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Chapter 79: On the seventy-ninth day of love, go to the dreamland together. (End of text...

The gifts left by the merit system are all kinds of dream scenes, which are varied and have everything you expect.

Of course, the scenes that can be left as gifts are naturally not ordinary scenes, and they are not seen on weekdays. They are places suitable for all kinds of play, and even these scenes are surreal. There are two of them.

For example, the castles in the air in the future, the cloud and mist mountain tops in the world of cultivating immortals, and the prairie in the fantasy world...

All kinds of pictures that exist in the novel are all arranged. More exciting than watching a blockbuster.

In addition to various scenes, there are various orc buffs, elf buffs...

After the orc buff is added, they can transform into fluffy orcs in their dreams, with ears and a tail. As for what the tail can be used for, whether it is rua or something else, it depends on the individual. After adding the elf buff, With wings, they can directly ascend to the sky.

What can Lu Yan say when he sees this?

I can only say, is there everything in the dream?

She really thanked the system.

But this is at least a wish of the system, and it might be used in the future, so she accepted it.

After staying away from the entertainment industry, Lu Yan began to live a regular life. She got up at 6:30 every morning, went out at 7:00, and clocked in at the company at 7:30. After retiring from the industry, she joined her own company, starting from the bottom, and officially became the heir of the family, preparing for the future succession of the company.

When her life began to become calm and regular, the entertainment industry, which had always been bustling, never calmed down.

Originally, Lu Yan thought that Wu Xiaomeng and Bo Jin would quarrel in private and would not bring the matter to the public. Unexpectedly, after the two broke up and had an unpleasant quarrel, they started to talk to each other.

Forget about mutual sharks, after they went crazy with mutual sharks, they began to short each other on the collars.

One said that the other party had many ex-girlfriends and was addicted to cheating; the other said that the other party was not natural at all, and he didn't know how many places had been moved on his face.

One said that she was so scared that she almost had a heart attack after the aftermath of plastic surgery came out; the other said that the other party once bullied a newcomer's assistant on the set, and made everyone cry.

During that time, the people who eat melons eat melons with great relish. It can be said that there will be fresh ingredients bursting out every day.

In the beginning, the two of them were still playing a little bit, and the news that came out was a bit interesting, but it wasn't too powerful, and didn't have much influence on the two of them, until Wu Xiaotang found out about Bo Jin's past scandals, and even Uncover the bad things he did as a child.

Speaking of which, the bad things Bo Jin did when he was a child, he drank too much wine once before, and used the strength of the wine to brag about it himself. He has shown off this past event in front of his friends more than once.

The fox friends and dog friends didn't express any opinions when they heard it at the time. The main reason was that the other person in the incident was not offended by them now, so they listened silently while recording the whole scene, and some scheming Yes, I deliberately saved the recorded video properly, just waiting for it to come in handy in the future.

Originally, they didn't know when this video would be used, but they didn't expect that during this time, Bo Jin and Wu Xiaomeng were torn apart so much.

Someone felt that the time had come, so they anonymously sent this video to Wu Xiaomeng's manager's mailbox. They also thought about using this video to make trouble before, but Jing Yi and Bo Jin are cousins ​​after all, as outsiders, if they don't get it right, they may be different inside and out.

They have been waiting for the most suitable opportunity to do things.

After waiting for several years, the opportunity finally came.

The manager took a look and hurriedly told Wu Xiaomu. Such a big material is naturally going to explode.

They all knew in their hearts that this information alone was enough to block all of Bo Jin's future development. Moreover, the blocked development path is still assumed to be the least serious situation. Maybe he will have even bigger things. For example, Thunder Fury from Mr. Jing.

So Wu Xiaotang chose a good day to reveal the matter thoroughly.

Not long after Wu Xiaomu broke the news that day, entries such as #plasticcousinbrothers#, #白晋验小景思#, #景易,富狗# rushed into the trending searches.

Originally, the people who ate melons thought it was a small fight between children, so they didn't take it too seriously. Until they saw in the camera, Bo Jin's disgusting expression after he was drunk.

Bo Jin in the video is still young. He hadn’t had plastic surgery at that time, and the sequelae of plastic surgery hadn’t appeared yet. His appearance can only be regarded as ordinary. He is not much different from other boys who are going through puberty. He has a lot of acne. There are even some bumpy acne marks on the face.

But these are not the points that fans pay attention to, what they pay attention to is what he said.

In the camera, Bo Jin smiled frivolously, "That year, Jing Yi was only four years old. He looked four and a half years old? He was still a little radish. He was abused by a nanny before. He was very introverted and didn't like to talk. Me and I My cousin deliberately locked him in a utility room with the pit bull at home. We wanted to see if he could cry and bark.

We purposely starved the Pitbull for three days before shutting him down.

Sure enough, as soon as Jing Yi was locked in the utility room, the Pitbull smelled the smell of meat, as if he was crazy, he kept trying to break free from the chain. What? Why are there chains, you ask? Then I am afraid that the pitbull will directly kill Jing Yi.

