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In the afternoon, Mu Qingyan attended the MU Autumn Product Launch Conference. He was very serious throughout the entire event, carefully listening to his colleagues from the design department as they introduced new products. From time to time, he would raise questions, share his opinions, and offer suggestions on certain products.

The twenty or so members of the design department who attended the meeting were on edge the entire time and dared not slack off.

They had assumed that Mu Qingyan would just go through the motions like he had in the past, and would sign off on everything at the end of the meeting to complete the task. After all, the old Mu Qingyan never took meetings seriously, didn’t ask questions or engage in discussions, and just played on his phone to brush things off.

But now, the new Mu Qingyan was completely different.

Before he transmigrated, Mu Qingyan was not only an actor who won the Best Actor award but also a fashion expert who set the global fashion trend.

Combining his own insights with the design department’s analysis and presentation, Mu Qingyan made final decisions on the new products and limited edition products to be released at the autumn product launch conference before the meeting ended.

After the meeting, the head of the design department, Sun Qian, called out to Ye Qiqi, who was about to leave, and asked in a low voice, “What’s up with President Mu? Did he have a sudden awakening overnight?”

Ye Qiqi rolled her eyes and replied, “What sudden awakening? This is Mu Qingyan’s normal behavior now.”

“Right, right,” Sun Qian knew that Ye Qiqi was loyal and would never bad-mouth the boss. So, he didn’t tease her anymore and instead speculated, “Was Mu Qingyan pretending to be stupid and not caring before? He didn’t want Xing Hao to take advantage of the company, so he deliberately let the company lose money. Now that he’s divorced, he’s ready to run the company well?”

Ye Qiqi couldn’t help but laugh and cry, “Manager Sun, you’re being too conspiratorial.”

Sun Qian’s eyes rolled over, although Ye Qiqi didn’t admit it, he felt that his guess was definitely accurate. In his heart, Xiaomu had already transformed from a playful and irresponsible person to a mysterious and cunning boss.

He spoke very objectively, “To be honest, Xiao Mu has a good eye and his suggestions and ideas are very professional. If he can maintain this state, it would be a good thing for MU company.”

“We can’t always rely on Mu’s old funds,” Sun Qian blinked.

After the meeting, Mu Qingyan returned to his office to continue reviewing the materials for the autumn launch event. He planned to take advantage of the large number of attendees to promote MU company and make the autumn launch event a creative annual fashion feast.

He called the head of the autumn launch event preparation team, Qiao Lengnan, and asked him to come to his office.

Ten minutes ago, the entire building of MU company, from the lobby on the first floor to the offices on the twentieth floor, had heard that Xiaomu was very dedicated to the autumn launch event this time.

Therefore, Qiao Lengnan dared not slack off and immediately rushed to the sixteenth floor with the materials as soon as he received the call.

Mu Qingyan got straight to the point, “I have reviewed the proposal for the autumn launch event, and it is similar to previous years.”


Qiao Lengnan muttered in his heart: Didn’t you find it troublesome before and said that there was no need to change the fixed format every year?

Mu Qingyan guessed that this might be what the original owner meant from his expression and said, “This time I have a new idea. Since more people are participating this year than in previous years, we will hold the launch event at the Yuxing Grand Hotel.”

The Yuxing Grand Hotel is a seven-star luxury hotel under the Mu Group, with one in each first-tier city in country C. There are also Yuxing Grand Hotels in international metropolises and famous tourist cities overseas.

In previous years, because MU was just a subsidiary of the Mu Group, and Mu Qingyan didn’t take the autumn launch event too seriously, it was always held in ordinary five-star hotels.

When Qiao Lengnan heard that this year’s launch event would be held at the Yuxing Grand Hotel, the level had been raised several levels. If he could do a good job, he would definitely become well-known in the industry. So he immediately became energetic.

He was full of enthusiasm, “Then I’ll write a new proposal! I can submit it to you tonight!”

“No rush,” Mu Qingyan beckoned him over to his desk, and handed him his handwritten notes. “One hour before the launch event, arrange for the attendees to walk on the red carpet, and let them wear MU brand clothing, bags, and jewelry.”

“The launch event will be held in the largest hall of the Yuxing Grand Hotel – the Diamond Hall. You need to design a specific process according to the actual situation. After the launch event, a banquet will be held on the eighth floor, which is a new element that was not included before, and you need to plan it as well.”

Qiao Lengnan looked forward to it and nodded repeatedly, “Okay.”

Mu Qingyan said, “Send me the plan for the new autumn launch event before 8 pm tomorrow night.”

As soon as Qiao Lengnan left, Ye Qiqi walked in.

“In a month, MU Fashion’s spokesperson contract will expire. Should we renew it with Yi Sen?” Ye Qiqi asked.

Mu Qingyan, through the memories of the original owner, knew that although Yi Sen had a large number of fans and was a popular star, he slept around and had a very decadent private life.

Moreover, Yi Sen was already married and his wife was Mu Qingyan’s subordinate, Lu Xiaofei.

If Yi Sen’s affairs were exposed, it would cause great damage to the MU brand.

Mu Qingyan shook his head, “No need to renew the contract.”

