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Chapter 78: The seventy-eighth day of love, Guanren, are you together? ...

There was a faint aroma of wine in the air.

After Lu Yan explained that this was their wedding room, not someone else's, Jing Yi picked up a ladle containing wine. He lowered his eyes slightly, his movements were flowing, elegant and charming.

It was the first time that Lu Yan saw the wine container used in ancient weddings, so she didn't stare at Jing Yi's movements, but looked at the scoop that the ancient newlyweds used to drink wine.

She just looked at it for a few seconds, when Jing Yi coughed lightly and said, "My lady, please."

Lu Ning was slightly taken aback. She subconsciously raised her eyes to look at Jing Yi.

Two wedding candles were burning quietly, and under the flickering warm candlelight, Jing Yi, who was wearing the bridegroom's wedding dress, had warm eyebrows and eyes, and looked at her with bright and gentle eyes, if his ears weren't the same color as the wedding candles beside him , Lu Yan probably really thought that he was very calm at the moment.

With the wedding room specially prepared for them by the merit system, plus the phoenix coronet on her body, and the two cups of wine on the table, Jing Yi didn't seem to have any problems calling her a lady.

I have to say that I am used to seeing modern weddings, but this time I fell into a dream and suddenly experienced an ancient wedding thousands of years ago, and Lu Yan felt a little more novelty and anticipation in his heart.

She took the ladle graciously, and said with a light smile, "Officer, please."

Jing Yi picked up the other ladle, Lu Yan stretched out his arms, intertwined with his arms, and the two drank the cup of wine with their heads up.

I don't know if it's Lu Yan's illusion, but she always feels that this glass of wine has a rich aroma, rich taste, and long-lasting strength, which is more fragrant than any wine she has ever drunk in reality. Let her drink and want to continue drinking. But it's easy to get drunk if you drink too much.

Fortunately, there wasn't much wine in the gourd, and she wasn't drunk after drinking it all, but just a little bit more drunk.

Jing Yi's situation is similar to hers.

After drinking the cup of wine, Jing Yi looked at her, "Lady, next..."

Lu Yan looked at him with a smile.

What would the newlyweds do after drinking a glass of wine in ancient times?

Is a moment of Spring Festival worth a thousand gold? Or something else?

But those are the order of the ancient people. What will Jing Yi do? Lu Yan was inexplicably looking forward to it.

While she was still guessing in her heart, Jing Yi stood up from her seat, walked to her side a few steps, coughed lightly, and said, "Let my husband comb my lady's hair."

Lu Yan blinked, did he comb his hair?

It seems to be reasonable, but it also seems to be unexpected.

Perhaps influenced by Jing Yi, she also began to slowly and fully devote herself to this dream.

She has been in the dream so many times, although she has never expressed anything clearly, but in fact, she knows that she has already accepted Jing Yi in her heart. Others can fully devote themselves to playing script killing, this is her and Jing Yi's unique dream, why should she not indulge in it?

On Lu Yan's head was a complicated woman's bun, and it took Jing Yi a lot of effort to free her head, his fingertips gently ran through her hair.

When the bun was loosened, Lu Yan's black hair covered the entire back gently.

It is said that looking at a beauty under the moon is more beautiful, in fact, the same is true when looking at a beauty by candlelight.

The candlelight danced between Lu Yan's gentle eyebrows, making her eyebrows look picturesque.

Jing Yi looked at Lu Yan intently and quietly, and said that there are four joys in life, sweet rains after a long drought, old acquaintances in a foreign land, wedding night in the bridal chamber, when he was named on the gold list, tonight is his wedding night in the bridal chamber.

He gently took Lu Yan's hand, "Lady, change your clothes."

Lu Yan got up and followed Jing Yi for a few steps, only then did she realize that there was a world behind the screen.

She originally thought that this room was just like this, it wasn't too big, and she could walk through the entire room in a few steps. Unexpectedly, there is a pool with hot water flowing behind the screen. The area of ​​the pool is not small, and it looks like a hot spring.

Sure enough, everything in the dream is there, only unexpected, nothing that is not in the dream.

Lu Yan blinked and took the initiative to invite, "Officer, are you together?"

In the wedding room with flickering candles, Jing Yi's eyebrows and eyes were as warm as jade. Hearing these words, he pressed his ears that were about to burn, and said softly, "Okay, lady."

When Lu Yan woke up the next day, he was still in a trance.

The "brocade quilt turning red waves" in the dream seems to be still vivid in my memory. In the end, such a thick candle burned to the end little by little.

Lu Yan couldn't tell whether the person was drunk or the person was drunk.

No wonder it was said in ancient times that a moment of Spring Festival is worth a thousand gold...

Lu Yan still recalled last night when the merit system rubbed his hands together and said excitedly, 【Did you like the little gift last night? 】

Speaking of small gifts, Lu Yan pursed his lips, "You prepared everything in the dream?"

[No, I just chose the scene of the ancient luxury wedding room, and the rest are all prepared by the scene. You know, this scene was set in ancient times, but it was exclusive to the royal family. How about the experience? 】

Lu Yan said truthfully, "Very good."

Last night's experience was indeed excellent. Whether it's the atmosphere, the scene, or something else.

Hearing her comment, the little milk voice of the merit system became more excited, [I knew you would like it, you think, in the dream, even n times a night will be fine, and there is no need to worry about accidental pregnancy... 】

Lu Yan heard that the merit system was getting more and more outrageous, coughed lightly, and interrupted its words.

After the merit system was interrupted, I felt aggrieved, [Isn't it? 】

Lu Yan was expressionless, "That's true, but we don't need to say this kind of thing we know very well."

Maybe last night was a small gift given to them by the merit system, so the dream lasted for a long time, as if a whole night had really passed.

