CH 2

Errant Wolf put Yang Juan down from his horse. The dancer with the ‘Sheep Babe’ character tag seemed to be full of hostility to him and intended to show it openly in his face.

[(Local) Sheep Babe: Hubby, kisses.] 

Errant Wolf pretended to miss the message.

The other party persisted.

[(Local) Sheep Babe: Hubby! I want kisses!]

Losing his patience, Errant Wolf finally sent her the emoji she wanted. 

[(Local) Errant Wolf: (kiss)]

Once the other party was happy, she began to shift her attention to Yang Juan.

[(Local) Sheep Babe: I might not know who you are, but please stay away from my hubby. The next time I see you pestering him, I will not respond this kindly.]

The spite in her words made Yang Juan frown slightly.

[(Local) Sheep Curls: Sorry, I have the wrong person.]

[(Local) Sheep Babe: Wrong person? His name is clearly on top of his head. Only a blind person would miss that.]

[(Local) Sheep Curls: I am not blind.]

[(Local) Sheep Curls: My myopia is only 500 degrees.] 

Sheep Babe choked and angrily sent him a private chat.

[(Unknown) Sheep Babe: Are you mental? Do not play dumb and stay away from us.]

Adhering to the principle of not arguing with girls, Yan Juan directly blocked her.

At this time, Zhuo Lan finally arrived fashionably late. After a rough understanding of the situation, he hurriedly explained to others. 

[(Local) Willow Tree Dear: Sorry about that, this is my roommate. She just started so many things are still foreign to her.]

The people present have a good relationship with Willow, especially Jingling.

So this mishap was solved just like that.

[(Local) Jingling Bells Dear: Oh, so this is Willow’s roommate, why did you not say so?] 

Zhuo Lan was also calling him, asking why he did not explain himself.

[(Local) Sheep Curls: I did.]

[(Local) Sheep Curls: You asked me if I was waiting for someone from the Smoke Beacon guild, I said yes. When you asked if I am sister-in-law, I said no.]

[(Local) Jingling Bells Dear: …] 

[(Local) Crush Pick This Sweet One : …]

[(Local) Whiff of Rose: …]

Errant Wolf did not say anything, and soon took Sheep Babe away.

The others had their own things to do so they did not stay around. 

Zhuo Lan took Yang Juan to level by doing quests.

Near the end of the day, Yang Juan passed level twenty and was ready to get off the game for dinner.

Zhuo Lan could not grind with him the rest of the night because he had to take part in Siege Warfare at the internet cafe. So Yang Juan closed the game and turned off his computer, deciding to read in the library instead.

He has not finished the small article assigned by his professor yet. 

After dinner, he walked to the library gate to find that the library was closed for the night due to temporary maintenance.

He went back to his dorm, sat at his desk for a long time and finally turned his computer back on.

Zhuo Lan’s online partner was also in Smoke Beacon guild. The guild does not accept alt accounts, and if he could not get into the guild, he could not get close to his target. His roommate also mentioned earlier today that he should complete more quests to level if he had nothing to do, so as to meet the conditions to join the guild as soon as possible.

Being under level thirty, he could only do sect quests, so he ran up and down, in and out of the sect. Once he finished his apprenticeship at level thirty, he was able to explore more, and it happened to be the same time as the end of Siege Warfare. 

When Zhuo Lan found that Yang Juan was online, he pulled him into his party and wanted to take him to experience running an instance dungeon.

Yang Juan checked the time and did not refuse.

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Correct, Zhuo Lan’s in-game husband’s character name was Dead of Night.

The other party was not aware of the fiasco earlier, so he turned around to invite Errant Wolf, as well as Sheep Babe who needed to grind for EXP.

Thus, the five of them gathered in front of Star Cluster Valley.

Dead of Night is the guild officer. Because guild war was scheduled to be in half a month’s time, where territories would be distributed after the event according to the victory rate, he was subconsciously vigilant when it came to seeing an unfamiliar alt account. 

[(Friend) Blustery Dead of Night: Wife, is Sheep Curls your friend?]

[(Friend) Willow Tree Dear: Yes, my roommate.]

[(Friend) Blustery Dead of Night: Has she played this game before?]

[(Friend) Willow Tree Dear: This is her first time. She is still new so I want to carry her.] 

[(Friend) Blustery Dead of Night: How is your relationship with her?]

[(Friend) Willow Tree Dear: We have different majors, so not super close.]

