Chapter 27

"But, Shixia, you should know that you are the continuation of your mother's life. If you can give birth to your daughter, my aunt's heart must be happy." Li Jingyan advised.

He really wanted to tell Shixia that she was excellent.

If her mother is still alive, to see such a good, still so hard-working daughter, it should be very distressed.

Shixia looked up at Li Jingyan, her eyes full of tears still looked a little embarrassed.

"Li Jingyan, don't you lie to me now?"

Because Li Jingyan appeared in front of Shixia as a devil, Shixia couldn't believe him.

Li Jingyan smiles with gentle eyes, like a clear lake.

"Fool, of course I won't lie to you."

Seeing Shixia looking at herself, Li Jingyan seems not to believe it. He can only continue to comfort Shixia.

"My mother said that when people die, they will become stars in the sky and look at the people she misses most in the world. So, Shixia, now your mother is guarding you silently?"

Li Jingyan said, looking up at the stars in the sky, he thought, which star is his mother-in-law.

When she saw Shixia married herself, would she bless her daughter?

If she bullied her daughter, would she feel sad as a mother?

Shixia looks at Li Jingyan. He celebrates her birthday, helps her wipe her tears and comforts her

"Li Jingyan, how did you suddenly become so good?"

"I've always been so good, did you find out?" Li Jingyan smiles.

Why, he's better now, and he's gentle with Shixia. Does Shixia still feel uncomfortable?

Does it mean that this girl is a masochist by nature and likes to be treated harshly by others?

Shixia smiles, looking at Li Jingyan, her eyes are still crystal clear.

"Don't be so nice to me, or I'll be reluctant to leave when it's time."

"If you don't want to leave, don't leave!" What Li Jingyan said should be taken for granted.

He answered so quickly that he hardly thought about it.

However, after saying this, the two people face to face were silent.

Shixia didn't know where she got the courage today, but she really asked what she wanted to ask.

"Li Jingyan, if you were given time, would you forget Shen Jia?"


There was almost no hesitation in Li Jingyan's reply.

That person is his first love. He has been haunted for so many years. Li Jingyan thinks that he will never forget it.

He would not lie to Shixia, saying that he would forget or something.

Will not forget, is will not forget, does not need any lies.

Shixia grinned bitterly, "I really envy that girl named Shen Jia."

She looked at Li Jingyan in front of her, her eyes suddenly became serious.

Li Jingyan, if I can occupy a place in your heart, I am really lucky.

However, Shixia only dares to put it in her heart. She wants to keep her poor self-esteem.

She can't say, can't say that in fact she has fallen in love with Li Jingyan, otherwise, she should use what kind of way in front of Li Jingyan.

"Why do you envy Shen Jia?"

Li Jingyan didn't understand what Shixia said.

After all, Shixia is also very good, even better than Shen Jia in some aspects.

"I envy that someone can see her as life!"

Shixia Mingming said this with a smile, but no one would know the feeling that she felt like a knife at this moment.

Her husband, the person she likes, regards other women as cinnabar moles in her heart

After a pause, Shixia continued, "Li Jingyan, you should know that a girl has no love. As long as she is kind to her, she will follow her. So, if someone is so nice to me, I might go too. "

However, as soon as he heard that Shixia was leaving, Li Jingyan was in a hurry.

"Shixia, you dare!"

He doesn't know why he suddenly feels flustered. He just doesn't want Shixia to leave.

It seems that his life has gradually adapted to the existence of this woman.

If one day this woman really left, Li Jingyan felt that he could not imagine what it was like

"Don't forget that you are still Mrs. Li." Li Jingyan reminds a way.

Shixia said with a smile, "I know. Don't worry. I won't leave for the moment."

Look at him, how overbearing ah, occupy their own heart, occupy their own people, but half of the heart is not left to themselves.

Shixia really wants to ask, Li Jingyan, if you do this, won't you feel ashamed?The only thing Shixia can do now is to bury her love in the deepest corner of her heart.

She didn't want to be noticed, even if she was alone, she didn't want to be noticed.

When Shen Jia comes back, it's time for Shixia to leave with her heart

No one will know her heart, just like the shark in the sea that can only make 52 Hz sound, no one will ever find it

the next day, as soon as Shixia went to the company, she got a piece of exciting good news.

Before she had time to take off her coat, the little girl beside her began to chatter endlessly.

"Chief poetry officer, the rise of that side is also regarded as the evil man's retribution."

Poetry summer Leng for a while, Fang Qixing, the son of a bitch who almost destroyed his innocence yesterday?

"Why do you say that?" Shixia asked in a puzzled way.

Mo Mo was a little surprised. It seems that the director of poetry just came back, so he doesn't know what happened.

