I’ve bought a set of mountains. I’m done with relationships. My marriage had been called off, and I despised everything about it. I also didn’t want a girlfriend anymore. I decided to become a hermit and purchased two mountains with the assistance of my mother’s relatives. Not that the mountains had any deep meanings. They just wouldn’t sell it to me unless I bought it as a set of two mountains.

I chose to live there because there was a former village leader’s house halfway up the mountain. After three days there, I felt lonely, so I went to the village at the foot of the mountain, where there was a festival going on. At the fair, I purchased three colored chicks from a stall. Those with brightly colored coat on their heads. That should help me feel less lonely. After inquiring about the best way to raise the chicks, I went out and purchased some feed in addition to the other items they had given me.

However, these chicks appear to have reptilian-like tails.

A month later, the chicks had grown to the size of a large chicken. When I cocked my head to the side in surprise, the other three did the same.

‘O-oi, what’s this?’

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