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As the CEO of the Ji Group, one of the top three conglomerates in Country C, Ji Liyun was the most driven business tycoon in the upper-class society. He never slept in and worked all 365 days of the year.

But on this day, he happened to sleep in until late morning.

The butler almost thought his master had collapsed from overwork in his room. Summoning up his courage, he entered Ji Liyun’s bedroom only to meet his gaze as he sat up in bed, still seemingly groggy.

“Um, I’m sorry, Mr. Ji. I thought you were still asleep, so I came to check on you…” The butler was so scared that he took a few steps back.

Ji Liyun waved his hand and said in a low voice, “I have a headache, so I slept longer than usual.”

The butler nodded in agreement, “Yes, that’s right. You went to Young Master Mu’s wedding banquet yesterday and came back so drunk you passed out. Even if you have a good tolerance for alcohol, drinking that much would give you a headache.”

Ji Liyun had secretly loved Mu Qingyan for ten years in his past life, but at the time, he was focused on his career and spent years abroad expanding the company’s overseas markets. He didn’t return to the country until he was 28.

Originally, Ji Liyun’s plan after returning home was to confess his love and propose to Mu Qingyan. But he never expected that their first reunion in years would be when he received Mu Qingyan’s wedding invitation.

Unrequited love is often the deepest.

Ji Liyun continued to bury this ten-year unrequited love deep in his heart, using work to distract himself day and night. He thought as long as Mu Qingyan was happy, that was all that mattered.

Until he saw the news article, “Chairman of the Mu Group, Mu Qingyan, jumps off building early in the morning suspected of mental disorder.”

How could the once vibrant young man suffer from a mental disorder? How could he jump off a building?

Ji Liyun exhausted every means to find the answer: it was due to Xing Hao’s infidelity, imprisonment, abuse, and mental torture.

As he looked at the evidence he had collected, Ji Liyun felt a deep sense of sorrow for Mu Qingyan, who had already passed away. He vowed to avenge him.

But just as he made his vow, he was reborn.

If he had to be reborn, couldn’t it have happened a few days earlier? Why did it have to be after Mu Qingyan had already gotten married…

The butler saw Ji Liyun frowning, holding his forehead and sighing, thinking it was due to the remaining effects of alcohol. He quickly waved to the maid standing outside the bedroom door to bring in the sober soup that was already prepared.

“Mr. Ji, please drink the sober soup first.”

“Okay.” Part of Ji Liyun’s headache was due to his rebirth, and the other part was indeed due to the alcohol in his body.

The butler handed Ji Liyun a super thick red envelope: “This is the red envelope returned by the Mu family.”

The red envelope was made of red velvet, and the golden words “Happy Wedding” were personally written by Ji Liyun. He was a little surprised: “Returned?”

Ji Liyun thought carefully and realized that this plot did not exist in his previous life.

“It was just delivered by the secretary of Young Master Mu. It is said that he divorced an hour ago.” The butler truthfully explained.

Upon hearing this, Ji Liyun almost sprayed out the sober soup in his mouth: “Divorced? Didn’t he just get married yesterday?”

The butler shrugged: “Yes, this Young Master Mu is really good at making trouble.”

“Okay, you can go out first.”

After the butler left, Ji Liyun immediately grabbed his phone. Sure enough, the top search was “Mu Qingyan’s divorce.”

[Shocking! Mu Family’s Young Master got married yesterday and divorced today!” “A certain man named Mu got married and divorced in one day. Is it the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality?] [Mu Qingyan’s divorce: the rebellious period of a rich second-generation?] Entertainment news articles like these continued to pop up.

Some speculated that Mu Qingyan got married and divorced just to be in the top search for a week. Some guessed that Mu Young Master was caught drinking on his wedding day and embarrassedly divorced. There were also rumors that Mu Qingyan and Xing Hao had an unpleasant first night of marriage, so they angrily divorced.

Ji Liyun was both shocked and somewhat happy.

Just a few minutes ago, he was regretting not being reborn one day earlier, or he would have just gone to grab the marriage. Now, he unexpectedly saw such a pleasant news.

However, why did Mu Qingyan want to divorce?

Ji Liyun had heard about Mu Qingyan’s accomplishments in the past, even witnessing them before going abroad, but he couldn’t believe that Mu would take the matter of marriage lightly. Moreover, Mu’s parents, who valued reputation highly, would not let their son behave that way.

Could it be that Mu Qingyan had also been reborn?

Ji Liyun wanted to confirm his speculation and called Mu Qingyan.


Hearing Mu Qingyan’s lazy voice, Ji Liyun felt as if he had traveled through time and space and was momentarily stunned.

His throat felt dry, and it took him a while to say the nickname he used for Mu Qingyan when they were younger, “Ayan.”

There seemed to be a pause on the other end of the phone, and Mu Qingyan asked in a flat tone, “What’s up, Mr. Ji?”

He called me Mr. Ji, he actually called me Mr. Ji…

Ji Liyun felt a little disappointed. He felt that Mu Qingyan was not someone who had been reborn, but rather someone who had lost his memory.

Mu Qingyan, who had answered the phone, was confused. He thought this supporting role CEO from the original novel was acting strangely and, after calling him “Ayan,” didn’t say anything else.

He waited for more than ten seconds before saying, “It’s nothing,” and hanging up.

It was really inexplicable.

In Ji Liyun’s memory, this Mr. Ji, who came from a top-tier wealthy family, was four years older than the original owner and had taken over as the president and CEO of the Ji Group when he was 26 years old.

Since Mu Qingyan’s father and Ji Liyun’s father had a good relationship and were business partners with a tacit understanding, Mu Qingyan and Ji Liyun had known each other since they were young.

As a child, Mu Qingyan was a difficult little brat who would follow Ji Liyun around and call him “Brother Yun” every time he saw him, asking him to take him out to play.

Even as they grew up, the two of them often hung out together.

Until Ji Liyun went abroad at the age of nineteen, they gradually lost contact with each other.

Mu Qingyan opened the original novel and searched for the three characters “Ji Liyun”. He found that there were only a few sentences describing him in the novel, mainly praising his wealth, power, and successful career. He seemed unimportant.

On the way back to his parent’s home, Mu Qingyan’s phone had already received dozens of news notifications about his divorce.

He sneered, “Xing Hao moves fast. He even bought a hot search saying that I cheated on and abandoned him.”

Mu Qingyan had just walked into his parents’ estate when he happened to run into his personal secretary, Ye Qiqi, coming out.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“Madam sorted out the red envelopes received yesterday, and asked me to return them one by one,” Ye Qiqi shook the two large bags in her hands and said, “I just finished delivering the first batch, and now I’m about to deliver the second batch.”

“Thank you,” Mu Qingyan said.

Ye Qiqi had been working as the scheming boss’s secretary for five or six years. She was used to dealing with such trivial matters and smiled, “Boss, why are you being so polite? I’m not used to it.”

“Did anyone from the Xing family come today?” Mu Qingyan asked.

Ye Qiqi shook her head, “As far as I know, no one from the Xing family has come or called.”

Mu Qingyan thought Xing Hao would have rushed over to make a complaint, but it seemed like he was holding back with other evil plans.

He pulled out his phone and searched for a while, instructing Ye Qiqi, “Before you handle these red envelopes, help me find the entertainment magazine paparazzo, Lu Wei. He might have some good material.”

Ye Qiqi caught a glimpse of gossip and immediately became alert. “No problem!” she said.

Author’s Note:

Ji Liyun (Feeling wronged): A Yan is ignoring me.

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