Chapter 7

Shi Xia widens her eyes and asks her to go to Li Jingyan's company at noon every day to deliver food to him?

Su Jiaqi sighed and explained, "I know from Li Tao that Jing Yan's stomach disease has become more and more serious in the past two years. It's estimated that he didn't eat well every day."

This smelly boy, there is no day to let his mother rest assured!

Poetry summer some tangled, but, see Su Jiaqi full face look forward to, she still hard scalp, nodded down.

"OK, mom, I promise you, I will take good care of Jing Yan."

Hearing what Shixia said, Su Jiaqi was relieved.

Sure enough, it's still a girl. If you have a daughter, it must be your mother's little cotton padded jacket!

"That's good, then mother can rest assured." Su Jiaqi smiles and rubs Shi Xia's cheek. "My daughter-in-law is so good."

The place she met just happened to be the place where Li Jingyan had just kissed herself. Shixia was a little sensitive.

However, Su Jiaqi is very happy, she is happy!

As long as the relationship between son and daughter-in-law is good, then, it is just around the corner to have a grandson!

Shi Xia's heart is beginning to tangle, this is the last year, is there any accident?

Two years ago, she and Li Jingyan were at peace!


Shirun pearl company.

At 11:00 noon, the alarm clock of the mobile phone next to it rings.

Shi Xia frowned, took his mobile phone and gave Li Jingyan a meal.

If she hadn't had an alarm clock to remind herself, she would have almost forgotten it.

However, she promised her mother-in-law that she would do it.

To Li Jingyan? What's better?

Forget it, it's more convenient. Shixia thinks about it and dials a phone.

Li group.

Shixia walks into Lishi group. Although she is the president's wife of Lishi group, the number of times she comes into the company is very few.

Moreover, every time it's not because of the cooperation between the two families, it's because of other official affairs. As for finding li Jingyan, it's still official affairs. It's impossible at all.

Shi Xia went to the top floor, sitting in the elevator for the president that Li Jingyan usually takes.

"Kowtow, kowtow."

Li Jingyan's first reaction to the rhythmic three knocks at the door was that Li Tao had come.

"Come in."

Li Jingyan didn't look up, but continued to draw on the document with his pen in his hand

"Li Tao, you put the Italian engineering data in the second half of last year..."

He was interrupted by Shixia before he finished.

"It's me."

At the sound of Shixia, Li Jingyan immediately looked up and looked at Shixia!

"My wife has come to see me!"

He walked over with a smile. He really felt flattered by Shixia's sudden visit.

After all, after more than two years together, Shixia never came to the company because of their private affairs.

Shixia laughs. It's just that Li Jingyan is joking with himself. "Don't be so poor. I'll send you dinner on my mother-in-law's order."

"Really, a good wife!"

However, seeing the box in Shixia's hand, the smile on Li Jingyan's face suddenly froze.

"You deliver me takeout?"

He stares at Shixia, who can explain to himself why the good love Bento turns into a takeout!

Shixia explained with some regret, "I don't have time to do it. I can't help it. You just have a tight schedule. This store is nutritious."

This is also the quickest and most convenient way she can think of. I hope Li Jingyan doesn't get angry.

Li Jingyan sighed, and the words almost came out of his mouth word by word, "the staff canteen will be given to you, half an hour to help me cook."

The poem summer Leng for a while, must eat oneself to make of?

Although she thinks her cooking is OK, it's not that powerful, is it?

"All right." She nodded and agreed.

Looking at Shixia passing in the direction of the kitchen, Li Jingyan glanced at the documents on the table.

It happened that he had nothing to do. Now he just went to have a look.

Looking at Shixia busy in the kitchen, Li Jingyan suddenly has a feeling of home, very warm.

After a while, Shixia has made a few home-made dishes to satisfy her.

She smiles and brings her own dishes.

"How is it, all right?"

Shixia looks at Li Jingyan with a smile, as if waiting for his praise.Li Jingyan is also very happy. It seems that the pressure of work in the morning suddenly dissipates at this time.

In front of me, although the home-made dishes are very insipid, their color and taste are very good.

"Very good, Shixia. You can consider being a cook in the future." Li Jingyan looks at Shixia with a smile.

Shixia really thought of her whole life at that moment, but how could it be!

There is only one year left in three years. Maybe they are only suitable to be friends.

But witnessed all these inside Li Shi Group's staff is actually explodes the boiler, this matter may be really interesting!

"The president's wife came to the company specially to cook for the president. It's so sweet!"

"Yes, it seems that all the rumors that their relationship is incompatible are false."

Everyone is saying that Shixia and Li Jingyan have a good relationship and that they are together to help each other.

However, when Shixia heard this, she just laughed, without denying or affirming.

If you know what this relationship looks like after drinking water, her heart is the most clear.

Seeing that Li Jingyan had eaten all the food, Shixia left happily.

I have to admit that she is in a good mood now.

However, what's the reason for being in a good mood? Shixia doesn't understand. Is it just because she gets along well with Li Jingyan?

However, all her good mood dissipated when she saw Lu Xinlin.

Lu Xinlin came to find Li Jingyan. Li Jingyan didn't come to see herself, which made her feel very uneasy.

In any case, she can't lose Li Jingyan.

However, she did not expect that she saw Shixia in Li's group. If this woman did not occupy the position of Mrs. Li, maybe the woman beside Li Jingyan would be Lu Xinlin now!

"Mrs. Li, how did you come to the company today?"

Lu Xinlin sneers. The woman in front of her is just a woman who can't be spoiled.

Even if she is Mrs. Li, how can she be arrogant in front of herself!

Shixia sneered and said, "why, can't I come to see my husband?"

Although there are different opinions about her relationship with Li Jingyan, it is an irrefutable fact that she is now Mrs. Li!


Lu Xinlin pointed to Shixia in front of her. This damned woman robbed her wife Li's position. Now she dares to be so rampant in front of her!

Shixia continued to sneer and said, "it's Miss Lu. Doesn't Miss Lu seem to work here?"

Lu Xinlin points to Shixia. She is arrogant. Shixia is just a substitute for Shishi.

"Shixia, what are you proud of? The person li Jingyan likes is not you at all! What are you arrogant about? You're in Mrs. Li's position now. It's just a bird's nest! "

She said, reaching out to hit Shixia in the face.

However, in the moment she reached for her hand, her wrist was held by the man behind her.

"Stop it

Hearing Li Jingyan's cold voice, Lu Xinlin seems to see the rescue.

"Jing Yan, here you are. Look at her..."

Seeing Li Jingyan coming, Lu Xinlin is like a koala, and immediately sticks to Li Jingyan.

Li Jingyan didn't like this woman to be close to him, so he avoided it quietly.

"What did you want?" Li Jingyan looks at Lu Xinlin and suddenly asks coldly.

Realizing that there was something wrong with Li Jingyan's face, Lu Xinlin couldn't help being afraid.

"I didn't!"

Lu Xinlin pretends to know nothing and continues to quibble.

Based on what happened last night, she could almost conclude that Li Jingyan would never like Shixia.

Therefore, even if Lu Xinlin bullies this woman, Li Jingyan will help her! , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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