"Don't you know?"

Shixia shakes her head. She just woke up at home and came to the company.

I drove all the way to listen to music and didn't play the news, so I didn't know.

"Some of the raw materials in Fang Qixing's company are of inferior quality. Fortunately, every time we audit them, they don't flow into our company." Mo Mo is very happy.

After hearing the news, Shixia was obviously very happy.

You deserve it!

"You deserve it, scum like that, you deserve it!" A low curse of Shixia.

Now she wants people like that to be locked in. It's the best to be locked in.

However, Fang Qixing is no longer there. I'm afraid they are in trouble!

"Momo, please make a form for me and compare with several raw material suppliers. Now we have to find a new partner." Shixia said in a hurry.

This matter is imminent, they not only need to find raw material suppliers, but also the best raw material suppliers.

Not only the quality of raw materials should be guaranteed, but also the price should be reasonable.

"Yes, chief poet."

Mo Mo turns around and is ready to do something.

Unexpectedly, Lin Li came here with a happy face. Shixia thought that his wife had a baby, so Lin Li was happy!

However, this is not the case.

"Director of poetry, SG, a Japanese raw material supplier, offered to cooperate with us." There was a tremor in Linley's excited voice.

"No, it's so good?"

Mo Mo is about to jump up. SG is a pretty good company in Japan!

"But how do they know we need raw materials?" Shixia thought calmly.

After all, she's been through a lot of scams at the mall.

Therefore, it is not easy for Shixia to trust a person easily.

In the conference room on the 15th floor.

Shixia met Mr. Yamamoto, the representative of SG group in Japan.

Yamamoto even has the cooperation contract drawn up, which makes Shixia feel shocked.

"Chief poetry officer, Hello, this is the contract. Let's see if there is any problem."

Shixia glanced a little. For so many years, she also formed the habit of reading contracts at a glance.

Therefore, I soon looked at the contract in my hand.

It can be said that their cooperation is based on equality and mutual benefit, which is really good and can not be better.

Shixia smiles. Is it true that she is in transit this time?

Recently, it's an eventful time in Shirun pearl. What happened really makes Shixia overwhelmed.

"There is no problem with the contract. Just, Mr. Yamamoto, can I ask you a question? " Shixia smiles.

The representatives of the other party are also polite.

"Chief poet, please."

"How does Mr. Yamamoto know that our company needs a raw material partner now?" Shixia looks at Yamamoto and asks.

After all, cooperation with SG has always been Shixia's wish. However, she did not expect that cooperation would be so smooth.

Yamamoto chuckled and said, "well, the director of poetry has explained in the last price dispute that you are not satisfied with the price of the other party's raw materials. Then, I think we have an opportunity to cooperate."

Shixia couldn't help laughing at Yamamoto's slightly poor Chinese.

He is Japanese, so he should not be used to speaking Chinese.

"Mr. Yamamoto is really humorous."

Yamamoto assured Shixia, "director Shi, don't worry. We have been supplying skin care products for hundreds of years. Director Shi can rest assured about the quality of our raw materials."This Shixia is naturally reassured. In front of the big company, the trademarks of SG's two sons and mothers can already explain everything.

"OK, I hope we can have a good cooperation." Shixia smiles.

"Happy cooperation."

After leaving the meeting room, Mo Mo turned over the contract in his hand and laughed a little.

This is also very smooth, they just want to find raw material suppliers, did not expect, immediately have the best raw material suppliers to find them.

"Director of poetry, it's really great. The quality of SG's raw materials is superior, and its reputation in the industry has always been the best. Moreover, the price they offer us is also very reasonable!"

Shixia nodded, not only Mo Mo, but also happy now.

However, being happy is a matter. Shixia always feels that something is wrong.

How can it be so coincidental that the last disturbance was actually a blessing in disguise?

"However, I still don't understand why it found us to cooperate with Shirun Pearl..."

Mo Mo pulls Shi Xia's hand, "don't think about it. Anyway, the big trouble has been solved."

Why should the director doubt so much? The contract is already in his own hands, so there is no need to be afraid!

Shixia nodded, "well, it's settled."

Mo Mo smiles, revealing two lovely little tiger teeth.

"We can have a good holiday, too."

Shixia said, "a new round of fighting will start soon. You girl, what do you say about rest?"

She still has a lot of things to do, so she can only say that she will devote herself to the next round of fighting.

She has no rest.

At noon, Shixia was still in the company. Looking at her watch, it was more than eleven o'clock.

It's time to eat.

"Mo Mo, have you eaten yet?" Shixia opens her mouth, looks at the foam in front of her and asks.

"No Mo Mo shook his head and continued to ask, "what does the director want to eat?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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