Chapter 31

"Now that they've all gone, why come back?"

The woman in front of her obviously didn't expect that Li Jingyan would ask herself such a question.

"Jing Yan, I..."

Seeing the woman's hesitation, Li Jingyan just gave a bitter smile.

"Well, don't say it. You go out. I want to be alone now."

Shen Jia clenched her lips and took a look at Li Jingyan. Although she was reluctant, she turned and left.

She is really too clear about Li Jingyan, Li Jingyan let himself leave, at this time has explained that he has no patience.

So, at this time, Shen Jia must leave!

Soon, Li Tao came into Li Jingyan's office with a folder.

"President, this is the information you want."

Li Jingyan nodded slightly and looked at Li Tao.

"OK, put it down."

Just as Li Tao turned to leave, Li Jingyan stopped him again.

"Wait a minute. I'll find another one."

Li Tao nodded.

Li Jingyan thin lips light open, spit out three words, "Jiang Yucheng."

He is very curious. What's Jiang Yucheng's idea about Shixia? Doesn't he know that Shixia is already a married woman?

In the hospital.

Shixia comes here in a hurry. For the sake of her best friend, the girl was so excited just now. She really scared Shixia.

Poetry summer is also clear ningwuyou, if it is not encountered something particularly serious, ningwuyou is not so excited!

"Worry free, what's the matter with you?"

Ning Wuyou refers to the young man in his early twenties who is playing with his mobile phone.

"He said he had a cold, and I said I would give him water, but he insisted that he felt sick..."

Shixia looks at Ning Wuyou and glances at the man in the red sweater next to him. However, the man doesn't look up.

"And then?" Shixia continued.

Ning Wuyou cried and replied, "then, I stabbed him directly..."

Shixia takes a deep breath and continues to smile.

"And then?"

Ning Wuyou suddenly became frustrated. "He wanted to go to the dean to complain about me. I finally found a fixed job. Is it easy for me? Lin'an hospital is not easy to come in, Xia Xia... "

Shixia takes a deep breath. In the final analysis, it's the girl's impulse.

People have already said that they don't want to be punctured. But, worry free this have no brain of wench, unexpectedly return so recklessly direct to use needle for others!

Shi Xia looked at Ning Wuyou and comforted him, "OK, I'll help you communicate with others. I don't know if it's OK."

Ning Wuyou nodded and looked at Shixia expectantly.

She really didn't know what to do. She could only place her hope on Shixia.

Shixia took a look at the man. He was only about twenty-four or five years old.

Red sweater, chestnut hair, white skin, a pair of long legs, even sitting, is particularly conspicuous.

Because of low head, so can't see his face, but, or black poetry summer a feeling, this should be a handsome man.

What's more, it's a very handsome man of school grass level.

"Hello, sir..."

Shixia tries to take the initiative to chat up the man who is playing with his mobile phone.

However, when the man looked up and saw Shixia's face, he was jealous and shocked. Then, he was surprised.

"It's you, Shixia!"

However, Shixia just looked at the man in front of her, and didn't know what it was.

"Do you know me?" She asked strangely.

After all, Shixia is not a well-known figure. Like Li Jingyan, she appears on the cover of financial magazines all day.

The man seemed very excited. "Yes, we graduated from the same school."

"I'm Li Jingyang! When I entered the student union in my freshman year, you gave me an interview! " The man took the initiative to introduce himself.

Shixia was stunned, but the name was quite coincidental.

Shixia knew little about Li Jingyan's brother, so she didn't even know his brother's name in advance.

Shixia smiles and communicates with the student in front of him, "is that right? It turns out that it's the student in the same school!"

Since he is a student in a school, and he knows his sister, it should not be too difficult to discuss the worry free thing with him!

"Xuejie, you don't know, you are my goddess!"

Shixia felt a little embarrassed.She didn't think how excellent she was, but it seemed that her younger brother had high expectations for her elder sister!


Shixia smiles and looks at the student in front of her. In fact, after Li Jingyang said that, she also thinks of the most handsome student in the Art Institute.

She was also a cadre in the student union. However, it happened that she was the president of the student union at that time.

However, Shixia's memory is too bad. After graduation, the things on campus will be forgotten.

"Well, well, Dr. Ning Wuyou is my good friend. Can you forgive Dr. Ning for her face?" Shixia has a tone of consultation.

Of course, it is impossible for Li Jingyang to plan with his own goddess!

"It turns out that Dr. Ning is my goddess's friend, so I won't worry about it." Li Jingyang waved his hand with a smile.

At this time, he still has to find trouble for Ning Wuyou. Isn't that not to give his sister face!

When Li Jingyang agreed, Shixia was relieved.

Next to Ning Wuyou is a little upset, "just how did you say you want to complain about me?"

She remembered clearly just now that the man said repeatedly that he wanted to complain about himself.