Although his parents are gone because of him, doesn't he still have a grandfather? If he was really bitten to death by then, it would be troublesome, just scaring him would be enough.

Hahaha, you all don't know, when the pitbull bit off one of his shoes, his face was as pale as a ghost, he was so scared that he couldn't speak, it made me laugh so hard.

It's a pity that his grandfather took him back soon, and we could have played with a bigger one. What? You ask me if I'm afraid? What am I afraid of? He is no different from a dumb person. He will definitely not tell his grandfather. "

Netizens went crazy after hearing this, especially Jing Yi's fans.

[Are you still a person? No, you are a beast! 】

[I always thought that you and your brother had a good relationship, but I didn't expect you to be worse than plastic brothers! 】

[Sure enough, seeing old age at three years old, you were so vicious when you were young, is it even worse now? I thought it was wrong before, but now that I think about it, weren't you just trying to catch your brother's popularity a few times ago? 】

[Comparing the two, I really think that my brother has a good character, and I don't care about you. If it were me, I would have been out of touch with you for a long time! 】

[The threshold for the entertainment industry is so low now? Anything can come in? Bo Jin get out of the entertainment industry! 】

Soon, the trending searches for #百晋转出娱乐圈# were also on the front row.

Lu Yan began to pay attention to the development of this matter when Wu Xiaomeng and Bo Jin were tearing each other up, and when this video became popular, she also noticed it immediately.

After watching the video, Lu Yan felt that Bo Jin, a Muggle, was better off in his dream. However, what happened in the dream made Bo Jin think that he had a nightmare at most. After this incident fermented in reality, Bo Jin's real nightmare would come soon.

It's impossible for Mr. Jing not to know that the matter is so big. In fact, Mr. Jing knew it right away. After knowing what his only grandson had experienced, he blamed himself and felt annoyed. When he was young, he was really not a qualified elder.

Mr. Jing made a big fuss, disregarding Bo Jin's parents' pleading, and shot directly!

Most of what Wu Xiaomu could find out were trivial matters. Once Mr. Jing made a move, it would naturally be impossible for him to make a fuss like he is now.

When Bo Jin was five or six years old, he was able to attack his younger cousin so viciously and let the pitbull bite him. After all these years, he still doesn't know how many evil things he has done.

He hasn't been checked, and something will happen if he checks.

Sure enough, after the video incident fermented, all the bad things Bo Jin had done in recent years were exposed one by one.

One of the biggest incidents is that he once escaped by drunk driving, and killed four people during the drunk driving process! After the accident, he let someone else take the blame, drunk driving and running away and letting others take the blame, all these things add up, Bo Jin will soon face life imprisonment!

Seeing Bo Jin's end, netizens applauded, some even thought it wasn't enough, and wished he could directly apologize with death!

However, Lu Yan felt that letting Bo Jin live there in pain was more painful than letting him die directly.

The day I saw Bo Jin leave was the first day Lu Yan and Jing Yi started living together.

During the period after the two confirmed their relationship, Lu Lan's dream frequency was once every three or four days. Dreaming is no longer necessary, but after so many times before, Lu Yan and Jing Yi have become accustomed to dreaming, and they even regard dreaming as part of their lives.

The previous few times were ordinary dreams, until Lu Yan used the gift from the merit system two days ago.

For the scene, she chose the top of Yunwu Mountain in the Immortal Cultivation Realm. She had only experienced this kind of scene in some games before, and being in it would give people a feeling of the vastness of the world and the vastness of the sky.

In a scene surrounded by clouds and mist, like a fairyland, she and Jing Yi tried the outdoor experience of lying on the grass with blue sky and white clouds above their heads for the first time.

After waking up the next day, Lu Yan was still in a trance. Such a realistic scene and excellent experience deserved to be produced by the merit system.

She even remembered the feel of the grass on the smooth skin of her back.

She still remembered Jing Yi's surprised and delighted eyes.

The two of them were so close in the dream, so when Jing Yi asked whether he wanted to live together the next day, Lu Yan agreed without thinking much about it.

On the first day of living together, Lu Yan arrived at their new home empty-handed. Everything in the house is brand new, and she has everything, so she doesn't need to prepare anything.

Jing Yi cooked the dinner, and the dishes were washed in the dishwasher.

On the first day in our new home, everything seems to be the same as before.

Until the night of this day.

Jing Yi chuckled, under the warm orange light above his head, his eyes were lingering, "Miao Miao, what comes in a dream eventually becomes shallow."

There is a line in a poem that reads "what comes on paper is always shallow", Jing Yi changed two words according to his actual situation.

Lu Yan knew what he meant from the bottom of his heart, and asked with a smile on purpose, "So?"

"As the old saying goes, practice makes the truth."

Lu Yan nodded and continued to pretend not to understand, "Well, then?"

What answered her was a handsome face that suddenly approached.

This time, they will go to the dreamland on the top of Yunwu Mountain together in reality...

(end of text)

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