Chapter 23

It turned out that Lu Xinlin had planned to bring herself here.

Now that the human evidence is there, she is really speechless.

"Miss Shixia, why did you push Miss Lu down?"

"Yes, Miss Shixia, is there any deep hatred between you and Miss Lu?"

"Miss Shixia, don't you think it's too much of your behavior?"

Looking at these reporters in front of us, Shi Xia can't help but have a headache.

These people are clearly waiting for the news here, otherwise, how could there be so many reporters in a small coffee shop.

That Lu Xinlin is not a big shot. How could a reporter follow her all day.

Shixia roared, "be quiet! I think the most important thing now is not to send people to the hospital? "

However, in the eyes of those people, Shixia's roar at this time was nothing more than the expression of anger.

"Miss Shixia, you've already caused serious injury to people. Don't you think it's too late to think of taking people to the hospital now?"

Poetry summer listen to the voice of questioning around him, suddenly some headache.

"Can you stop asking!"

When Li Jingyan came over, she saw that Shixia was entangled by a group of reporters. She looked obviously impatient.

Shi Xia was a little surprised when she was suddenly held by someone. However, when she saw that the person in front of her was Li Jingyan, she was relieved.

Still, she was surprised.

"Li Jingyan, why are you here?"

Seeing Li Jingyan coming over, those so-called reporters became more crazy.

Shixia and Lu Xinlin are not big names, but Li Jingyan is not the same. They are the president and CEO of Li group!

"President Li, how can you show up at this time? Have you heard anything before? "

Li Jingyan glanced at the reporters in front of him, but his eyes were not very friendly.

He hates being surrounded by people and being surrounded by people asking questions. It's really bad.

"If you are journalists now, excuse me, please show me your press cards!" Li Jingyan's voice is indifferent.

Hearing what Li Jingyan said, all the so-called reporters looked at each other. Obviously, they were a little flustered.

After all, it's all made up. How many of them are genuine!

"If you are not journalists, I will call the police!"

Li Jingyan has said that. Who dares to make trouble here.

When all the reporters with "press cards" around their necks left, the onlookers were dumbfounded.

It turns out that these are all fake reporters. They are really bluffing!

Li Jingyan looks at Shixia and glances at Lu Xinlin who is still lying on the ground.

It's true that there is no skill in acting. All the reporters come to haunt the parties. So, is this the rhythm to kill the injured?

"Li Tao, hurry to send people to the hospital, and find out what these so-called reporters really are." Li Jingyan's eyebrows are obviously very impatient.

"Yes, president."

Li Tao quickly told the people he had brought. The president was so powerful that he knew that Miss Shixia could not handle this matter well.

"Take Miss Lu to the hospital."

However, when Li Tao asked people to lift Lu Xinlin, Lu Xinlin was covered with blood, but Li Jingyan was suspicious.

Even if you fall down the stairs and don't get any sharp weapon, you won't have so much abdominal bleeding!

"Wait a minute!"

Li Jingyan walks over and approaches Lu Xinlin. Unexpectedly, she finds that Lu Xinlin's long false eyelashes are still shaking slightly.

Such poor acting skills are really enough!

Li Jingyan went over and directly pulled the plasma bag off Lu Xinlin.

When I saw the disgusting plasma bag, the crowd around me was dumbfounded.

It turned out to be acting. That woman's acting was really decent.

"Plasma bag!"

Did not expect, this looks seriously injured woman, originally she is false!

"It's all fake!"

Some people recognize Lu Xinlin and know that Lu Xinlin is an actor.

"I didn't expect that the actors are really powerful now!"

"Yes, I can act at any time. It's true. I've heard that I'm still a junior involved in other people's marriage."

"Such a woman is disgusting."

Lu Xinlin's face was embarrassed. She never thought that Li Jingyan came here today.Moreover, his appearance disrupted all his plans.

However, she really fell down the steps, and her whole body was sore. However, there was no skin injury.

After thinking about it, Lu Xinlin thinks that the best way is to keep pretending to be unconscious.

Seeing that the crowd at the scene gradually dispersed, Li Jingyan took Shixia by the hand and turned to leave.

This stupid woman!

However, Shixia didn't know Li Jingyan's psychological activities. She was just surprised when she saw Li Jingyan coming.

"Li Jingyan, how did you come here today?"

Li Jingyan stops his steps, turns around and follows him. Shixia doesn't stop for a moment, but directly bumps into Li Jingyan's arms.

She pushed out awkwardly and touched her head. Recently, Shixia felt that she had become dull.

"If I don't come here today, Shixia, I don't think you have the ability to deal with it." Li Jingyan looked at Shixia and said word by word.

