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Chapter 554: flying dragon in the sky

Chapter 554 Flying Dragon in the Sky

In the dungeon.

The two still played calmly.

The situation is becoming more and more complicated and difficult to understand.

Xiao Junji pondered for a long time, and in an unexpected situation, he landed a sunspot, and laughed loudly: "I see the dragon is in the wild."

The advantage between black and white chess pieces suddenly reversed again.

On the chessboard, there are murderous intentions everywhere, looking around, no matter where you make a move, you can't escape a defeat.

Pei Yi held the chess in thought, with a solemn expression, and remained silent for a long time.

And at this time, on the battlefield.

The King of Huainan's branch marched triumphantly, like a broken bamboo.

The eldest son of the Pei family, Pei Xuanzong, who was guarding the pass, looked at the retreating soldiers, remained silent for a moment with a sullen face, and ordered in a cold voice, "Retreat."

Pei Xuanting turned his head to look at his elder brother in astonishment. This place is an important pass in Kyoto.

If they lose their defense here, they will definitely lose ground.

But on the battlefield, Pei Xuanting has always trusted his elder brother's assignments—whether he understood or not at the time.

The troops led by King Huainan saw that the Pei family was defeated, and their morale soared.

The general headed by    smiled and shouted: "My sons, follow me to kill!"

Kill the Pei family army!

Who said Pei Shu is the undefeated God of War?

They Huainan King's troops will never be inferior to Pei Shu's soldiers!

On the other end, the sky prison.

After a long time, Pei Yi's condensed brows relaxed.

She made a steady landing in the southwest corner, and said with a calm smile, "The flying dragon is in the sky."

This move has set the game of chess.

Looking down at the chess game, Heizi has absolutely no chance of counterattacking.

Xiao Junji narrowed his eyes and watched the chess game carefully for a long time, then he put the black stone between his fingers back into the chess basket, and said with a convincing smile: "Madam's chess is superior, and I lost for my husband."

Pei Yi was taken aback for a moment, and said a little uncomfortably: "Talk nonsense."

Xiao Junji leaned towards her and said, "Mrs. Cai just agreed that I am from the Pei family. Doesn't that mean that she has accepted me?"

Pei Yi said coolly and authentically: "Without a matchmaker and without a job, it is a vain attempt to settle down for life. This is adultery without a matchmaker."

Xiao Junji choked heavily, and complained sadly: "What a heartless little lady."

Now, he didn't dare to call "Ma'am" casually anymore.

But at this time, a **** soldier hurried into the dungeon, saw Pei Yi and knelt down on one knee, and said in an extremely excited tone: "Miss, the rebels have surrendered!"

In ancient times, men and women were ranked separately, and Pei Yi was the only woman among the descendants of the Pei family, so she was called "Miss Pei".

"Win!" Xiao Junji grinned, looked at his sweetheart in front of him happily, and said excitedly, "We won!"

Pei Yi was stunned for a long time before Yoyo also laughed.

She looked at the handsome man in front of her, and said with a smile, "We won."

In this battle, King Huainan was defeated, the title of prince was taken away, and the nine clans were barred.

The eldest son of the Xiao family, Junji, has long since cut off his relationship with the Xiao family, so he is not included in the nine clans, so he will not be implicated.

The second son of the Xiao family, Jun Lin, disappeared during the battle, and his life and death are unknown.

"My second brother has always been very capable." Xiao Junji said cautiously, "If he disappears this day, my heart will not be at ease."

The same is true for Pei Yi.

Xiao Junlin, as the original pride of heaven in this world, is still lucky even now.

Every day she doesn't get rid of Xiao Junlin, she feels restless.

After a few days.

Pei Xuanting came to visit his sister in prison, and happily talked about how majestic he was on the battlefield this time.

Pei Yi smiled and listened carefully, but she didn't find it annoying.

Pei Xuanting is a talkative person. After talking about the war, he began to gossip again: "The Sixth Miss Bai has such a rotten heart. Oh, she shouldn't be called Miss Bai, her name is Su Luoyun. She replaced the real Sixth Miss Bai His identity, and even killed the mother-in-law who adopted Miss Bai Liu, with several lives on her hands."

Pei Yi didn't expect Su Luoyun's scandal to be exposed at this time.

She asked with a little astonishment: "Second brother, where did you get the news?"

Pei Xuan clicked his tongue and said sarcastically: "Let me tell you, now the whole capital knows about the scandal of the Bai family. On the day of the wedding, the third prince brought the authentic Sixth Miss of the Bai family to the Bai mansion, and exposed Su Luoyun's identity on the spot. It's a disgrace to the family, and the Xiao family also loses all face as the marriage party. According to me, the king of Huainan mobilized the army in advance that day, and he was probably angered by the third prince."

Pei Yi couldn't help laughing.

"Fanyin, our Pei family has made meritorious service this time, and you will be able to go out of this prison in a short time." Pei Xuan said with a cheerful smile.

Pei Yi disagreed, and smiled meaningfully: "I'll wait."

A few days later.

Someone actually impeached Pei Shu in court, and accused Pei Shu of ten crimes in court-disrespect to the emperor, corruption and bribery, bad conduct, forming a party for personal gain, and so on.

Among these charges, the most serious crimes are the two of "forming a party for personal gain" and "disrespecting the emperor"-any courtier who commits one of them is the crime of beheading, let alone both.

Pei Shu did not make any defense, but said indifferently: "Justice rests in the heart."

Those ministers with a keen sense of politics sensed something unusual from Pei Shu's abnormal indifference—the Pei family no longer cared about the emperor's attitude at all. I am afraid that the sky will change in Kyoto.

But most courtiers gloated.

After the battle between the Pei family and the King of Huainan, it can be said that their vitality was seriously injured. Now that the power of the King of Huainan has fallen, the Pei family can no longer expect to be alone.

Someone even whispered behind their backs: "If I were Pei Shu, I would let Mr. Xiao survive that day. As long as the strength of the Xiao family is still there, His Majesty will rely on the Pei family. Why would he be so anxious to attack the Pei family?"

Huainan King has been deprived of his title, so everyone calls him "Master Xiao".

A few days later.

Memorials attacking Pei Shu flew to the court like snowflakes, and the rhetoric became more and more fierce-some even accused Pei Shu of collaborating with the enemy and treason, and attached a "letter of communicating with the enemy" intercepted by spies.

It can be said that the situation above the court is jittery.

Everyone was trembling and afraid to speak.

Decades ago, General Xun Xin was ransacked and exterminated in this way.

Everyone can't imagine what will happen to the Pei family today.

And Pei Shu claimed that he was too sick to go to court amidst all the speculations of the people.

The emperor was furious, and in the absence of Pei Shu, he declared that Pei Shu had colluded with the enemy and treason, sentenced him to beheaded all over his family, and sent troops immediately

For a while, the capital was full of wind and rain.

But what everyone didn't expect was that Pei Shu raised his troops to fight back, and he also used the banner of "cutting the innocent and responding to the destiny".

This doesn't even use the slogan "Qing Emperor's Side", it directly wants to replace the Great Zhou Emperor!

How dare Pei Shu?

Don't you care about the mouth of the world at all?

There is no sun.

Kyoto is in a bloodbath.

The people dare not go out behind closed doors.

This **** battle did not end until half a month later.

But the result was unexpected.

Although Pei Shu kicked the old emperor off the stage, he ushered Yan Luoyu onto the stage!

(end of this chapter)

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