CH 15

[Aris’ POV]

“Aris, what are you doing!”

Aris was taken aback.

“I didn’t do anything! My sister suddenly put away the tea cup…….”

“Hurting people and blaming others!”

Aris, realizing what she was going to do from her past experience, closed her eyes.

‘I’m getting hit…!’

But the slap didn’t fly in.

Aris opened her eyes with a puzzled face. Aris opened her eyes wide at the scene unfolding before her eyes.

Siana was standing in front of Aris, holding Yvette’s wrist.

Siana made eye contact with Yvette and said to her.

“Stop, Imperial Princess.”


Yvette looked at the maid who blocked her with an icy face. Suddenly, a tinge of emotion flashed in her eyes.

“How dare a maid stop me?”

It was so terrifying that it was hard to believe that she was a young princess, but Siana did not back down at all.

She said in a clear voice, tightening the hand that gripped Yvette’s wrist.

“Forgive me, Imperial Princess. However, I couldn’t watch the Imperial Princess break the rules of the imperial family.”

“Imperial rules?”

“Yes. No one can touch His Majesty’s lineage with personal feelings.”


Yvette’s eyes widened at Siana’s words.

It was just as Siana said.

In the imperial family, the emperor was like a god, and so were the descendants who inherited the emperor’s blood.

Infinitely noble.

Anyone except the emperor could not punish them recklessly, even if they were members of the same royal family.

If punishment was to be given, it was necessary to obtain permission from the emperor.

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Yvette, who was pointed out, gritted her teeth.

‘For a maid to talk about the old rules of the imperial family.’

But it’s only a formality.

In reality, the emperor was not affectionate enough to be interested in each of his many children, and the imperial grandchildren were treated according to the size of their power.

So Yvette has hit Aris a few times in the past.

This is because Aris, who fell out of favor with the emperor as soon as she was born, was no more insignificant than a pet raised by a member of the royal family.

It didn’t matter what she touched.

‘But things change if you openly talk about discipline.’

If Aris takes issue with me touching her and makes a fuss about it, maybe someone can use it to attack Yvette.

Yvette did not want such a thing.

‘The weak can be trampled on. But that’s as long as it doesn’t do me any harm.’

So Yvette relaxed her hand with an annoyed face.

When Siana noticed it, she let go of her hand.

On Yvette’s wrist, there was a red handprint from Siana’s grip.

Looking at it, Yvette said in a low voice.

“Yes. You’re right. No matter how humble the status of the biological mother is, a princess is a princess. Even if you make a mistake, you can’t scold her recklessly. But…….”

It was Siana where Yvette’s black eyes were directed.

“I can scold a maid who dares to touch the royal family’s body.”

“You’re right.”

At Siana’s answer, Aris shouted with a pale face.

“No! Siana did nothing wrong. It, It’s all my fault.”

If I hadn’t dropped the tea. No, if I hadn’t come to this ridiculous tea party in the first place.

No, if I wasn’t weak.

Siana looked at Aris, who was in tears and said firmly.

“No, the princess has done nothing wrong.”


“So don’t say that.”

It was a harsh voice. It seemed like an earnest request.

Don’t show weakness.

Realizing Siana’s feelings, Aris bit her lip.

It was only then that Siana, with a relieved face, knelt down in front of Yvette.

“Imperial Princess, punish me.”

“Hmm, you don’t have to tell me?”

Yvette’s hand was already holding a whip made of leather.

Before I knew it, Yvette’s maids brought a podium in front of Siana.

Without showing any displeasure, Siana went up to the podium and pulled up the hem of her skirt.

The white, slender legs were exposed.

One corner of Yvette’s mouth went up.

Yvette raised the whip.

At that moment Siana spoke with her eyes to Aris, who was looking at her with a distorted face.

‘Close your eyes, princess.’

At the same time, a loud, painful sound was heard.

At the same time, there was a thud of pain.


A second sound was heard.


A third sound was heard.

Tears streamed from Aris’ closed eyes.

It felt like my heart would break.

I wanted to run right away, grab Yvette’s hand, and yell at her to stop.

But I couldn’t.

Because Siana didn’t want that.

I know that even if I did, it wouldn’t help at all.

All Aris could do was hold back her crying and clenched her fists.


The cruel sound continued to resonate on, and on without stopping.

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* * *

[Yvette’s POV]

In front of Yvette stood Siana, whose legs were covered with wounds.

Yvette muttered as she looked at Siana.

