CH 7

Alors, Argenta, Cartiel.

The weddings involving the three duke families have always been unique, and that was why their marriages have always been a hot topic in high society.

“How splendid must the wedding be.”

The wedding ceremony of the three families who could control water, fire, and wind had their own characteristics. However, this time, it was clear that it would be more extravagant because it was a wedding ceremony with two of the families.


Only subtle lights were still on at the wedding hall where the newlyweds would enter. The subtle light from the candle hanging upside down created a mysterious atmosphere. It was probably the fire of Argenta.


“As expected of Argenta.”

Some of the guests kept their mouths shut as they admired it. There were people seen gathering near the Cartiel family, who were unrelated to this marriage.

The group of people around the Duke of Cartiel was quietly watching the situation. And between them, water began to flow slowly on both sides of the wide Virgin Road. It was a waterway that had been prepared in advance.

Of course, it was made by the power of Alors family. It was the Duke of Alors in the bride’s family seat that moved it.

“Congratulations, Your Excellency. You’ve made a good connection.”

“Oh, my God. What a happy occasion.”

As people gathered and tried to greet the Duke of Alors at least once, the Duke of Alors was watching on one side of Virgin Road, where the bride would enter while accepting the greetings nonchalantly.

‘Krua Alors…’

He recited to himself the name of his illegitimate daughter.

She had done a good job of getting married. If only she could seduce Diello Argenta further and take away his potential.

At the thought, his eyes become sharp. If he completely ended the Argenta’s head, who didn’t even know how to use his power properly in this generation, also Alors family had the power of Argenta’s flame, they could be the best family.

He laughed silently.

* * *


My feet in white shoes were on the stairs. I saw the noisy guest seat where people were buzzing. The wedding would start with the bride and groom walking out from either end of Virgin Road and meeting in the middle, so maybe the Duke of Alors… was there somewhere.

It wasn’t that hard to find him.

He was always looking this way with sharp eyes. Even though I couldn’t see his expression from over here because of the bride’s veil, I could see Duke Alors’ face.

‘Make it happen.’

As he mouthed the words while our eyes met for a moment, he soon turned his head away.

So far, he seemed to think this marriage was a success… In other words, mine and Diello’s plans haven’t yet been discovered.

Next to the Duke of Alors, I could see Pentas Alors, the heir of the Alors family and brother of Krua Alors, as they sat down with happy faces.

…To a stranger, they would be seen as smiling at the wedding of their beloved daughter and sister.

However, their heads would be filled with insidious schemes instead. In order to gain power like Alors, who did not hesitate to do evil things, Cartiel would be looking for opportunity. Still, it wasn’t enough for Alors to reach out to Argenta.

Since the original story revolved around the maid in Alors watching over the feud between the three duke families, there was no way that I, who had read the original story, wouldn’t know that.

“But the seats on the groom’s side…”

Their faces seemed annoyed, but there was another thing that bothered me.

“…It’s a wedding.”

It was an occasion to be celebrated if we were the main character. This was a place of blessing and celebration for the whole family. Nevertheless, the seat on the groom’s side was coldly empty. Under imperial law, a bouquet of chrysanthemums was located there, where only immediate family members could sit.

It was because they weren’t in this world any longer.

The problem was that it was the Duke of Alors sitting opposite them who killed Duke Argenta and his wife, who were supposed to be sitting there.

It was truly a tragedy.

…Did Diello know that?


I remembered Diello’s smiling face. I didn’t think he knew. Even when the author explained about Diello at the beginning of the original story, there was no mention of him knowing about his parents’ death.

In addition, if the daughter of his enemy who killed his parents came and offered a marriage contract, would he greet a person with such a gentle face?

“I can’t do it…”

I murmured softly. Of course, even if Diello knew the truth now, he was not in a situation where he could stop this marriage.

What a poor man.

I bit the inside of my lips, and my heart tightened. Alright, Diello. I’ll let you help me kill the Duke of Alors! I could certainly help with his revenge. So even if this wedding was a bit of a misery… I hope he’d endure it.

As I thought so, I clenched my fist and took another step. When I stepped with my white shoes on the Virgin Road, the water in the waterway began to sparkle under the subtle lighting.


And across from Virgin Road, which slowly began to sparkle, Diello was seen.

Following his steps, the chandeliers that decorated the side of the waterway like vines started to sparkle.

Step, step.

Amidst the silence of the guests, only our footsteps could be heard.