Zhuo Lan planned this carefully. Generally speaking, a close female friend would not do such things as stealing a friend’s boyfriend. So he had to imply that he was not familiar with Yang Juan in front of Dead of Night.

Dead of Night did not inquire about Yang Juan any further, already labeling the questionable roommate as a threat. 

When entering the valley, the party leader was handed over to Errant Wolf.

[(Party) Errant Wolf: Main accounts in the front, and the low-level beginner accounts will stay in the back. Just focus on staying alive.]

Yang Juan went to the rear.

The instance dungeon is in the cave at the bottom of the valley, a total of three floors, two mini bosses and a final boss. 

The three main accounts opened the way front through the cave as the party advanced without any obstacles.

When the first defending mini boss jumped out to block the way, Zhuo Lan got up to use the bathroom, leaving Errant Wolf and Dead of Night to clean the boss.

When the mini boss was about to enter its enraged phase, Sheep Babe suddenly messaged in the party chat.

[(Party) Sheep Babe: Hubby, let me wrack the boss a couple of times. I am quite embarrassed to leech EXP from the back.] 

Without saying anything, Errant Wolf directly gave way to her.

Everyone who plays this game knows that all the bosses, regardless of their level, will enter a berserk phase when they have a certain percentage of health left. He did not know what Sheep Babe was up to, but since the other party wanted to play with fire, he would not stop her.

Sheep Babe came up from the rear and gently poked the boss with her umbrella, before issuing the same challenge to Yang Juan.

[(Party) Sheep Babe: I do not know how some people could stand hiding behind others, leeching EXP.] 

After hearing her calling himself out, instead of getting angry, Yang Juan followed her example by stepping forward and poking the boss with his umbrella.

The mini boss instantly went into enrage mode, spit out webs from its body and aimed at the two crispy skin beginner accounts.

Sheep Babe was caught off guard and was tied up in the web. Her HP quickly dropped three-quarters. When she turned around, she saw that Sheep Curls beside her actually dodged the web, losing only one-third of health.

She was feeling annoyed that instead pitting the other dancer, she put herself in a worse situation. Seeing that the boss was chomping away at her HP, she clenched her teeth and loudly typed on her keyboard. 

[(Party) Sheep Babe: Hubby, save me QQQ]

During her typing, the boss spit out its web again and managed to grab Yang Juan who did not escape in time.

His health bar also began to drop at a visible rate.

Seeing the message sent by Sheep Babe, Errant Wolf, who was watching the fun with a smirk, finally made a move. 

Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught the word [Sheep] on the dancer to the right and threw out a dispel ability.

Yang Juan broke away from the bind and escaped smoothly.

Sheep Babe’s health bar immediately went zero and dropped to the ground directly.

Everyone in the room was stunned. Only then did Errant Wolf remember the two dancers both have the word sheep in their character names. 

[(Party) Errant Wolf: Sorry, wife. You two’s names are too similar, I saved the wrong person.]

[(Party) Sheep Babe: …]

Zhuo Lan, who came back from the bathroom, revived Sheep Babe from the ground. Her face was unsightly and jotted down another mark to get back on Yang Juan in her heart.

Yang Juan, who was oblivious to this, began to chat with Zhuo Lan in private. 

[(Friend) Willow Tree Dear: Dearest, is this not your first time playing?]

Yang Juan slowly typed out his response.

[(Friend) Sheep Curls: I played for two days in undergrad with my roommate. I never said this is my first time playing the game.]

Zhuo Lan thought over their conversation and it was true, he made the assumption himself. 

Neither of them paid attention to this small detail, but they did not expect that Dead of Night and Errant Wolf were also talking in private chat after defeating the mini boss.

[(Friend) Blustery Dead of Night: That dancer does not look like a newbie.]

[(Friend) Errant Wolf: Is she not your wife’s roommate?]

[(Friend) Blustery Dead of Night: My wife said they are not close. I think she is the one who took the initiative to get my wife to play with her. She also told my wife that it was her first time playing.] 

[(Friend) Errant Wolf: Make time to investigate, she might be a spy.]

They cleared the rest of the dungeon easily enough. Seeing it was late once they were out of the dungeon, the party was disbanded.

Zhuo Lan still had a gathering at midnight. After bidding goodbye to Yang Juan, he hurriedly went offline.

Before leaving, Zhuo Lan had the thought to tell the other to head to bed early, but on the second thought, Yang Juan was not a game addict so he swallowed his words. 