“I can’t believe you didn’t make a sound once. Unlike the naive face, there is a strong side.”

At the compliment that wasn’t a compliment, Siana made a bitter face.

‘It’s all thanks to her.’

Siana was punished numerous times by her stepmother as a child.

When Siana made a single sound, she increased the intensity of the harassment.

So Siana learned to hold back without making a sound.

She also knew how to hide her pain and pull herself together.

She lowered her skirt and bowed her head in front of Yvette.

“Thank you for educating me, Imperial Princess.”


It was a face that was perfectly polite, with no trace of resentment or fear remaining.

I wanted to punish one more time because it bothered me, but I held it in.

‘I’m hungry because I beat her so hard.’

Yvette couldn’t stand being hungry.

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“If this happens again next time, know it won’t end with whipping.”

Yvette’s voice was not directed at Siana.

It was Aris, who was trembling on the other side, with tears dripping down her closed eyes.

She looked more miserable than the maid who had been beaten.

‘She’s grieving more than when she herself was beaten.”

Only then did Yvette’s face show satisfaction.

Yvette looked down at Siana and said.

“Go ahead.”

Siana bowed and turned.

[Siana’s POV]

My legs were throbbing.

It was so painful that I couldn’t walk properly.

Even so, Siana endured the pain, walked, and stood in front of Aris.

Even then, Aris had her eyes closed tightly.

Siana looked at Aris with a complicated expression before opening her mouth.

“It’s over now, Princess.”


Aris slowly opened her eyes.

The pitch-black field of view brightened and I saw Siana.

Siana was smiling as usual.

Like the whipping sound that had plagued Aris up until now had been a lie.

But Aris knew.

There was a terrible scar under the hem of Siana’s long skirt. The truth is that it hurts enough to bring tears to the eyes.

Are you alright?

— Even before she could ask, Siana spoke first.

“You’ve put up with it very well, Princess. Now we’re going back.”


Tears leaked from Aris’ eyes at the friendly voice.

Aris wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

‘It’s no time to cry. First, we need to get out of this terrible place and treat Siana’s legs.’

Aris left the palace holding hands as if to support Siana.

Laughter rang out from behind the two of them.

Yvette said sarcastically.

“Aris, please don’t go wild and live quietly. Or I’ll invite you to the tea party again.”

It was a fierce and sharp threat.

* * *

[Siana’s POV]

Siana and Aris arrived at the Ruby Palace.

Aris forced Siana to sit in a chair, who said she was okay.

“I told you to sit down!”

“But with the princess in front of me, how can I…….”

“You got hurt because of me!”


Siana tried to say no once again. But I couldn’t say anything when I saw Aris’ face.

This is because Aris’ face soaked in tears was desperate.

“I’ll get the medicine. Don’t do anything and wait. It’s an order.”

Aris said so and left the Ruby Palace.

Alone, SIana sighed a little and leaned against the wall.

There were many times when the new queen had beaten me more severely than this. But no matter how much pain you suffer, it’s always terrible.

My leg felt cold as if it had been cut with a knife.

Siana lowered her eyes and murmured.

“If I hadn’t stopped it, this pain would have gone to Princess Aris.”

Yvette’s hand would have been directed at Aris’ little face.

Then, she would have smiled like a devil, saying she was only teaching her immature younger sister.

Just like the new queen did to Siana.

When I remembered that far, my whole body went cold.

Aris was usually straightforward and cheerful, just like her age. Every day she played childish pranks and laughed.

So Siana thought.

‘No royal family is interested in the abandoned princess. So it won’t be a big problem as it is for a while.’

It was a complacent judgment.

The imperial palace was not a place where the powerless young princess could live peacefully.

Aris needed strength.

At least the strength not to be swayed by such childish pranks.

But how?

Who’s gonna help the princess?

At that time, a beautiful face appeared in front of Siana.

It was Rashid.

Siana opened her eyes wide.


Rashid’s voice came out before the words ‘you are here’.

“Are you okay?”


There was a hint of concern in his soft voice.

Siana thought blankly.

‘Actually, I think I passed out because I was hit by something wrong earlier. That’s why I’m having such an absurd dream.’

But it wasn’t a dream.

Because I could see Aris’ face next to Rashid.

Aris explained the situation.

“I was going to call an imperial doctor, but I went to see my brother. I don’t think the doctor will come even if I call him anyway.”

Siena was surprised by two things.

