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The leftover blood blinked above the dark mage, seemingly saying, “You think I’m going home? No, actually, I came for the dragon.”

“Why is this mid-laner suddenly so intelligent?”

Having lost the chance to kill the dragon, Yin Yu was very depressed, so he immediately brought forward the purchase of equipment, giving priority to equipment with release skills.

The dragon was gone, giving the opponents three more waves of minions. Due to the minions’ advancement, the tables had turned almost instantly. Yin Yu was obediently clearing minions on the top lane, and the opposing mid-laner who recalled to base ended up leading their assassin to kill the support in the bottom lane.

[Rafael: Clear the lane, don’t solo.]

The attack buff brought by the dragon was quite considerable, so it was not wise to start a team fight at this time. But if things dragged on and the opposing dark magician managed to develop his skill tree, the situation would only get worse. However, the gold used for killing the opponent in the early game could only be found on the piggy bank, and that was Yin Yu. Yin Yu took a glance, got a general idea, and decided to gamble.

[Rafael: Top-laner, force a team fight.]

Yin Yu commanded in the team channel while skillfully avoiding vision wards. He went deeper into the enemy’s territory and waited quietly for the opposing carry to use up all his skills before going in for the kill. Also, his first target was the cash machine in human form that snatched the dragon while he was not looking.

I’m a vengeful assassin.jpg

Chu Ke hid in the grass. After using his ultimate ability, he purposely reserved a skill and managed to catch Yin Yu who came to kill him.

With this catch, all the attacks were concentrated on him. In order to escape, the light-type assassin could only resort to using a level ten ultimate skill: Gabriel’s Blessing.

Damn, this mid-laner’s play style is quite familiar.

Huge wings surrounded the assassin, giving him a second of invisible state and recovery buff. The holy feathers released all control of him.

Tsk, he got away.

Chu Ke did not expect Yin Yu’s level six skill tree activation to be of the holy light type. The nature of the holy light skills was a complete mismatch with the assassin’s explosive attribute. You could not possibly be planning to let an assassin become a healer by the end of the game. But Rafael had not only added to it once, not twice but went all the way and activated a healer’s ultimate life-prolonging skill. On the other hand, the equipment he bought was super powerful, suggesting that it was a complete reliance on equipment for high damage.

In this wave of team fight, the blue team had the upper hand. The current kill count was two to four, which meant that the red team was left with one assassin who had just fled. Chu Ke retreated into the bush and went back to the base. At that time, the ADC took their support to the enemy’s territory and caused trouble. Yin Yu, who they thought had escaped, killed a monster and got buffed, and then collected the two “packages” in the jungle consecutively.

Those were lousy teammates for you.

In the next few rounds of team fights, Yin Yu could not find a breakthrough with this mid-laner who suddenly became intelligent. He knew that this could not drag on any further, so he got serious. In the last round of team fights, he mercilessly sold out his teammates and successfully wiped out the opposing team.

The assassin in white robe inlaid with gold, stepped on the staggering corpses on the ground, holding a beautiful and elegant sword flower, and behind him was an exploding inhibitor. A huge victory sign appeared on his screen.

“God… God Chu.”

The mid-laner of team two watched in horror as their inhibitor exploded on his screen. He did not dare to look at Chu Ke’s face. Usually, a victory or defeat did not matter much, but this was against Rafael! Not to mention, the reason for the defeat was largely due to his poor early game character development, so Chu Ke could not make a comeback later on. A minor reason was that the players of team two could not keep up with Chu Ke’s pace. The team fights were a big mess.

“It’s just one loss.”

Chu Ke waved his hand, picked up the coat hanging on the chair, and got up. His eyes looked forward as if they could penetrate the crowd and landed on the insolent young man who was laughing on the inside.

Forget it, they’ll be teammates in the future after all.


Standing in the crowd, Yin Yu flexed his knuckles, seemingly aware. He raised his head and was met with a tooth-itching face. The most hateful thing was that the owner of that face flashed him a friendly smile.

Although Chu Ke was handsome, it could not conceal the fact that he had facial paralysis, so this distorted smile that he thought was friendly fell into Yin Yu’s eyes as a clear provocation.

What was more infuriating than a scornful sneer from Chu Ke? As soon as he thought of his own distraught look in the finals that was seen by this person, Yin Yu wished he could travel back in time and beat himself to death.

“Isn’t that God Chu? Why is he in our training room?”

The substitute members beside him were very excited, but he obviously knew that Chu Ke and Yin Yu had a long-standing grudge, so he carefully glanced at Yin Yu after speaking.

I knew this playing style was familiar. The opposing mid-laner’s playing style changed so much compared to before.

Not simply an assassin, but an assassin who still has Smite skill, was actually robbed of the dragon by a low-health mage. This was simply shameful, not to mention that the person who robbed the dragon was Chu Ke.

Yin Yu’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot as he cracked his joints leisurely.

“How was it?”

He walked out of team two’s training room. Gou Yao, who had just ended a phone call, greeted him.

“Very strong.”

“You think so highly of him?”

Gou Yao raised his eyebrows in surprise, along with his facial fat, his two short eyebrows wrinkled together in a funny way.

Chu Ke had always been really taciturn, it was rare for him to praise others. The most frightening thing was that the subject of his praise was his nemesis, Rafael.

The gray-eyed man gave him a sideway glance slowly. He wondered if this man had thought about it. If Rafael was not strong, then how could he be worthy of being his nemesis for so many years.

“His weakness—too solo.”

From the beginning to the end of this training match, Yin Yu and his teammates hardly cooperated. In the early game development, he simply solo cleared a lane. In the late game, he sacrificed his teammate in a team fight.

“As long as it matches your style.”

Gou Yao did not care about Rafael’s shortcomings, and trust would naturally develop once he got familiar with his teammates later on. These could be nurtured, but it was difficult to change the playing style of an esports player. As early as last season, many people on the internet were saying that this pair of mortal enemies knew each other inside out, as they could almost completely predict the other person’s next move. If a corporation of this kind was not with an opponent but a teammate, it would have dominated the entire industry long ago.

Of course, it worked. In this world, Chu Ke and Yin Yu were the people who knew each other’s playing style the best. Every time they competed, Yin Yu would cross over towers to kill Chu Ke, despite not securing the jungle. Even if Chu Ke used up all his defensive skills, he would want to kill off this assassin.

Chu Ke hesitated for a moment and decided to let go of his personal emotions.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

He was an opportunistic explosive mid-laner, which complemented Rafael’s assassin style. The jungler who retired from VW was a typical defensive type, playing as the mid-laner’s dog. This style could maximize the strength of Chu Ke, but at the same time, it was less tolerant of mistakes. If Chu Ke’s condition was not good in a game, it would drag down the morale of the whole team. Therefore, Yin Yu’s offensive style raised Chu Ke’s expectations. No matter their grievances, when it was the appropriate time, he would clearly distinguish public from private matters.

“Get along well with him then!” Gou Yao patted Chu Ke’s shoulder.

“I’ll reserve a private room. It’s a treat for you guys. You bring Rafael to his dormitory to put his luggage.”

Gou Yao always had an eye for this. As long as these two people could put aside their previous grudges, they would definitely be the ultimate pairing in this industry. Therefore, the first step was to create opportunities for them to get to know each other and sort out previous conflicts so that they could work hand in hand in the esports arena.

Chu Ke: …!

Chu Ke: ???

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