“The marketing department has researched a few candidates for spokesperson, please take a look.” Ye Qiqi handed the candidate information to Mu Qingyan.

There were five candidates, with the original protagonist Xie Ming in the top spot.

In the original book, Xie Ming climbed from a small actor on the 18th line to become a movie emperor, thanks in part to Xing Hao’s investment, which was largely from Mu Qingyan’s inheritance.

Mu Qingyan picked up Xie Ming’s paper and handed it to Ye Qiqi with a look of disdain.

Ye Qiqi remembered the morning’s exposure and guessed that the “woman who looked like Xie Ming” might really be Xie Ming.

She immediately threw the paper into the shredder and said, “Sorry, my mistake.”

Mu Qingyan watched the shredder cut the paper with Xie Ming’s photo and information into pieces and casually said, “I don’t like Xie Ming. Not only will he not be the spokesperson for MU, but he will also not be the spokesperson for the entire Mu Group in the future.”

After saying that, he smiled wickedly at Ye Qiqi and said, “You can accidentally let my words slip out.”

The sentence from the heir of the Mu Group may seem light and casual, but it is actually telling other companies that have good relationships with or want to climb up the Mu Group not to give any endorsements to Xie Ming. Otherwise, it would be going against the Mu Group. This also means that Xie Ming has lost at least half of his high-end endorsement resources.

Ye Qiqi understood, “I see.”

Mu Qingyan carefully looked through the information of the remaining four candidate endorsers, picked out one sheet of paper, and pointed to the photo on it, “Sign a contract with her. Keep it confidential for now, and we’ll announce it after the poster is done.”

Ye Qiqi was a bit curious as to why the signing had to be kept confidential, but after seeing the other party’s information, she understood, “I see, I will keep an eye on the poster production and promotion.”

As expected, after Xie Ming found out he had been blacklisted by Mu Qingyan, he felt very wronged. He cried to Xing Hao and played the victim to his fans.

Some of his fans were indeed moved by his pitiful appearance and defended him online.

However, another group of fans obviously smelled the gossip related to “Xing Hao’s mistress” and assumed that the mistress who looked like Xie Ming was actually Xie Ming himself. They turned from fans to haters.

Xie Ming posted on Weibo, claiming that he must have made some mistakes in his work and offended the young master of the Mu Group, or there must have been some misunderstanding. He hoped that Mu Qingyan would not be angry.

He spoke a lot of nonsense, as if Young Master Mu was deliberately bullying him.

Mu Qingyan couldn’t stand this kind of person, so he posted on Weibo, “Affected.”

The netizens who were watching the drama knew that Mu Qingyan was talking about Xie Ming and left comments under his post.

[“Yes, I’ve always thought he’s very affected!”]

[“Hahaha, brother is so cool, I like him a lot.”]

[“Becoming a fan now!”]

After a few days, everyone in the MU company had gotten used to the young master Mu turning into a career-oriented youth.

On this day, Mu Qingyan was reading the planning book for the third edition of the autumn release conference when Lu Xiaofei knocked on the door of his office.

Lu Xiaofei looked like a frightened bird, her originally beautiful face now haggard and slightly trembling.

Ye Qiqi followed her in and soothed Lu Xiaofei by rubbing her shoulder, then said to Mu Qingyan, “Mr. Mu, Lu Xiaofei has some private matters to discuss with you. I intended to inform you first, but it seems she couldn’t wait for you to finish your work.”

After all, Mu Qingyan had been working late these days.

Lu Xiaofei lowered her head, her lips tightly pursed, and she nervously twisted the hem of her clothes with both hands, looking both nervous and scared.

Due to the hot weather and thin clothing, the bruises on Lu Xiaofei’s upper arms and collarbone were clearly visible.

Mu Qingyan frowned and asked, “What is it that you want to talk to me about?”

Lu Xiaofei looked at President Xiao Mu and quickly averted her gaze, lowered her head and whispered, “I want to ask if it’s possible for Eason to renew his contract with MU Fashion.”

As she spoke, she nervously rubbed the hem of her clothes.

“No, it’s not possible,” Mu Qingyan said bluntly.

Upon hearing President Xiao Mu’s refusal, Lu Xiaofei nearly fainted. She stumbled back two steps, then ran out of the general manager’s office.

Mu Qingyan asked Ye Qiqi, “Has she been abused by someone at home?”

“Yes,” Ye Qiqi nodded and added, “But she doesn’t want to admit it.”

From the looks of it, Lu Xiaofei must have been threatened to come and plead with Mu Qingyan for Eason, likely because of the domestic abuse she had suffered from him. Otherwise, given Lu Xiaofei’s character, she wouldn’t have dared to even say hello to Mu Qingyan, let alone make such a request.

Mu Qingyan didn’t say anything more.

On this day, he was dealing with company affairs until after 10 pm, and because he wanted to drive home himself, he let the driver leave early.

As he arrived in the underground parking lot, he heard a woman screaming in terror, begging, “Let me go… Please let me go…”

Mu Qingyan walked toward the direction of the scream and called the company’s security.

In the west side of the underground parking lot, a man wearing a black T-shirt, a black mask, and a duckbill hat was grabbing a woman’s hair and dragging her forcefully.

The woman was none other than Lu Xiaofei.

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