CH 10

Beginner martial skill Demon Ox Slash?

25000 Slash Points?

All good stuff.

Yang Qi knew that martial skills were divided into beginner-level martial skills, intermediate-level and high-level martial skills. These were normal martial skills, Earth Level Martial Skills and Heavenly Level Martial Skills, which were considered super martial skills.

Yang Qi found out that the beginner-level martial skill, Demon Ox Slash, had appeared in his mind. It seemed like he had directly comprehended this skill.

In an instant, Yang Qi had the Earth Blade Talent. The function of the Earth Blade Talent was to be familiar with any ordinary Martial Skill.

Yang Qi checked the Slash Points again. 34,602.

He was not far from obtaining 50,000 Slash Points.

Yang Qi knew that the war in Jiang City had not ended yet. This was merely an emergency shelter. The Martial Artists and the main force of the army were fighting the Demonic Devils.

However, Yang Qi knew that it was impossible for the Martial Artists and the army in Jiang City to defend against the Demonic Devils.

Yang Qi had to go!

For official matters, the Dragon Country and even the entire World Alliance had forgotten their past grudges and stood together to fight the Demonic Devils.

For private matters, killing the Demonic Devils would allow one to obtain Slash Points.

“All of you, stay here and guard the emergency shelter.”

Yang Qi said to Lee Hu and Wei Qiang.

Lee Hu and Wei Qiang nodded their heads. They knew that Yang Qi must be going to kill the other Demonic Devils.

With Yang Qi, the chaos of the Demonic Devil wouldn’t be far from ending.

Yang Qi began to search for the Demonic Devils in Jiang City.

The sound of bullets, explosions and miserable cries was still lingering in his ears.

Yang Qi arrived near a residential building.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

Suddenly, a panicked voice rang in Yang Qi’s ears.

Yang Qi focused his eyes and saw two body-forging Martial Artists and dozens of soldiers running towards him.

And behind them was a terrifying Demonic Devil.

This Demonic Devil also had light blue eyes.

Primary Demon General!

Another Primary Demon General!

Two body refining Martial Artists and dozens of soldiers were busy with their own affairs. When they saw Yang Qi, they no longer had the time to care about him.

These people ran toward the left of Yang Qi’s direction.

The Primary Demon General also came to Yang Qi’s side.

This Primary Demon General was 2.5 meters tall, and it was as strong as a metal tower. Its muscles were bulging, and it looked very oppressive.

The Primary Demon General casually slapped over, and its large hand carried a fierce wind!

Just as the large hand that carried the fierce wind was about to slap Yang Qi’s body, Yang Qi pulled out the rusted Iron Sword from his back.

A cold light flashed.

The Primary Demon General let out a stern roar.

The Martial Artist and the army, who had not run far away, stopped in their tracks when they heard the stern roar of the Primary Demon General. They turned around and looked at the scene in front of them.

When the Martial Masters and soldiers saw this, they sucked in a cold breath of air. They were extremely shocked.

Because, the Primary Demon General’s large hand had already separated from its body and fallen to the ground.

Yang Qi did not give the Primary Demon General any chance to react. He once again slashed out with his saber.

“Slaying Primary Demon General, Slash Points + 3000.”

The dozens of Martial Artists and soldiers looked at the Primary Demon General as it heavily fell to the ground. They froze on the spot, dumbstruck.

A Primary Demon General was killed just like that?

This person was so strong!

The Martial Master and the soldiers did not dare to think about it anymore.

They knew that there was no such powerful Martial Artist in Jiang City. Could it be that Yang Qi came from Linhai Base?

Yang Qi thought that the Primary Demon General was really too weak.

Yang Qi had already become a Primary Martial Disciple. With the Elemental Body, he had gained 8,000Jin of strength. Coupled with the Essence energy he had gathered, a Primary Demon General was nothing in front of him.

The hand that held the saber trembled slightly. The Essence Energy attached itself to the rusty Iron Sword, and the rusty saber began to glow.

After the two Body Refining Martial Artists and dozens of soldiers recovered from their shock, they hurriedly ran towards Yang Qi.

“Senior, are you the Martial Artist from Linhai Base City that came to help our Jiang City?”

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