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Chapter 913 Breaking The Universe (I)

Sirik's eyes narrowed as he saw the presence of the two greatest monsters on this level, Noah and Athea. His shock did not end there as he saw how a member of the Depravita Race fought on equal grounds with Noah.

He was surprised, but soon a smile appeared on his face. His skin turned bone white as he activated his Astral Fiend Bloodline, exponentially increasing his physical strength before focusing on his opponent.

Athea showed nothing when she saw Sirik targeting her. She was sure the man was powerful, but since both of them focused on a melee battle style, there was no way she could lose.

However, the woman with the Lord of Emptiness Bloodline running through her veins clenched her fist and immediately grew serious once Sirik took out his swords.

'The moment he took his swords, his aura grew exponentially stronger. I can feel my instincts screaming danger. If I am not careful, I might lose.'

Athea took a deep breath, and her four Suns of Origin burst with light as her physical strength skyrocketed. 

The moment Athea's power reached its peak, Sirik's battle intent exploded, and he flashed forward as a silver light emerged in his eyes. 


Sirik's sword and Athea's fist clashed, unleashing a shocking wave of energy. Even in their suppressed state, the duo released a monstrous physical might. 

Athea's fist carried a much greater raw strength than Sirik's sword, but to the woman's surprise, the Astral Fiend's swordplay reduced the difference to the point their clash ended up in a draw!

Athea was shocked by that, and she was not the only one since Noah and Beelzebub also focused part of their consciousness on their fight. The Neo-Demon and Depravita knew they could not equal Athea in a physical clash, but Sirik managed to do it by combining his raw strength and the Sun and Moon Sword Inheritance. 

It was clear to everybody that Sirik did not reach this place by a fluke. The Astral Fiend had the right to stand among the mightiest geniuses of the entire Daybreak Universe.

Athea did not lose focus and carried on with the battle while leaving a small part of her consciousness trying to understand this world's essence. 

Sirik showed a fierce smile, and there was a mighty killing intent in his eyes as he attacked with all his strength. He might not have a better bloodline than the rest, but when it came to killing intent, he was superior to those who never set foot in the Nightmare Inferno Realm.

Despite his fiendish appearance and aura, Sirik remained focused, and just like the other three, he was trying to understand the essence of the world amidst the battle. 

Around a day after Sirik's arrival, a fifth genius reached the Ninth Sacred Samsara World. This time it was not a Neo-Demon or a Depravita but a member of the Eldar Race.

He resembled a mighty snake whose body extended for hundreds of kilometers, with dozens of demonic wings, and there was a small black hole on top of his head.

The name of this young Eldar genius was Zaphirox. He was a second-generation Eldar, born of the combined essence of two mighty first-generation Eldars, and when it came to talent, he was not that far behind any of the present.

Noah, Beelzebub, Sirik, and Athea activated their unique powers the moment the Eldar appeared. 

Beelzebub's spear burst with Depravita Aura while dark purple flames emerged from Noah's weapon.

Athea activated her bloodline's ability and began to harness the World Strength while a black and white flame covered Sirik's swords.

The four made sure to explode their power, giving a clear message to the newcomer. He was welcome to fight with them but had to be ready to face them in full force!

Zaphirox glanced at each of them, and while there was no fear in his eyes, he did not charge at them. Just doing nothing was not the answer, but blindly charging into a battle wasn't either. 

The Eldar focused on the world and attempted to break free of the restriction while waiting for an opponent to arrive. 

Noah, Beelzebub, Athea, and Sirik saw Zaphirox's behavior and focused once again entirely on their battle while trying to understand the world's essence. 

Hours carried on, and after another half a day, a sixth genius made her way into the Ninth Sacred Samsara World. 

Her face was empty, having no mouth, ears, eyes, or nose, with a slender body covered in a white exoskeleton and a powerful flaming blue Depravita Aura bursting out of her hands.

Zaphirox grew solemn as he stared at the Depravita woman. Her name was Abadon, and before the arrival of Beelzebub, she was considered the top genius Depravita of this generation.

Zaphirox and Abadon stared at each other and began to clash without saying a word. The Eldar unleashed all kinds of techniques that used his massive body and gravitational spells, while the Depravita unleashed skills that combined the powers of space and time.

Although they all respected the battle from the others, everybody was fighting with all they had, intending on defeating the others since that could make understanding the essence of the world easier.

However, while they were doing their best, the limit on their energy output made it very hard to land a finishing blow, and no one was advancing in their understanding of the Universe Breaking World. 

As the days passed, more and more geniuses reached the Ninth Sacred Samsara World. There was a tactical understanding among them, as the newcomer would wait for someone else to arrive so they could start their individual battle.

All the geniuses present here would most likely pass to the final, so learning the power of their future opponents provided benefits. It did not take long before eight battles occurred simultaneously across the endless sky that was the Ninth Sacred Samsara World. 

At the center of the world, Noah and Beelzebub continued their clash. The duo grew increasingly frustrated since they could not find a way to surpass this world. 

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