the noble crown prince to a maid.

Siana lowered her head, hiding the feelings she couldn’t adapt to at all.

“It is an undeserved compliment.”

Aris, who was next to her, growled.

“Don’t flirt with someone else’s maid. Get out of here!”

TL/N: Aris knows what’s up heheheheh

* * *

After Rashid left, Siana said.

“I didn’t know that the princess had such a close relationship with the Crown Prince.”

Aris, who was sipping the rest of the tea, spat out with a spurt.

“That can’t be true. Don’t say terrible things!”

“But he came to see you willingly after receiving the princess’ letter. He also gave you a confirmation with the seal.”

It seemed like an obvious favor toward his sister. However, Aris strongly denied Siana’s idea.

“I just made a deal.”


“In exchange for giving me this piece of paper, my brother put a debt on it. no. He said it was done with drinking tea, so that’s it?”

Aris’ frowning face was not that of a younger sister who was helped by her older brother, but rather that of a debtor who borrowed money from a moneylender.


Siana remembered the culture of the empire she had read about in the book.

The imperial family is polygamous.

An emperor with absolute power takes dozens of wives and has children.

And numerous children have equal rights to the throne, regardless of age or rank.

In other words, everyone is a competitor for the throne.

Until a new emperor takes the throne, the crown prince changes countless times.

It was because the brothers who were greedy for the throne died and killed each other.

This was also the case for Crown Prince Rashid, who held the overwhelming power, and Aris, the youngest princess.

The two have the same father, but they can never become close siblings.

Siana lowered her eyebrows.

‘Well. If it were a relationship like that, he wouldn’t have let Princess Aris live like this in the first place.’

Aris also didn’t seem to have the slightest disappointment for her older brother who neglected her.

Nevertheless, the relationship between Rashid and Aris seemed a little special.

At least Rashid seemed to have goodwill toward Aris.

Aris said while munching on a snack Rashid brought.

“I’m easy*. Young, no mother, no supportive family.”

TL/N: Like she’s not much of a threat.

It is said that she is the furthest from the throne.

So Rashid can be comfortable with Aris.

Whether it be sympathy or love.

Aris muttered.

“Actually, I didn’t want to receive anything like this. It’s just debt.”

Siana looked at Aris with a complicated expression.

‘How can a child who is only 10 years old have such thoughts… …’

Siana’s life as a princess was not smooth either.

Of course, the situation was different with Aris.

Her birth mother died, but the maternal family remained. They hoped that Siana would gain at least some of the power as the princess of the kingdom.

So, at a young age, Siana had to know what she didn’t have to know. I had to grow up too soon.

I wasn’t in the least happy.

‘I wish the princess wasn’t that big…….’

I wish I had grown up like an ordinary child who was worried about how to deal with bell peppers mixed in food or how to sleep late.

It was Siana’s small greed.

* * *

The power of a piece of paper with the crown prince’s seal on it was enormous.

The moment Siana held it out, the supply depot went into an uproar. The attendant in charge said with a completely changed face.

“Take everything you want.”

“All of them?”

As she had aimed for the first time, Siana grabbed a pen and paper. Then I glanced over.

The attendant had a face like, ‘Is that all you have?’

So, Siana boldly began sweeping things up.

There was a lot to take if you gave it. Because there were more things that were not present in the Ruby Palace than there were.

‘The more soap and candles, the better, so let’s take a lot. I should bring thick cloth and make some clothes for the princess.  Oh my, there’s a lot of tea. At this point, let’s change all the dishes. The bowls in the Ruby Palace are too old.’

The attendant asked with a bewildered face at the items piled up like a mountain.

“Can you take it all?”

“Of course!”

Fortunately, the attendant lent me a wooden cart.

Siana started pulling the cart full of luggage.

‘Ugh, it’s heavy.’

Even though she had gained quite a bit of muscle while living as a maid, she did not have strong power.

It couldn’t have been easy to carry a load larger than my body. Meanwhile, Ruby Palace in the corner of the imperial palace was far away.

‘Maid Guts!’*

TL/N: Siana cheering for herself

Siana, who had stepped forward with her teeth clenched, widened her eyes.

Suddenly the cart became lighter.

‘Is someone pushing me from behind?’

I turned my head to check who it was, but I couldn’t see who it was because of the pile of luggage.

It was also strange to suddenly stop the cart and check his face.

Above all, Siana was friendly to the goodwill of others.

You have to take favors when you can.

So Siana spoke loudly enough to be heard in the back.

“Thank you for your help!”

The silent angel did not answer and silently pushed the cart.

He was so strong that Siana didn’t struggle at all.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’re the best, angel.”

Before she knew it, Siana arrived in front of Ruby Palace.

Siana let go of the handle of the cart and quickly ran to the back of the cart.

It was to properly thank the angel.

However, as soon as she saw the angel, Siana’s face turned pale.


It was Rashid who smiled with a disheveled face.

Crown Prince of the Empire. In this imperial palace, an existence holding the power second only to the emperor.

