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As the spectacular banquet hosted by Argenta and Alors had ended, the rumors circulating in society after the banquet hardly deviated from the expectations of the two families.

“I didn’t expect Argenta and Alors to make up.”

“The relationship between the two families has been bad for a long time, hasn’t it? Especially in this generation.”

“Nevertheless, this kind of banquet…”

Most of them said that but also about something else.

“The newlyweds looked very happy.”

“Have there been such a sweet couple in society lately…?”

They were whispering about the couple’s actions under the white veil.

Of course, what the two talked about did not leak out of the veil. However, the images of the two whispering each other’s names, embracing and kissing each other were deeply imprinted in the eyes of the people in high society.


After the banquet was finished, Diello Argenta returned to the office. Naturally, it was after taking the ‘lovely’ new bride to the room. The two were now officially engaged, and even if the two stayed in the same mansion for many days, they would not be in trouble.

“They were convinced with your performance today.” Rick, the head of intelligence at the Argenta family who served him in person after returning to the office, said so.

Diello nodded slightly in reply.

“I think it was because she was much bolder than I expected.”

Rick replied lightly to his words.

“People also said Krua Alors was quite bold, but most of them are talking about you.”

His eyes were on Rick. While this man was always blunt in his words and actions, he was more loyal to Argenta than anyone else.

Rick was silent as his eyes met Diello.

“The nobles thought you were different from usual.”

Diello Argenta used to always show his indecisiveness and weakness. Although he was covered inside a veil at the banquet, it deserved to be a topic of conversation because he revealed his desire to monopolize the bride.

Diello nodded slightly.

“They’d think we’re a very sweet pair.”

“Of course.”

“The more rumors spread, the better. Just spread it more, but don’t step out of line.”

Argenta’s intelligence reached the border of the empire. They could create rumors that didn’t exist, so it would be easy to circulate those rumors and wrap them up perfectly.

“Yes, I’ll tell that to the family.”

The word family here was not referring to only the blood-related family of Duke Argenta, but all of them instead. Not only the knights but also the servants, the maids, and even the stableman. Plus, all those people who had a deep connection to Argenta.

Those who did not betray Argenta were part of the family. It had been a tradition since the beginning of the Argenta family.

Argenta family. Everyone’s Argenta.


When Diello confirmed that Rick had left, he put his arms on the desk in the office.


As he took a short breath while looking down at the table, he moved his necktie a few times to loosen it.

It wasn’t because he felt stuffy. It was because he was dizzy, as if he had eaten too much food. It was also not because of the circumstances that would change due to the marriage of Alors and Argenta or similar things like that.

“I’ll lead, just follow me.”

“Do it boldly.”

He thought of Krua Alors under the white veil, who whispered like that.

“Act as if you love me.”

It wasn’t a confession nor an incitement… it was a kind of provocation for him.

Krua Alors wouldn’t have known what kind of man she was dealing with, would she? That was why she could be so bold to whisper. Of course, that was also what Diello Argenta himself was aiming for.

「 Silly and indecisive Duke.

It wasn’t known whether he was acting or not… and this young Duke who got stuck in between the three duke families suffered. 」

Those who had already evaluated him were slowly getting away from him.

They were not a part of Argenta family. Those who could turn their backs at any time began to contact the other two duke families, perhaps thinking that they wouldn’t benefit from their master. Still, they would soon pay the price.

“I said follow my lead.”

Recalling his bold new bride, a laugh flowed out of his mouth again. At some point, his fingertips that started tapping on the desk stopped.


Diello thought of Krua Alors, who walked on eggshells and came into his arms willingly. He even remembered those purple eyes. Perhaps she didn’t think he would lead the kiss or that her soft lips would have been hit somewhat aggressively.

“Like this?”

He remembered her lips and eyes as he took a deep breath and asked back. Her purple eyes indicated surprise. And when he kissed her really deeply, Krua Alors, who said she would lead him, collapsed really defenselessly.

It was Diello Argenta himself who held and supported her weak leg. It was he, who coveted her lips under the veil until she was out of breath.


After that, her round eyes, which seemed like a rabbit, gazed at him with surprise.

“Krua Alors…”

He tapped the desk slowly again. She would have made some changes to her evaluation of Diello Argenta.

From the indecisive and weak to the decisive and bold…

And Diello, after this banquet, completely revised his evaluation of Krua Alors.

The Krua Alors he knew weren’t like this. Depending on how she felt, she would throw away or kill her subordinates. The Alors family tradition was to kill with no qualms, and it was Krua Alors, who even enjoyed the family tradition.

…However, as Diello Argenta saw, Krua Alors was a completely different person.

“It wasn’t just me that was acting.”

Krua Alors must have been the same kind of person as him. The appearance she had shown so far was just a fake appearance to the Duke of Alors. It was easy to tell just by looking at her for a few days.

“I’ll lead, just follow me.”

This was what she really was. He bet it was the real her.

“Do it, don’t do it.”

For Argenta, she was a very good match.

‘Do it, don’t do it.’

He mumbled the words again briefly and laughed.

She probably didn’t know which side he chose, but it was too late to regret. She had already stepped into Argenta’s territory, and a deal had been struck under the white veil of the banquet. It was an irreversible deal.


Diello smoothed his lower lip and smiled. The corners of his mouth turned up and his eyes contained strange emotions.

* * *

After the banquets, the Argenta mansion had an exciting atmosphere. It was unusual that there was such excitement throughout the Argenta mansion, from Vielle, the maids, and even the other servants and stablemen.

“Even if the master of an ordinary family gets married, there will be no reason for the servants to get excited.”

Even though their master gets married, the daily lives of the servants would not change, right?

Besides, wasn’t Krua Alors an evil girl from the perspective of the servants? She wouldn’t hesitate to kill her servants if she was offended. However, the people in Argenta surrounding her seemed strangely happy, even though the servants probably heard the rumor.

“Everyone seems to be happy about the engagement, so I feel good, too.”

At her words, Vielle, who was taking care of the bath, smiled lightly.

“I think they have high expectations because of the banquet.”

“Because we’re like very sweet newlyweds?”


As Krua glanced back at her after hitting her hand on the surface of the water, Vielle nodded slightly. After confirming that there were only two of them in the bath, she whispered to her.

“You know the truth.”

Vielle paused at the whisper.

Krua guessed she must’ve thought she wouldn’t mention this herself. Above all, Vielle didn’t think Krua would know that she knew that this marriage was a contract marriage.

“What do you think about this engagement?”

It would have seemed very sweet to someone who didn’t know the situation. Nonetheless, it was necessary to know what it looked like from the perspective of those who knew the situation. It was not just the nobles in society that she and Diello had to cheat on, but also the Duke of Alors.

Yes, the Duke of Alors sent her as a fake Ferro.

“Make sure to seduce Diello Argenta.”

“Take away the Duke of Argenta’s job.”

It was the man who gave her such an order.

…She had to be able to trick him. It had to look like Diello was really into her.

“It was very good.”

Vielle said and paused for a while. Putting down the bottle of perfume, she soon smiled.

“Even to me, to the point of being deceived.”

Seeing her expression, it didn’t seem like Vielle was lying. Thankfully, the performance seemed to have been successful.

When Krua smiled face to face with her…


There was a sudden voice and a sound of footsteps outside the bathroom.

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