And, also very impolitely put a murder charge on her!

Li Jingyang curled his lips and explained, "I didn't know you were my goddess's friend."

Seeing that these two people are still tangled here, Shixia is helpless.

"Well, now that there is no misunderstanding, everyone will be happy."

Ning Wuyou looks at Shixia with a smile. As expected, she is the most powerful.

No matter what it is, as long as it's my own summer, it won't be a big problem!

"Shixia, how about lunch today?" Ning Wuyou is holding Shixia's hand with a smile.

Shixia nodded.

"All right."

However, at the thought of what Li Jingyan said to himself this morning, Shixia immediately rejected Wuyou.

"Oh, no, I almost forgot that there are other things at noon today. Don't worry. You work first."

Looking at Shi Xia's fiery appearance, I'd rather know that she must have something urgent.

Although she was a woman, Shixia really made herself a woman warrior!

"Well, let's make another appointment." Ning Wuyou is slightly disappointed.

However, she also knew that Shixia had her own business to do, which she had to do.

Seeing that Shixia was about to leave, Li Jingyang rushed over and kept his goddess.

"Wait a minute, sister goddess, can you give me your contact information? I just want a phone number, I won't disturb you." Li Jingyang looks at Shixia expectantly.

Shixia smiles, happy for the handsome boy in front of her.

In fact, this schoolboy is very interesting. He seems to be as funny as he was at the beginning.

"You said, no harassing phone calls!" Shixia looked at the handsome boy in front of her and said with a smile, "thank you for today's things."

Li Jingyang shook his head.

"You're welcome, Xuejie."

Today's matter, if he knew that stupid doctor was sister Shi Xuejie's friend, he would not provoke others!

As soon as Shixia left, Li Jingyang's phone rang.

Seeing the call from Lao Zhai, Li Jingyang's eyebrows slightly picked. It seems that his mother urged him to go home.

"I see, mom. I'll be home soon. I'll be home soon."

However, today, Li Jingyang is very happy to see the goddess of his school days, and the goddess is as beautiful as ever, it should be said that it is more beautiful.

He looks like a slob, a look of care about nothing.

However, how much he cared about his first love in his heart. Li Jingyang was the only one who knew the goddess he met when he was in college.

When Shixia came down from his company, Li Jingyan was waiting downstairs.

Shixia smiles and walks towards him. In fact, at every step of approaching Li Jingyan, she is thinking about how far the road is between them.

Maybe after this time, maybe in the near future, Li Jingyan will never come to pick him up again.

"Let's go."

Li Jingyan helps Shixia open the door and let Shixia in.

"You seem to be in a good mood today." He said.

However, seeing that Shixia was in a good mood today, he felt very uncomfortable.

Because Shixia left with Jiang Yucheng today, Li Jingyan suddenly doubts whether her good mood is because of Li Jingyan.If it's really because of Li Jingyan that Shixia is in such a good mood, it's really a big deal!

Shixia smiles, "I met a very interesting person today."

She didn't notice that Li Jingyan's beautiful fingers on the steering wheel had gradually clenched.

"Oh, man or woman?" Li Jingyan's tone seems to be ordinary.

However, only Li Jingyan knew how many emotions he had accumulated.

Shixia smiles and asks, "is this important?"

Her circle of friends is very wide, and she always makes friends regardless of gender. It's not like she's looking for someone to fall in love with!


She felt there was no need to hide it.

Li Jingyan clenched his thin lips, as if to cover up his now extremely unhappy mood.

"That's not interesting at all."

Shixia doesn't speak any more. OK, there's nothing to say with him!

If it wasn't for the marriage certificate, Shixia thought that the intersection between her and Li Jingyan might be zero.

The wine meets the bosom friend thousand cups to be few, the words do not speculate half a sentence to be many, said should be they like this.

The car drove into Li's mansion.

After Shixia got out of the car, she wanted to go inside. Who knows, Li Jingyan suddenly grabbed her hand.

Then, he took Shixia into his arms and came into the door with Shixia.

Shixia was a little confused for a moment. There's no need for them to be so close

See Jing Yan holding Xia Xia's hand back, Su Jiaqi is about to smile.

That's good. The couple should be so kind when they are together!

"Xia Xia and Jing Yan are back!"


Looking at her mother-in-law's eyes, Shixia really feels embarrassed. How can she feel so happy.

Can't she doubt that the couple who have never shown their love are suspected of showing their love together?

"It's a good day. Everyone is back, and so is Jing Yang."

Su Jiaqi is very happy, the family together, and finally a reunion!

"Jingyang, this is your sister-in-law, Shixia."

Su Jiaqi smiles and introduces his sister-in-law to Li Jingyang.

However, when I saw Shixia's face, the smile on Li Jingyang's face was solidified.

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