Shi Xia didn't know what to refute for a moment, so she could only look at Li Jingyan.

However, her heart is thinking, do you have so bad?

Just, that Lu Xinlin is really too scheming, she really didn't think before, that woman should use so insidious move to deal with herself.

"Shixia, you idiot."

Li Jingyan sighed heavily. For a moment, he didn't know what to say about Shixia.

Shixia looked at Li Jingyan, hesitated for a long time, and asked, "I Li Jingyan, do you believe that I didn't push Lu Xinlin down? "

Li Jingyan looks at Shixia, but Shixia is a little nervous.

"You are my wife. I don't believe you can trust anyone else."

Shixia smiles. Yes, she is about to forget that she is Li Jingyan's wife.

"Thank you anyway, Li Jingyan. Thank you for believing me."

Shixia said with a sigh of relief.

In fact, when he said she was his wife just now, Shixia was still moved.

"No need to say thank you. Anyway, I recruited people." When Li Jingyan spoke, he seemed helpless.

To be honest, Lu Xinlin thought of such a way to find Shixia's trouble, but Li Jingyan still thought it was unexpected.

After Li Tao sent Lu Xinlin to the hospital, he planned to stop taking care of this woman.

However, Lu Xinlin said that she would not let Li Tao leave. She was crying. She had to see Li Jingyan.

Li Tao really has no way. This woman is pulling her clothes. He really has no other way.

Moreover, especially this woman is still crying there. Now people in the whole hospital are focusing on themselves.

This really made Li Tao feel super embarrassed.

"Auntie, don't cry, won't you?" Li Tao sighed heavily as he looked at Lu Xinlin in front of him.

To be honest, he has never met such a shameless woman.

However, Lu Xinlin will not be obedient. She not only has to cry, but also calls all the others in the hospital.

"Li Tao, if Jing Yan doesn't see me today, I won't let you go back."

Li Tao really had no other way. He did not expect that Lu Xinlin would become a big trouble one day.

"Well, well, don't cry. I'll call the president, but it's his business to come or not."

Li Tao is a little impatient. This woman is too much trouble.

Before acting has been exposed, now even have the face to find the president, also can be regarded as thick skinned to a certain extent.

After receiving Li Tao's call, Li Jingyan probably already thought about what it might be.

"President, Lu Xinlin is quarreling. I must see you."

Li Jingyan is slightly irritable. He really doesn't want to waste time on that woman.

"If I don't see you, say I don't have time."

Li Jingyan said that he was about to hang up the phone. He hated the women who pestered him.

What's more, this woman has already said at the beginning that it's just a relationship of friends. Li Jingyan has no idea, saying that she wants to develop closer with her.

Li Tao looked distressed and said, "wait a minute, wait a minute, president. But she must see you, or I won't be able to go back. "

Li Jingyan also knows that she has to go there by herself to give Lu Xinlin an explanation. Otherwise, this woman can't be reconciled.

However, he hoped that this woman would not disturb her life any more, never!

When she saw Li Jingyan, Lu Xinlin immediately changed her face.She seems to be a little bit fierce in the face of Li Tao, as if she had become a little sheep in a moment.

"Jing Yan, I did something wrong today. I promise you, I promise you that I will never do such a thing again. Do you believe me, do you believe me?"

As she spoke, the woman cried and begged Li Jingyan to stay.

She is not a fool. Of course, she knows what she will face after leaving Li Jingyan

Li Jingyan is the big tree that sheltered her from the wind and rain. She said nothing would leave Li Jingyan!

However, Li Jingyan is a face of indifference, "since you already know that you have done wrong, then you should pay for those things you have done."

He was not moved by what Lu Xinlin said. What happened today has fully explained what Lu Xinlin is like.

It will be a big trouble for such a woman to stay by her side sooner or later.

Lu Xinlin was crying and shaking her head. Her tears ran down her cheek.

"I don't want to, Jingyan. I really don't want to leave you!"

She even knelt on the ground, tightly pulling Li Jingyan's trouser legs, like a servant without dignity.

However, she did not know that doing so would only make Li Jingyan feel more irritable.

"Come on, don't show up here. You've disturbed my normal life."

Li Jingyan said, turning to leave.

The so-called severance payment she asked for will be given by Li Jingyan, but she will never think of coming back.

Looking at the figure of Li Jingyan turning to leave, Lu Xinlin suddenly got up and yelled.

"Jing Yan, do you really like that woman in Shixia? You forget that you said when you got married that you would never like her, never

Li Jingyan stopped his steps and didn't look back.

Falling in love with Shixia?

To be honest, it won't.

Because there is one person in his heart from beginning to end, so there is no other person.

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