One was that Aris, who hated to ask Rashid for something, made such a choice without hesitation.

The other was the fact that the crown prince stepped in directly because of the wounds of only one maid.

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Rashid said as if consoling.

“I spent half my life on the battlefield. Better than most doctors. So don’t worry and show your wounds.”

To show Rashid the wound, she had to roll up her skirt to show her legs.

It was a disgrace.

Siana, who was about to say that it was okay, soon nodded as if she had changed her mind and lifted her skirt slightly.



Aris and Rashid were speechless for a moment.

It was because the skinny calves were terribly red with scars.

Rashid asked in a low voice.

“Who made it like this?”

Aris replied in a trembling voice.


Rashid murmured a remark*.

“How dare she.”*

TL/N: In the raws, Rashid actually says just one word- ‘Dare’, but it sounds weird in English, so I edited it a little to make it flow better.

It was a remark that felt cool anger like a blue flame.

It was just as Siana expected.

Siana was aware of Rashid’s interest in herself.

It didn’t matter if it was curiosity about the princess of the defeated country he had brought, a favor given to the maid at his sister’s side, or just the whim of a mad crown prince.

It just needs his ferocious anger.

If Rashid attacks Yvette over this, word will surely spread.

When she touched Princess Aris’s maid, Prince Rashid got angry.

Whatever the truth, people will think Rashid is behind Princess Aris.

In that case, no one can easily touch Aris.

Aris could be safe, albeit briefly, under Rashid’s protection.

‘But why do I feel this way at this moment…….’

No matter how young she is, Aris is the emperor’s child.

She has a lot of pride despite living such a miserable life.

To the extent that she didn’t say a word about the absurdity and violence she suffered from the maid who opened her heart.

To the point where she doesn’t even ask for a favor from her brother who let her live like this.

‘Does such a person ever want such a thing?’

Siana looked at Aris, who was looking at her from the other side.

Her eyes, red from crying too much, were not only concerned about Siana.

It was resentment towards herself for not being able to protect one of her maids.

At that moment Siana was sure.

‘The princess doesn’t want a clumsy revenge that borrows the power of Her Highness the Crown Prince.’

The princess wants to trample them with her own power.

As soon as the thought reached there, Siana felt the rage that had been seething in her heart disappear.

Siana said to Rashid, who had brought a bottle of medicine.

“I beg your pardon, Your Highness, please stop.”


Seeing Rashid furrowing his eyebrows, Siana continued.

“I want to be treated by Princess Aris.”


Rashid was speechless for a moment. Aris, who was watching from his side, did the same.

Aris said hesitantly.

“I, I’ve never treated anyone else’s wounds.”

Siana replied.

“I’ll let you know.”

“……I won’t do well.”

“It’s all right.”


I want the princess to treat me herself.

It was as if she heard Siana’s voice.

Aris felt as if the tears that had stopped flowing were about to leak out. Aris nodded, trying to hold back her tears.

“I understand.”

Aris turned to Rashid.

“I’ll treat Siana. I’m sorry you came all the way here.”


It was Rashid who quickly became a borrowed barley bag.

TL/N: A person sits in the corner at a gathering. Meaning Rashid became kinda an outsider in this situation.

But Rashid was not angry.

Ha, he breathed a small sigh then lowered his eyebrows and smiled.

“I can’t help it, as Siana wants it to be.”

“The price for today’s work is…….”

“That’s enough. I haven’t done anything, so I have nothing to receive.”

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Then Rashid handed over the medicine box he had brought to Aris.

“I think you need it, so I’ll give you this. Pay for it later with a cup of Siana’s tea.”


Hearing Aris’ answer, Rashid turned his head.

Siana, who had adjusted her clothes, bowed her head to Rashid.

“Thank you for coming all the way here for me.”

[Rashid’s POV]

Rashid looked at Siana and thought.

‘You’re serving Aris wholeheartedly.’

In the future, Siana will change her mistress.

As Rashid expected.

But it was strange.

‘Why don’t I feel good at all when things are going the way I want?’

Rashid soon found out why.

This is because Siana rejected himself.

‘Actually, I want to treat you.’

I want to apply medicine to you who are wounded, I want to hear the foolishness of who did it.

But I can’t.

… Because I’m not your master.

I regretted sending Siana to Aris for the first time.

‘Now what?’

Rashid denied his feelings and smiled at Siana.

“If you think Aris’ treatment is a mess, come and see me anytime.”


Siana nodded with an awkward smile.

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