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Chapter 912 Universe Breaking World

The fight between Noah and the Bloodline Salvation Army ended just like it did eons ago in the Prima Universe. The millions of life forms and the three Principal Worlds that marched against the Incarnation of Death and Destruction failed.

All the corpses were gone since every time the Incarnation of Death and Destruction killed someone, that person would shatter at a molecular level and transform into energy that he could use.

As for the three Principal Worlds, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction split two of them into pieces. The last one seemed fine, but its soul was gone, and there was not a single ember of life on its surface.

Noah's right hand held the Nine-Headed Hydra Patriarch's throat as the left one pierced the man's chest and destroyed him from the inside.

"Ahhhh." Noah sighed as he took his hand from the man's body, letting this one shatter into a cluster of atoms. He looked around him, and a deep sense of frustration filled him.

As a life form of the Daybreak Universe, Noah could not tolerate such a level of carnage. However, he also understood that if it were not for his father's determination to do everything in his power to give birth to the Neo-Demon Race, the Prima Universe would have fallen into the hands of Endless Darkness. 

If Noah one day left the Daybreak Universe and began to explore the Emptiness, he would have to make hard decisions that could involve the life of entire universes.

Right after the battle ended, a beam of light covered his figure, allowing the Mortal Blood World's soul force to temper every fiber of his existence. 

Along with that power, a memory also appeared in Noah's mind. He saw that same battle but could feel his father's thoughts and emotions this time. 

Zatiel killed everyone and destroyed the worlds, showing no emotion whatsoever during the entire battle. However, once everything ended, he no longer used his soul force to suppress his emotion, and a sense of exhaustion assaulted him. 

There was a deep sense of respect in Zatiel's heart for all those that fought in this place, but he could not stop his plans. Even if they were cruel and people called him a monster, the destiny of the Prima Universe was more important than his personal feelings.

Zatiel did not hide from what he had done or put up excuses. He would carry the burden alone if needed and carve a bloody path that future generations could travel, achieving true freedom. If the universe wanted to think of him as a tyrannical monster, then so be it. 

Noah said nothing. He was born in a utopian universe that used the death of trillions as its foundation. That was a hard truth to accept. 

There was silence as a blinding light hindered Noah's vision, and he finally reached the last of the Nine Sacred Samsara Worlds.

"Welcome to the Universe Breaking World!"

Noah had just opened his eyes when he saw that right as he appeared, at the exact second, someone else also entered the Universe Breaking World. 

Beelzebub's eyes widened as he saw Noah less than ten meters away. 

The Neo-Demon and Depravita had arrived simultaneously in the Ninth Sacred Samsara World!

Noah had been behind Beelzebub all this time, but it seemed that he managed to understand the essence of the Mortal Blood World faster than the Depravita genius. 

The Eighth Sacred Samsara World's essence was not just to defeat your enemies. You have to understand the reason behind the Incarnation of Death and Destruction carnage and learn the core idea of this one.

The shock of the duo lasted barely a second before each of them took their spear and flashed toward the other. 

The Universe Breaking World was an infinite sky with nothing in sight, so the duo could unleash their full power without worrying about anything else. 


The moment both spears clashed, a massive blast echoed. However, Noah and Beelzebub frowned. 

Although the blast generated by their clash was powerful, it was far from their maximum force. An extraordinary power hindered their energy, allowing them to express only a fraction of their full battle strength.

It was clear to the Neo-Demon and Depravita that the power hindering the energy had to do with the trial of the Universe Breaking World. The most straightforward path that came to their minds was using all their force to fight it off, but it was almost impossible.

Noah and Beelzebub kept using all their strength to fight the other while trying to figure out the key to surpass this world. 

All sorts of ideas came to their minds, using what they learned in the previous worlds to break this one, but nothing worked. When they understood that fighting did not work, they attempted to harmonize with the power hindering their energy, but that also failed.

The duo had fought for less than thirty minutes when another figure appeared in the Universe Breaking World. Athea opened her eyes and saw the duo fighting before perceiving the power that hindered her energy. 

The woman did not immediately attack the duo. The Will Sublimation World and the Mortal Blood World had tempered her will to a large degree, allowing her to be reborn as a seasoned warrior.

Noah and Beelzebub continue their battle. If Athea wanted to intervene, it would become a three-party fight, but until then, they only focused on the other.

The duo did not worry that the woman would just watch as they tired themselves. There was no way one could surpass a Sacred Samsara World following such a cowardly path.

Athea's blood burned with the desire to battle, but she kept analyzing the world, trying to find an answer. They were in an endless sky with nothing in their sight but themselves.

Unfortunately for Athea, she did not have the luxury of time as someone else appeared a few minutes after her.

Sirik, the son of the Astral Fiend Primogenitor, appeared in the Ninth Sacred Samsara World.

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