Diello, walking from the opposite side, looked neat. His slightly red cheeks and somewhat nervous smile seemed to show his passion.

“Don’t be too nervous.”

I opened my mouth and whispered to him.

I didn’t know if he could hear me or not and I didn’t know if others saw it, but it didn’t matter if others saw it anyway. This was something that even sweet couples could say, not someone in a marriage contract.


Perhaps he heard me, so Diello’s expression became more comfortable. And soon, when we met the Duke of Alors, we exchanged gazes.

“We will hold the wedding ceremony of Duke Diello Argenta and Lady Krua Alors.”

As the officiant’s voice soon rang, the words that followed were clichés.

“God will watch over the fate of two divine souls…”

No one was interested in what they were saying. Instead, the guests’ eyes were on us.

‘Did they really get married after a passionate love? Wasn’t the last engagement ceremony fake?’

Those who have such doubts would be mixed among them.

They couldn’t help but doubt because the two pillars of the empire that had been keeping each other in check were unified in a marriage. Above all, I could feel the gaze of the Duke of Alors. These guests, and the Duke of Alors, were all those whom Diello and I had to deceive.

We were indeed accomplices from now on.

“…Then, please give the new bride and groom warm support.”

When the last words of the officiant, who had been talking for a long time, rang in the hall, the hall was lit up brightly.

Not only the chandeliers surrounding Virgin Road but also the lights attached to the walls, as if they were not there before, were burning brightly under the power of Argenta. Soon, a little bud sprouted in the waterway behind us.

The buds grew in an instant with the power of Alors’ water, and it formed an arch above me and Diello’s head.

A flower that looked like Lily dropped down to Diello’s head as if it was touching him.

The next moment, the sparkling drops of water fell over our heads one by one as they wrapped us around. When cold drops of water reached my exposed shoulder, I shrank slightly. It was colder than I thought.

When I think so…


I could tell because I was close by that something began to glow in Diello’s shirt near his collarbone.

It was probably a black lily pattern. A pattern that prevented the ability of the family head to bloom properly. If a Ferro erased the lilies, the family head’s ability would be increased, but if a fake Ferro tried to erase them, the head’s ability would no longer grow and stop.

What me and Diello had to protect was that lily.

“My lovely bride.”

Diello’s blue eyes sparkled under the light. As if not wanting to surprise me, his fingertips, which touched my veil slightly, slowly removed it.

At the engagement ceremony, he slightly lifted the veil of the new bride and kissed her under the veil. This time, it was different. Diello, who had taken the veil off my head, embraced me as the cold drops of water bounced off his arm.


This time, he kissed me without the veil. That’s why he couldn’t make a mistake. Knowing that, Diello’s kiss was fierce, to the extent that I was somewhat surprised even though I knew he was doing it.

Still, it didn’t take as long as I expected.


We took a short breath and gazed at each other from a distance where the tips of our noses seemed to touch.

Fortunately, Virgin Road was wide enough for us to share a whisper.

“Shouldn’t it be sweeter?”

His breath tickled my cheek.

Even though I knew all of this was fake, the reason why my ears were burning was probably because of the heat I felt. It was natural to be heated. It was instinct, and there was no need to suppress it. Also, it would be of great help to our acting.


Of course.

I nodded slightly in reply. If he wasn’t confident, I could lead. As I thought so, I slightly tiptoed and hugged him by the waist.

At that moment…

“Well, let me lead this time.”

Diello whispered.


I opened my eyes wide. Unlike before, he coveted my lips as if he was someone else. Then, his hands clasped my shoulders and waist tightly like a vine.


His legs dug through my wedding dress. I didn’t even have time to see how the guests reacted.

As I was out of breath, my eyes gradually became blurred. I could feel the thrilling sensation that was passed down from where I was touched to around my body. He soon picked up my body that was about to bend…

“Oh, my God!”


When he lifted me up and hugged me, supporting me under my knee, a brief exclamation broke out from the guest seat.

“Thank you, my lovely bride.”

He meant for marrying him.

I blushed as he whispered.

‘What a great performance. He’s doing great!’

Even though it was a problem because he whispered, looking at the guest’s reaction, some of them seemed to have heard him. Rather, they liked the natural conversation rather than exclaiming loudly as if they needed to listen to him.

Embracing him around the neck as a compliment, I kissed his lips lightly.


It was a spectacular wedding that hadn’t been seen in recent decades, and we had a spectacular performance. Needless to say, it was a wedding enough to satisfy the guests as applause poured out with cheers and congratulations.

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