Yang Juan did want to get off the game, but he was suddenly stopped outside of Star Cluster Valley.

[(Local) Apricot Sprig: I bought you a name change coupon. Now go and change your name.]

[(Local) Sheep Curls: ?]

He did not recall meeting this person. 

[(Local) Apricot Sprig: Do not make excuses. Are you changing your name or not?]

This account was not his, so he felt he did not have the right to make such a decision.

[(Local) Sheep Curls: I will not change it.]

The max-level bard in front of him equipped the guqin on her back.

[(Local) Apricot Sprig: I will not stop killing you until you change it.]

Yang Juan did not flee or dodge, choosing to ignore her. He found the system menu, intending to go offline.

With her guqin in her arms, Apricot Sprig plucked the strings and the sound emitting from the instruments instantly turned into sharp slashes. 

Yang Juan was forced into combat mode as the system prompted him that he could not log off at the moment.

He pursed his lips and moved his attacked game character on the screen to dodge.

Suddenly, an arrow was shot from the direction of the forest, straight at Apricot Sprig.

Not able to dodge it in time, her HP dropped a bar. Hugging her weapon in her arms, she changed her camera angle in anger. 

A male assassin in night clothes leapt down from the trees and strode towards them with his bow in his hand.

[(Local) Night Ferry: What do you think you are doing?]

Recognizing this as Dead of Night’s assassin alt account, Apricot Sprig immediately meekly unequipped her guqin.

[(Local) Apricot Sprig: Night-ge, you did not go offline?] 

[(Local) Night Ferry: Got on to do some materials sorting.]

[(Local) Apricot Sprig: Where is Lang-ge? Is he beside you?]

[(Local) Night Ferry: He is away.]

Apricot Sprig breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this. 

[(Local) Apricot Sprig: It is too dark, and I mistaken her for someone. Night-ge, if there is nothing else, I will get off then.]

Instead of getting a response from Night Ferry, Yang Juan spoke up.

[(Local) Sheep Curls: Is your myopia also at 500 degrees?]

She suspected that the other party deliberately satirized her, worsening her expression, however, it was not enough for her to use it as an excuse to rebuke in front of the guild officer. Having no option but to swallow her anger, she pulled out the transportation talisman and disappeared on the spot. 

Yang Juan looked away and started typing.

[(Local) Sheep Curls: Thank you.]

The assassin in black did not hurried away.

[(Local) Night Ferry: How are you going to thank you?] 

Yang Juan froze and clicked the [Thankful] gesture in the game.

The beautiful and tall dancer solemnly lowered herself and bowed to the black-clad assassin in front of her.

[(Local) Night Ferry: …]

[(Local) Night Ferry: Bowing is useless, it needs to be practical.] 

After some thought, Yang Juan fished out all his wealth from his inventory—4,595 gold—and requested a trade with the assassin.

Night Ferry was speechless when he saw this. He summoned his chestnut horse, hopped on, and stretched out a hand to the dancer on the horse.

The next second, Yang Juan received a mount request.

[(Local) Night Ferry: I happened to be 500 herbs short, you can gather them for me.] 

Yang Juan stood still.

[(Local) Night Ferry: What is wrong? You do not want to?]

[(Local) Sheep Curls: No.]

[(Local) Sheep Curls: I have a question,] 

[(Local) Night Ferry: Shoot.]

[(Local) Sheep Curls: Do you have a wife?]

Night Ferry was surprised. After he came to his senses, he raised his eyebrow with great interest.

[(Local) Night Ferry: You want to be my wife?] 

Sheep Curls did not reply for a long time. He wondered if the other party was being shy or slowly typing.

Without the extra patience to wait, Night Ferry typed out the next part of his message and clicked the enter key.

Their replies crashed.

The assassin’s message was on the top, and Yang Juan’s message was on the bottom. 

[(Local) Night Ferry: It is not impossible for you to be my wife if you want to.]

[(Local) Sheep Curls: If you have a wife, then I cannot ride on the same horse with you.]

[(Local) Night Ferry: …]

[(Local) Night Ferry: This great one is single.] 

The author has something to say:

A’Ruan has Wine:

Willow Tree Dear—Zhuo Lan

Blustery Dead of Night—Zhuo Lan’s husband 

Night Ferry—Blustery Dead of Night’s alt account

Errant Wolf—Lang-ge

Sheep Babe—Errant Wolf’s wife

Apricot Sprig—Sheep Babe’s main account

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