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Chapter 1 – This life with the dragon

“Hey, hey, look over there. The Dragon Bride passed by.”

Oh wow, it hurts my ears.

“Is she the bride of this generation? Great, they say she’s famous for being useless.”

“Well yes. Because they say that she didn’t awaken a single power when she was born.”

My name is Calypso Acquaciadel.

I am a person who possessed a mass-produced baby novel, and a human cursed by time.

What do I mean?

I changed the original story to try to live well, but at the end of it, I met a ruinous ending.

I thought that was the end, but rather than the end, I became a pitiful prisoner who has repeatedly returned.

This is the childcare novel titled <The Black Leopard Duke’s Terminally Ill Baby Daughter>.

At the time when I was reading novels, there was literally a flood of various parenting novels.

<Black Ado> was one of them.

Beloved mistress. Doting brothers. Even the father who is cold at first becomes a fool for his daughter.

It was a parenting novel with no parts that were not clichés.

But the thing is, none of that applied to me.

‘Have you seen such an unfair system?’

In this novel, Yeoju, a squirrel beast, is adopted by a black panther family.

It’s about being adopted as a child at first then getting along with the youngest son of this family. Unfortunately, the youngest son was the sub male lead.

It is a novel that receives a lot of love and meets a perfect happy ending with Nam-joo, a lion-bearer and crown prince.

The role of the character I possessed was the helpless youngest daughter of the ‘killer whale’ family, the final boss in this novel.

Unlike the original heroine, who could be loved as long as she was cute and lovable, this killer whale family was a world where everything was decided only by strength.

‘Bypass?’ ‘Harabuji?’ There wasn’t a family member who died from words like this.

Above all, he’s not even a grandpa, it’s grandma.

Originally a matrilineal society animal, killer whales were always taken over by the strongest grandmothers of the family.

The current head of the household, the grandmother, has three sons.

I am the youngest granddaughter of the insignificant third son. In addition, he had no ability and was even frail.

Consolation was that I had three older brothers, who were talented enough to catch the eyes of a picky grandmother, but they ignored me because I was weak.

In the original work, I was taken as the ‘dragon’s bride’, who is like a mortal sacrifice, but by my grandmother’s order, I am sent to the  Black Leopard family instead of the dragon.

‘To be precise, I was offered as a sacrifice for an arranged marriage with the Black Leopard family.’

I played the role of being jealous and harassing the heroine of the original work, who was loved despite being weak unlike myself, who was discovered, kicked out, and died in an accident.

Black Leopard Jo-yeon, my fiancé and adoptive brother without blood relations of the original male lead and original female lead, stood by and watched the accident.

‘I tried to change this as soon as I possessed it—-’

In conclusion, it failed spectacularly.

‘Let’s see, in the first life, I died while trying to flirt with the original male lead. In the second life, I died of tetanus from being scratched by a rusty nail.’

The third episode was the one immediately before, and I made up for my failure and rose to be the head of the killer whale family.

Embarrassingly, the ending was met with an annihilation in which everyone died being caught up in the plot of the original male lead.

‘But that’s over now.’

Because I have a vast amount of information and I won’t fail anymore.

‘This life I will definitely become the dragon’s bride!’

So I didn’t care at all about the gossip of the people I saw.

“Hmm, if you’re the dragon bride, you will surely die, but it’s a good deal because it will bring wealth to the family. Did the head of the household do this to deal with the useless child?”

“It’s no different than being sold.”


‘Speak more! Spread the word that I am the dragon’s bride!’

In this world, a dragon bride is a child dedicated to the Dragon Duke.

It was said that I must die because it was to calm the dragon’s wrath that rages once every 10 years.

Going back, this country was born with the help of a dragon, and the dragon and the first emperor married and gave birth to two children.

One became an emperor because he was an ordinary person, and the other gave up the throne by himself at the end of a rampage due to excessive dragon blood.

Instead, he became a grand duke, and his blood has been passed down from generation to generation, and he is said to have become the current Dragon Duke.

“Anyway, that means she’s going to die soon.”


“Tzutz, she could barely pass every year since she was born, it would have been better for her to just die rather than being chewed up by a dragon…”

“Ah, then it won’t be of any help to the family.”

I reached a large room listening to all the whispering.

A huge door opened before my eyes.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been in this room.’

The room I entered was my office, and on one side was a crib that was out of place.

The attendant carrying me put me down on the crib without a word.

It was an outrageous gesture that did not consider my situation, so I bumped into the fence and my butt tingled a little.

‘Ah, I’ll be a bit careful when handling it.’

This family has no respect for babies at all.

The weak are disregarded, because the strong take everything.

It was the same with babies. It’s a structure where only those who are strong survive.

‘Today is the day I receive my name.’

Currently, I am 3 years old, and it has been exactly 24 months since I was born.[1]

All whale beasts in this world are recognized as members when they exceed two after they are born.

This is because whales are very likely to die suddenly within a year or two of being born.

This world is a world where there are only beasts, but the land animal family and the aquatic animal family are at odds with each other.

The main characters in the original work were all land animals, and the aquatic animals were unconditionally the villains.

‘How many people cursed at me for being a bad fish in the comments.’

The captain of the fish was the one who had just opened the door and strode forward. 

A wrinkled but dignified expression. Her huge body and jet-black hair, the ends of her hair are pure white, as if they had been artificially bleached.

It was my grandmother, Ocula Acquaciadel.

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