Thinking of the cup of Hebei wine in the dream, Lu Yan asked, "What is the wine in the dream?"

The merit system let out an ah.

Lu Yan recalled the taste, "It's quite fragrant and delicious."

It's not easy to get drunk if you don't drink too much, and the feeling of being slightly drunk is just right.

【Let me check. 】The merit system searched and told her, 【What you drank last night was 16-year-old daughter red. 】

Sixteen years.

That was the age when young girls got married in ancient times, and it was buried from the moment a girl was born. No wonder it smells so good.

Lu Yan was lazy on the bed for a while before slowly preparing to get up.

She planned to work in her own company in a few days. Before joining the company, she had the right to give herself a vacation.

"How's the intimacy?"

[I was just about to tell you about this. On your side, your intimacy with the boss has reached lv999! 】

Before last night, the intimacy between her and Jing Yi was only lv688, but she didn't expect that the intimacy would be full after one night.

【Is this gift just right last night? 】If it was earlier, the relationship between the two of them is not in place. Even in such a scene, the two of them will not have any sparks. .

The timing was perfect last night.

Everything is so natural. The merit system only thinks that he is extremely witty.

After knowing that the intimacy between himself and Jing Yi reached the full level, Lu Yan began to pay attention to Bo Jin's state.

If she guessed correctly, Bo Jin should have revealed his true colors, right?

Lu Yan originally thought that Bo Jin would show his true colors in front of everyone, but he didn't expect that Bo Jin would be lucky, and he didn't have any plans from last night to today.

It took her a little effort to find out all of Bo Jin's activities from last night to this morning.

He did nothing but spend the night at the house of the girlfriend he had just started dating.

When Lu Yan heard the news, his face was complicated.

I don't know if the new movie queen woke up early in the morning and saw a strange face, should she call the police or call the police?

Lu Yan did not know the specific situation.

But that night, Lu Yan heard the gossip that shocked the entire entertainment circle today from Sister Xu.

Sister Xu, who has always been mature and stable, also expressed surprise in her tone for the first time, "Did you know that something interesting happened today."

Lu Nan smiled, "Is it related to Bo Jin?"


Sister Xu couldn't wait to share with her the gossip she just heard, "Bo Jin went to Wu Xiaomeng's house to spend the night last night. When Xiao Mu woke up, he found that the person lying next to him turned out to be a strange man."

Lu Yan asked deliberately, "Oh? How did you become a strange man?"

Sister Xu laughed, "Listen to me first."

"Okay, Miss Xu, tell me."

"When Wu Xiaomu saw that she didn't recognize the person beside her, she immediately notified her manager. Didn't there also be news about a midway change before? It was obviously this at the beginning, but she woke up the next day and changed.

Wu Xiaotang thought that she had also encountered that kind of situation, but with her status, it was not suitable for her to call the police. She was afraid of receiving too much attention, so she wanted to keep it private.

She called her agent, and the agent did not come alone, but also brought a group of assistants and so on. A group of people asked Bo Jin who was there, and Bo Jin looked confused and said that he was Bo Jin. "

Although he didn't see the scene with his own eyes, just listening to Xu's description, Lu Yan could imagine how absurd the scene was.

She smiled and asked, "And then?"

"Then, of course Wu Xiaomeng didn't believe it. She had seen Bo Jin's makeup before, and he had seen him with makeup. It was nothing like this morning. She thought this man was still lying."

"Later, when Bo Jin went into the bathroom and saw what he looked like, he let out an ah, and started throwing and smashing, losing his temper by himself."

"I don't know what happened later. Wu Xiaomu was convinced that this person was Bo Jin. I don't understand here. How can a person change so much overnight?"

Hearing this, Lu Yan said lightly, "It may be the sequelae of plastic surgery."

Some people have very serious aftereffects of plastic surgery, as if they have completely changed a person. After hearing this explanation, Ms. Xu also thinks that this may be the reason for the time being.

Sister Xu went on to say, "Wu Xiaomeng's every predecessor was very handsome. She is willing to be with Bo Jin this time, on the one hand because he is Jing Yi's cousin, and on the other hand because he is handsome. See you in the morning." After he showed his plastic surgery face, she immediately said she wanted to break up."

Lu Yan looked stunned, "Then they split up?"

"It should be a split. You said, they just made an official announcement yesterday, and they broke up today. These two people are also fast enough."

Lu Yan echoed, "It's really fast."

Sister Xu said with emotion, "Wu Xiaoyu is very angry and feels that he has been deceived. The two of them are probably arguing."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Yan asked the merit system, "So the energy in the portable space has disappeared?"

【Disappeared, disappeared. 】

Lu Yan pursed his lips, "Then you..."

[The portable space has been completely destroyed, and I'm leaving too. 】

There is no never-ending banquet in the world.

For the departure of the merit system, Lu Yan had already expected it in his heart. She also knows that leaving the merit system is the best ending.

But when this day really comes, Lu Yan will inevitably have some sadness about parting.

After a rough calculation, they have been bound for a long time.

The merit system rubbed its hands, [Then I'm leaving. Before I leave, I will leave you a small gift, and you will unwrap it after I leave. 】

Lu Yan didn't expect it to leave a small gift before it left, "But I have nothing to give you."

After all, the system is just a bunch of data, she is not good at coding, and it seems that she has nothing to send it.

【Let the portable space be destroyed is the best gift you gave me! Goodbye! 】

"See you soon."

After the merit system left, Lu Yan felt as if something was missing in his body. These days, I am used to the existence of the merit system, and when it left all of a sudden, Lu Nan still felt a little uncomfortable for a while.

But she quickly adjusted her mentality.

After knowing that it had completely left, Lu Yan opened the small gift left by the merit system.

When she opened it, she didn't know what to say for a while.

Is this a great gift for her?

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