You let someone like that push the cart?

Oh God.

Siana knelt on the floor at breakneck speed and lowered her head.

“Forgive me, Your Highness. I made a mistake by not noticing the noble one.”

I put my forehead on the ground and thought about all sorts of things.

Why did this man help me?

Bored? Because I look tired? Because you want to use your overflowing energy?

Nothing could have been the reason why the Crown Prince pushed the cart that the maid was pulling.

No. There is one convincing reason.

‘If you’re trying to bully the maid in a unique way that’s never been done before, it’s a success, Your Highness the Crown Prince.’

That’s how terrible this situation was for Siana.

Rashid’s voice was heard.

“Raise your head. You don’t have to do that to me. I just did it because I wanted to.”

So why, would Your Highness want to push my cart!

Rashid spoke as if he could hear Siana’s mind.

“You’re too small and the cart is too big.”

“… …”

“So I helped you. That’s all.”

“… …”

For some reason, the voice that sounded a little downcast was sincere.

There seemed to be no ploy, no malice to bully.

So Siana slowly raised her head.

Seeing Siana’s face, Rashid smiled brightly.

Looking at the face of a man as harmless as a child, Siana thought.

‘This person may be more out of his mind than I thought.’

Otherwise, there is no way that a prince would keep smiling at a maid (who was a princess in the past) like that.

It’s best to avoid crazy people.

Siana stood up and bowed her head.

“I beg your pardon, Your Highness. Princess Aris told me to return to the palace as soon as possible.”

Fortunately, Rashid did not scold her. He didn’t even catch her.

He just made a really, really sad face. (Here, Siana was once again convinced that he was the crazy prince.)

“……I see. Go ahead.”

Siana responded like lightning.


Fearing that he would push it again, Siana pulled the cart at breakneck speed with all her strength and entered the Ruby Palace.

Rashid looked silently in the direction in which Siana disappeared.

[Sol’s POV]

At some point, escort knight Sol approached.

“Why did you just let her go?”

“She won’t like it if I catch it.”

Since when did you care so much about other people’s feelings?

Sol swallowed the words in his heart.

Rashid’s face was full of disappointment.

It was the face I saw when he failed while trying to seduce a squirrel who was very wary of people.

‘You seem to really like Miss Siana.’

After sending Siana to Princess Aris, Rashid stopped asking about her.

So I thought his interest had subsided.

But the moment he received the letter from Princess Aris yesterday, I realized that wasn’t the case.

As soon as Rashid read the letter, he jumped up and headed for the Ruby Palace.

As if he was only looking for a chance to go to the Ruby Palace.

“Did you miss Siana that much?”

At Sol’s words, Rashid nodded.

“Yes. I wanted to see round eyes. I also wanted to drink the tea she brewed herself. She’s cute and she’s still good at making tea.”

“… …”

“Should I just bring her to my palace?”

Sol’s eyes widened.

I can allow Rashid to cling to Siana.

It wasn’t a serious feeling anyway, it was just a feeling of loving a stray cat that he liked.

But bringing her to Rashid’s palace was a different matter.

Only those whose abilities and credibility have been thoroughly verified were allowed to enter the palace of the crown prince, who had many enemies.

So, before shouting no, Rashid said.

“Don’t worry. I won’t really bring Siana.”

Sol gave a look like how he could believe those words.

Rashid said, looking at the stupid and honest knight that showed all his emotions on his face.

“Did you feel anything when you saw Ruby Palace yesterday?”

Sol blinked at the sudden question and answered.

“The palace has become very clean. Miss Siana seems to have a talent for cleaning.”


“Princess Aris is in better shape. I guess Miss Siana must have a talent for looking after children.”

At Sol’s words, Rashid burst out laughing.

“Anyway, Solnite. Even if you are a knight who only needs one sword, you are too dull.”

Rashid lowered his eyes and thought of Aris.

The girl who growled like a fox in the wild looked surprisingly calm.

The eyes that used to be fierce were also shining brightly. She smiled brightly, revealing white teeth.

It was clear who led the change in Aris.

“Aris opened her heart to Siana.”

“… …!”

Sol opened his eyes widely.

“Did you send her to Princess Aris on purpose because you knew this would happen?”

Rashid did not answer. Silence was an affirmation.

Rashid realized something through the tea party held when Siana was an apprentice maid.

Siana willingly bowed her head to commoners and served them respectfully. At the same time, she said everything she had to say to the nobles.

In other words, Siana treats people regardless of status or power.

The same goes for the miserable princess who had a humble dancer as her biological mother and was abandoned by her father.

“Of course, that alone did not open Aris’ heart, but…”


“My little sister has the same taste as me. The animals that I adored are also cute to her.”


The bottom line is that Siana is cute.

Sol made a tired face at the endless praise of Siana.

Either way, Rashid murmured with a sad face.

“I want to drink the tea that Siana made for me again.”

I want to see Siana again.

… … Hearing that, Sol completely blocked his ears.

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