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Chapter 911 The True Mortal Blood World

Noah could only use his bow to block some of the arrows while twisting his body in the air. Those superhuman feats allowed him to avoid most of the damage, but two arrows still made their way to his right shoulder and left leg.

As Noah landed on the ground again, he focused on moving around the soldiers. He made sure to gain enough distance to fire his arrows but not so much as to allow the archers from the enemy's side to attack.

Every time Noah fired an arrow, it would kill not only his target but also at least four more people behind this one. Noah's arrows' strength was so much that they could easily pierce those soldiers' bodies.

Noah had just found his rhythm with the bow and arrow when he heard a loud voice.

"Archers, fire!"

Noah's eyes widened as he saw a man behind the archers shout that order, and the next second, hundreds of arrows were shot at him.

Just as the sky went dark due to the sea of arrows coming his way, Noah grabbed one of the soldiers and used him as a shield. 

That was not the only man that perished under friendly fire, as hundreds of soldiers were so close to Noah that they could not outrun the arrows.

Noah's eyes grew cold as he saw that. The idea of sacrificing your people so callously infuriated him, but he was surprised that the soldiers around him showed no hesitation or rage.

All of them saw their fallen brothers with decisiveness and were ready to march toward Noah, even if it meant falling victim to the arrows of their own people.

Noah's confusion grew stronger once he could glance at the archers and commander again and saw all of them in tears.

"Brothers, keep fighting. No matter what, we must prevail!"

The commander shouted before ordering the archers to fire again and making the soldiers charge toward Noah so they could restrict his movements. 

Noah saw the arrows coming his way, along with the soldiers ready to give their life so they could hold him in place for just one second. As that happened, his bow and arrow transformed into a large shield.

That was the perfect weapon for this situation since Noah could use them to protect himself from the arrows, but he did not.

Noah's eyes glowed with enlightenment as he saw all those faces and understood something. 

'The weaponry and the diminishing of my power were just a trick. They wanted to confuse me so I could not see the truth of this world. I am the one attacking their home.'

Just as that thought crossed Noah's mind, the world around him shattered and was replaced by something completely different. He was no longer in a barren land facing a human army but in the Void next to three Principal Worlds, with millions of powerful life forms in front of him, all ready to fight to the end. 

The enemy was not the only one that changed as he was no longer just a mortal, nor was his true self. Noah now resembled a demonic god with dark metallic skin and golden runes all over his body.

Noah glanced at his body and felt the immense power that was running across every fiber of his being. It was the power of a Rank 10 life form.

'I am...'

Although all sorts of thoughts crossed Noah's mind right now, he did not have the luxury of relaxing as the army in front of him was ready to attack.

"We might come from different worlds, but have a single goal. Our kind has suffered great losses at the hands of this creature, who has relentlessly pursued our bloodlines. We must prevent the monstrous entity from continuing its reign of terror.

Let's set our souls ablaze and kill The Embodiment of End, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction!"

The one shouting those words was a young man with blue hair riding a giant black dragon. The phantom of a Nine-Headed Hydra could be seen behind his back, displaying a power that could match a Primarch!

Those who heard his words began to roar, raising their power to the limit and burning their life force without hesitation. 

Noah could not help but sigh as he saw that. This war occurred in a period of time that elders and powerhouses across the Daybreak Universe chose to leave in oblivion.

Zatiel Daybreak was the Godking of Justice, the embodiment of all that was good and right in the universe, but there was a time when he was also the doom of the Prima Universe.

The Incarnation of Death and Destruction sundered countless words and killed billions in his search for bloodlines and knowledge to give birth to the Ultimate Race, the Neo-Demons. 


The Nine-Headed Hydra Patriarch shouted, and the entire army unleashed a sea of spells that covered the Void and came crashing down on the Incarnation of Death and Destruction. 

Noah saw that cosmic wave, but he did not move a muscle. He closed his eyes and allowed the attack to crash on him. 


An explosion that could have easily shattered a Principal World occurred as that cosmic wave crashed on the Incarnation of Death and Destruction. 

The young man was shocked that the Incarnation of Death and Destruction took that attack head-on and was not the only one since the rest of the army also did not understand what was happening. 

"I understand why you fight, and every ounce of my existence tells me you are in the right. However, sometimes it doesn't matter if you are right or wrong. It only matters what needs to be done."

That voice came from inside the explosion, and after a few seconds, the raging energy vanished, showing a wounded Incarnation of Death and Destruction. Burn marks were all over his body, and blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

Noah raised his arm and cleaned the blood off his mouth before focusing on the enemy's army.

"I took your attack as a sign of respect for your courage. Now the fight ends."

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